Pet Station pet feeder review

Pet Station Automatic Feeder with Built-In Camera Review

For a modern approach to pet management, pet owners must choose these systems that are designed and manufactured with a number of advanced features, including a built-in camera and Wi-Fi connectivity.

This is exactly what you will get with the Pet Station Automatic Feeder has Built-in Camera and is a smart and modern version of a cat feeder now available to different pet owners.

With its flexible camera, pet owners can now connect with their pets through their smartphones, or connect using Skype through the use of Wi-Fi connection.

Thanks to the Pet Station, communication is now made easier.

To make this unit work on your smartphone it is important that the phone runs on iOS system.

Thanks to its smart and modern features, this unit allow any pet owner to identify and program a set feeding cycle for their pet, and this can be done from the IOS app.

Also, this is a really friendly unit that allows pet owners to record messages for their pets, and these recordings can be used to motivate the pet cats to eat at their scheduled feeding times.

In short, the Pet Station Automatic Feeder does not only automate the feeding system; this unit helps ensure that pet owners can communicate and connect with their pets in a creative manner.

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Pet Station Automatic Feeder with Built-in Camera works with skypePet Station Features

  • Can provide its best benefits through the Wi-Fi connection
  • The latest version of this product can work on the iPhone 4, 4S and the latest models of the phone, including the latest versions of the OS
  • The application is easy to use, and the design of the interface is friendly
  • This unit comes with a built-in camera, and this camera can be used to make video calls using Skype
  • Video calls can be initiated by the pet owner, or this can be initiated from home
  • Unit comes with high-quality camera, up to 2 megapixel, and video quality of HD 1280x720p
  • Feeding schedules can be arranged using the smart phone
  • Compared to other units, this feeder can accommodate up to 20 feeding times in a day
  • Offers an accurate timer which ensures that the feeding cycles can be completed on time
  • Pet owners can record a personalized message for the pets
  • Notifies pet owners if the food supply is running low
    Hopper of the food dispenser can accommodate up to 6.6 lbs
  • Secured by a lid-lock mechanism
  • Food portions can be adjusted manually by a minimum of 0.175 oz to a maximum of 3.5 oz
  • Unit measures 6.9’x 12.6’x 13.78′
  • Bowl can accommodate up to 3.5 oz
  • Can work for pets under 22 lbs

What Comes in the Box

  • User Manual
  • Lid
  • AC/DC adapter
  • Tray
  • Storage Tank
  • USB cable

How the Pet Station Feeder Works

This smart unit will need a Wi-Fi connection to completely deliver its services to pet owners and pets.

For example, a wireless connection is necessary if a pet owner wants to watch the video of the activities of the pet cats.

Operating the application through the iOS-powered smartphone is easy.

Images of the cats can be seen when the smartphone is connected through a wireless connection, or when connected to LTE or 3G network.

Also, this unit will give your pets a chance to make their own video call connection.

There are three ways on how a pet owner can program this unit:

  1. Pet owners can configure the Smart Call one minuted before the cats are expected to eat. For example, if you want the cats to eat at 2:00 PM, the system will arrange a video call at around 1:59 so that pet owners can monitor the activities of pets.
  2. Pet owners can also configure the Smart Call by sound. Under this set-up, the unit and the system will automatically make a video call connection when it hears or senses that the cat meows.
  3. Pet owners can also configure the Smart Call by motion. This means that the system will initiate the video call if cats sit in front of the feeder.

Pet owners are given the chance to decide whether they want to continue the call and watch the activities of the pets or cancel the call.

If a pet owner wants to start a video call to their cats at home, he needs to download first the video calling app.

Once this app has been downloaded, then that’s the time the video call can be started.

a closer look at the automatic pet station

Understanding the Feeding Schedule

This unit allows pet owners to schedule up to 20 feeding times, and each meal can offer different food portions, from a small 0.175 oz, to a maximum of 3.5 oz per portion.

This means that you can increase the number of kibbles by 0.175 oz at a time.

And the total amount of kibbles that you can give to your pet at a time is 3.5 oz.

Since this automatic food discan dispense food up to 20 times, this can work for pet owners who have cats that normally waste their kibbles or those that vomit when they have eaten too many kibbles.

To motivate the cats to eat their share, the unit comes with an audio recorder to playback a personalized message for your cat during the scheduled feeding time.

If you want the unit to perform efficiently, make sure that the kibble’s diameter should not exceed 2/5′.

How to Check the Hopper Capacity

One of the modern features of the unit is the ability of pet owners to check the food level through their smartphones.

The phone will alert the owner in case the food supply is running low.

Also, when the lid of the unit has been kept open for more than 5 seconds, the unit will program the feeder to calculate the remaining kibbles.

The next portions will be based on the available food on the hopper.

What to Do In Case of Power Failure?

In case the power fluctuates or the power is cut completely, the unit will not dispense the identified food portion.

But remember that the program and feeding cycle are retained, and the unit will only dispense the cat food once power has been reconnected.

Connecting the Unit to a Wireless Router

Check the unit completely before connecting to a wireless router.

Look for the WPS function on the automatic feeder.

If you can find this feature, just press the ‘Manual Feed’ button and the ‘Smart Call On/Off’ at the same time.

Once you have completed this, a LED light will flash, and just wait 2 minutes before you can press the WPS function.

Once the connection has been established, simply find PetStation on the application.

But if the unit does not feature the WPS, then the connection can be established using a USB cable.

How to Program the Pet Station

When you want to set the feeding schedule, you need a steady internet connection and your smart phone.

If the connection is intermittent but the program has already been completed, then the unit can still work and dispense the kibbles at appropriate times, provided that the unit is powered.

The individual who will program first the feeder is assigned the role of a ‘Master’.

and if more people are given access to the unit, the additional members are now referred to as the ‘Family’.

The ‘Master’ and the members of the ‘Family are give the chance to complete remote video calls.

But it it is the ‘Master’ that can only set the feeding cycle.


  • The unit can be programmed remotely using a smartphone
  • The application interface is easy to use and understand
  • Pet owners can arrange up to 20 eating times daily
  • Pet owners can easily customize the feeding schedule
  • Mealtime can have an interval of a minute, or hours
  • The timer is highly accurate, which means that the pets can get their kibbles at the right time
  • The unit boasts a high-resolution camera that can he helpful in taking pictures and videos
  • Images that can be captured can boasts up to 2 megapixels
  • Program is retained even in an event of power outage
  • The camera can offer up to a 90-degree angle view
  • Owners will know the food status and level of kibbles through notifications
  • The voice memory of this pet feeder is up to 20 seconds, just enough to record a greeting for your pet cats


  • Pet owners will need the services of an internet connection and a smart phone just to program the unit
  • Comes at a high price
  • Hopper has limited kibbles capacity
  • Manual is written in South Korean language, but an English version is now available online

Tips on Using the Pet Station

  • There is no need to worry about using the Pet Station if you have a connection through public Wi-Fi. This means that you need to make sure of your wireless connection when trying to make a video call.
  • You need the services of the application on your smart phone, and the application should be installed on your phone.

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The Pet Station Feeder is a solid and high-quality product that can appeal to modern consumers looking for a highly reliable unit.

This unit will appeal to highly mobile pet owners who are usually out of their homes, and still want to take charge in feeding and in monitoring their pets.

Younger pet owners will love this cat feeder since this can work using a smartphone, and can operate using a Wi-Fi connection.

Taking care of your cat is now made fun and easy with the Pet Station electronic pet feeder, thanks to the audio recording capability of the unit.

To complete the care and attention that can be extended to the pet cats at home, you can record a greeting that can be played when the cats are about to eat.

This feature helps tell and comfort your cats that you are ‘present’, even if you are actually miles away from home.

In short, the Pet Station food dispenser is a delightful unit that can do wonders inside the household of a tech-savvy pet owner.

While the Pet Station delivers all the bells and whistles, this product also comes with one important issue- its price.

This is an expensive unit, and its maintenance is also expensive since pet owners need an internet connection.

But for pet owners who are too busy and highly mobile, these limitations are forgivable.

This appliance is a dependable unit when one wants to keep track of their pets remotely, or if they want to program the feeding cycles remotely.

The unit is a unique and modern device that can work for highly mobile and busy pet owners who use their smartphones.

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