Pet Watch Automatic Pet Feeder Review – Dry Food Feeder

Finding an automatic pet feeder seems a tough challenge to pet owners since there are lots of details to consider before getting a new one.

You still have to go through a lot of product reviews to know which automatic feeder is best for your cats.

Product specification like the kibble size, shape, timer and materials from which it was made of should be taken into account.

This review focuses on the Pet Watch Automatic Pet Feeder featuring a digital timer and voice recording.

The Pet Watch feeder features a digital timer which allows cat owners to feed pets up to five meals each day.

Every meal is programmed individually at your desired time, depending on the needs of your pets.

You can feed your cats by setting up a schedule, for instance, a heavy breakfast and a simple dinner.

Though the Pet Watch Automatic Feeder is automatically programmed, you can switch to manual feeding any time when you push the ‘Feed’ button.

Soon after this button is pressed, the food will be released.

The food hopper can hold food up to 1.54 pounds, and the parts can be removed easily for regular cleaning.

Pet Watch uses a melody when releasing food to get the attention of your pets for a meal.

Pet Watch comes in two versions, namely the ‘Timer V’ that has a brown feeding tray and the ‘Timer S’ that has a light blue feeding tray.

It is also possible to record your own voice when you are calling your pets for breakfast or dinner.

Features of the Pet Watch

  • Comes with an instruction manual and an adapter
  • Safety interlock mechanism which stops the motor once it detects an open lid during feeder operation
  • The unit features a strengthened chew-proof cord
  • Easily removed feeding tray and food hopper
  • The digital timer functions in 24 hours
  • Individually programmed meals on a daily basis
  • Feeding can be done 5 times a day
  • Push-button feature for manual feeding switch
  • Materials used for cord and power supply are durable and strong
  • Has power switch for ON/OFF of the unit
  • Measures 12.6 inches in width, 8.9 inches in diameter, and 13.8 inches in height
  • Weighs 6.6 pounds
  • Power source require 100volts
  • Can be operated under 32’F temperature conditions


pet watch cat food feeder reviewHow the Pet Watch Feeder Functions

The food-dispensing system of this pet feeder is composed of a motor with gears designed for dispensing food, and a flap intended for regulation of the dispensing process.

Five digital timers are built in with the unit allowing you to set-up five individual meals.

The panel reflects from Set 1 up to Set 5, so all you need to do is to program individual meals in terms of the amount of food and specific time desired.

Five setups are adjustable, so there is nothing you have to worry.

Pet Watch food dispenser is designed to use with kibble sizes up to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Using this kibble size, you can prevent your cats from becoming overweight since they will only be fed with a minimum of 0.35 ounce of dry food one meal at a time.

There are 8 stages and increments with feeding portions during feeding can be done.

The first stage is equivalent to 0.35 ounce or 10 grams.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • The pet feeder allows easy setup
  • Reliable digital timer
  • Programmable to five individual meal every day with your preferred size and time
  • You can feed your pets with a minimum amount of 0.25 ounce of dry food equivalent to 2.5 inches kibble size. This food portioning is an ideal meal for pet cats on a diet.
  • Voice recording is possible for easy calling of your pets for a meal
  • In case of power interruptions or outages, there is no need to reprogram the Pet Watch since digital timer retains the programming
  • Safety interlock mechanism for the motor during operation
  • Chewer cats can use strengthened power cord


  • Small capacity to hold dry and wet food
  • There is no power backup to let feeding continue in case of outages
  • Not advisable for those kibble size larger than 2.5 inches
  • Manual for this pet feeder is in Korean


Before you program the unit, make sure that you already pressed the button for three seconds.

For instance, if you wish to feed your pets twice a day, do not forget to program other meals by switching other setup, ‘Off’.


The reliability and simplicity of Pet Watch food system in terms of programming makes it an ideal choice when getting an automatic feeder for your pets.

The best feature of this automatic feeder is the digital timers that come in five setups, and its melody that plays whenever you need to call your pets for meal.

We recommend Pet Watch feeder for:

  • Pet owners who want to feed just one cat
  • Pet owners who need to feed cats that are on a diet
  • Individuals who hate to spend on batteries

We do not recommend this unit for:

  • Pets with allergic reactions to plastic
  • Households with many cats

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