Pet Magasin Kitty Litter Mat Review

Cats are a wonderful addition to any family and can add joy and a sense of comfort to any home.

As cat lovers, my family and I cherish the delight of owning a cat but also know the messy struggle of it too!

I was in despair as I searched for something suitable to keep my house kitty-litter-free but also didn’t take up to much space.

When I came across the Pet Magasin Cat Litter box Mats, I was not disappointed!

This product was very convenient since it prevented kitty litter from winding up all over my clean floors and was fairly easy to clean! I recommend it to all who know the hassle of kitty litter everywhere all too well.


The Pet Magasin Cat Litter Mats contain rubberized fiber that is able to catch on to any litter stuck on to your pet’s paws.

It is a beige color which masks the litter until you clean it.

Simply situate the mat around your cat’s litter box.

The cleaning process is quite smooth.

All you need to do is vacuum or by just giving it a shake outdoors.

Liquid spills aren’t an issue anymore either! Just spray with any cleaner, rinse with cold water, and hang outside to dry.

The mat also works great as a placemat as well.

Just place it under your pet’s food and drinking bowls so it catches any spills or dry food! Your wood floors no longer need to be damaged since the mats keep water from leaking through.



  • Rubberized fibers for catching material-nonporous material to prevent leaks-durable
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Beige color comes with 2 mats
  • Comes with 2 year warranty and 100% money back guaranteed
  • 2 sizes available: medium and large
  • This litter mat has scatter control

Pros and Cons

Although the Pet Magasin Cat Litter Mats are very reliable for the most part, there are a few things to watch out for.

First of all, the mats may be too small depending on the size of your litter box.

I’ve found that the mats fit better with kitten litter boxes and smaller litter boxes in general.

That isn’t a big issue for me but be cautious of this if you have a larger cat.

Another thing is that the mat’s material may make your cats a little uncomfortable at first if they’re more used to softer materials since it is a little rough.

The cats can adjust pretty easily though and the mats aren’t painful or too rough; they may just feel a little foreign.

With that in mind, the Pet Magasin Cat kitty litter Mats are still a great buy and pretty versatile in use.

They are great at preventing big messes and leaks onto the floor and help make the cleaning process a lot easier! You don’t have to worry about the mats moving around since they are nonslip on the bottom which is helpful if you have a particularly active pet.

Before buying the Pet Magasin litter mat

After testing all these litter box mats I can safely say that this is another top product, and if you are looking for a high-quality litter mat you can rely on to trap stray litter pallets and keeping the area around the litter box clean and tidy.

My Final Conclusion about the Pet Magasin

To those of you battling the scramble of the mess of your pet, worry no further! Pet Magasin Cat kitty litter Mats is certainly the cat mat for you! It’s not too expensive and has an all-around use.

Whether you’re sick of seeing kitty litter everywhere or you’re just fed up with having spills all over your carpets, this mat will surely be a lifesaver!

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