Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT Food Dispenser Review – Dry Food Feeder

Pet Feedster USA PF-10 CAT is an improvement from the original Pet Feedster unit you may have seen on amazon and this one comes with many benefits and new features to be excited about.

This unit also features the Flex-Feeder that allows for all types and sizes of kibbles to pass through the unit and into the tray which most users from the previous version had a lot of trouble with.

You can adjust the Flex-Feeder kibble intake size up to 3/4′ in diameter.

Scheduling is another huge improvement with 5 programmable meals each day, but its not really user friendly if you are looking for something easy to use out of the back.

The setup takes some getting use to in programming in the feeding patterns and is backed up on the system if the power goes out.

My cats like to steal food and this can be a problem, thanks to the new revised design now addresses the needs of cat owners who are little food thieves, but if the cat does somehow to get into the hopper they will be treating himself with the new and improved food chute size.

Most feeders have issues with jams and break downs which is directly correlated with kibble sizes, improved version this unit will prevent the usual breakdowns and jamming.

And if anything goes wrong you have a 12-month limited warranty to back you up.

Pet Feedster feeder reviewFeatures

  • Offers a special chute to prevent mischievous cats from accessing the hopper
  • Incorporates a Flex-Feeder mechanism that helps move the kibbles from the chamber to the tray
  • Allows different kinds of kibble types and sizes, and kibble sizes can vary from 1/8′ to 3/4′
  • The system can dispense up to 5 meals daily, and each meal can have a maximum of 6 cups of dry cat food
  • Hopper can handle up to 10 lbs of dry kibbles
  • Offers an easy-to-read LCD screen, powered by a backlight
  • The digital timer allows for the programming of meals correctly
  • There’s no need to re-program the unit in case of power interruptions. In case the unit has been unplugged or because of power fluctuations, the unit will retain the program information
  • Ant-proof, with a removable water tray at the bottom of the unit, to protect the kibbles from insects
  • Hopper features a window that allows pet owners to check the food level

What to Expect from the Pros and Cons of the Pet Feedster?


  • The Pet Feedster is a highly reliable unit that can operate independently even if you are out
  • No jamming resulting from odd-shaped kibbles
  • Meal portions are right most of the time
  • Stealing proof
  • Easy to put the unit together out of the box
  • Has a power back-up system
  • Flex-Feeder that allows for different types of kibbles
  • Bug-proof


  • Expensive price
  • Not really easy to use
  • Lid is not airtight food goes stale
  • Not for multiple cats narrow feeding area


As mentioned, this is an improved version of the original Pet Feedster, and this unit is exclusively designed for cats from kittens to adults and also keeps those cheeky ones at bay who like to steal food.

The problem with this unit is that its not airtight and the food goes stale and makes the feeding automation a little useless for users with fussy cats

Once you get the food programming to work with the right amount of portions then you are off to the races, however, I found it difficult to get it to work and needed additional tinkering to get it to work.

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