PetMate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain Review

The Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Fountain provides your pet with fresh, clean, moving water while removing bad odors and tastes.

It is a good choice for multi-pet households and both cats and dogs can use it.

This electric water fountain uses a low voltage power supply and features a special receiving ramp which the water gently slides down reducing the noise of splashing water.

A charcoal filter and submersible pump keeps the water circulating and oxygenated with minimal noise.

The fountain is made of durable plastic and has an oval-shaped base with a detachable transparent water reservoir that holds 108 oz.

of water, a pump with a power cord and a charcoal filter.

Rubber feet underneath the fountain secure it to the floor preventing it from sliding around your floor.

There are three colors to choose from: black, white and an off-white color creatively termed “bleached linen”.

There are also three sizes to choose from to suit your individual needs: small, large and jumbo which holds 50 oz., 108 oz.

and 216 oz.

of water respectively.

The 108 oz.

unit is the one under review in this article.

PetMate Deluxe Fresh Flow Features

  • Provides a continuous supply of fresh, cool, clean aerated water free of odors and bad tastes
  • Moving water encourages pets to drink more water keeping them healthier
  • Patented waterslide reduces splashing and noise
  • Removable 6 inch power cord
  • Plugs into standard AC outlet
  • Replaceable filters are sold separately
  • Handle for easy lifting
  • Flow control switch controls the speed of water flow
  • Automatic release of additional water as needed
  • For indoor use only
  • Product dimensions: 14.1″ x 10.1″ x 7.7″
  • One year warranty


Petmate Fresh Flow reviewHow the Petmate works

The Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain comes with a water reservoir, cover, oval bowl base with strainer, filter reservoir, grommet, filter, pump, suction cups and AC adapter.

It has easy-to-follow instructions.

The bowl must be filled with water 1/2 inch below the rim.

The filter reservoir should be filled to the top of the reservoir ramp.

Once the reservoir is filled with water the cap must be replaced.

The pump draws the water from the bowl through the filter and up to the top of the ramp.

Then the waterfalls down the waterslide or ramp into the pool of water below.

As pets drink water, more water is automatically released from the reservoir.

When the water is pulled through the filter all impurities such as dust, hair and dirt are removed from the water.

Chlorine from the tap water is removed by the charcoal in the filter improving the taste and smell of the water improving your pet’s overall drinking experience.

You can adjust the flow of the water with the flick of a switch.

Some pets may prefer a slower speed where the water is just trickling down the waterslide, which provides a gentler flow and less noisy than a faster stream of water.

You can experiment and find a speed that best suits your pet’s needs.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good size, not too big
  • Supplies your pet(s) with a continuous supply of fresh filtered cool water while encouraging them to drink more
  • Plugs into a standard AC outlet
  • Waterslide ramp feature reduces noise and splashing
  • More water is automatically released when needed
  • A relatively quiet device provided the water level is adequate
  • Detachable reservoir makes refilling easy
  • Removable power cord makes cleaning easier
  • The cord is long enough to place a safe distance away from the electrical outlet
  • 108 oz. reservoir automatically releases additional water when needed and reduces the need for constant refilling
  • Non-slip rubber feet prevent your pets from sliding the unit across the floor
  • Comes in three colors so you can choose one that best blends in with your home decor


  • High maintenance: filters need to be replaced and pumps get clogged if a regular cleaning routine is not kept up
  • Unit gets noisy if water level drops too low and can dissuade pets from drinking, particularly nervous pets
  • Does not say that it is safe for use in a dishwasher like some other water fountains
  • Filters need to be replaced regularly
  • Can be difficult to open the compartment that houses the pump when cleaning

My Tips

  • The product does not say ‘dishwasher safe’ but some customers have reported that it can in fact be washed in a dishwasher successfully and that this helps with removing dirt in nooks and crannies.
  • Using filtered water extends the length of your filter. If you live in an area with an excellent water supply you can run the unit without the filter as it works just as good.
  • To clean it you should rinse the filter and use hot water and dishwashing soap to clean the unit except the pump. The cover of the pump can be removed to get rid of dirt and hair. Running the pump through hot water gets it clean.
  • Mix vinegar and baking soda to form a paste to help clean off a build-up of limescale on the fountain in hard water areas.

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My final conclusions

The Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain does the job it sets out to do at a reasonable price.

If you think that the task of filling a water bowl every day is more unappealing than cleaning a pet water fountain weekly then this may just be the fountain you are looking for.

It naturally cools the water making it a great option in the summer.

It is certainly far more appealing to your pet than the stagnant bacteria-ridden warm slowly warming in a water bowl.

The water slide feature is great for nervous cats and dogs who don’t like the splashing created by a free-falling stream of water but the sound of the motor may put them off equally.

How loud the motor sounds is subjective with some customers saying it is a quiet unit overall and others saying it is too loud.

I think this mostly boils down to the surface the unit is placed on, whether it rests on a protective mat or not, how full the unit is with water and how well the unit is cleaned and reassembled.

Your pet can choose to drink from the waterslide or from the pool of water in the bowl.

The humming of the unit may be a small price to pay for your pet’s health.



I would recommend the Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain for:

  • multi-cat households or small dogs;
  • dissuading pets from drinking from the loo and faucets;
  • cat owners who need to encourage their cats to drink more water;
  • people who don’t mind a constant humming sound coming from the unit;
  • people who do not mind regularly purchasing filters;
  • people who want peace of mind that their cat has enough water to last through the night;
  • choosing the lighter colored unit as opposed to the black so that dirt and slime can more easily be seen;
  • vigilant pet owners who will regularly clean the unit.

I would not recommend the Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain for:

  • frail or handicapped people as the unit is not too light in weight;
  • people who want to get the fountain running and “forget” about it for a while as it needs monitoring;
  • people who do not want the extra expense of continuously buying filters;
  • busy people who do not have time for regular cleaning;
  • pets who drink a lot of water as this fountain’s water capacity may not be enough;
  • large dogs as they may have trouble using the fountain

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