Petmate Portion Right Feeder Review

Petmate Portion Right is one of the best food dispensers as it allows hassle-free scooping, measuring and controlled refilling of food to the food bowl.

This food dispenser features both manual and semi-automatic dispensing systems, and these can be enjoyed in just a few turns of the knob.

Through the use of this unit, you can now prevent overfeeding among your cats while keeping them healthier and happier.

Petmate Portion Right food container has a capacity of 10 pounds, which means you can store a large amount of food for consumption in several weeks.

The container is wide, to avoid food spills when pouring food.

So, there is no need to refill food on a daily basis.

What you are required to do daily is to turn the knob to your desired measurement.

Features of Petmate Portion Right feeder

  • Allows easy removal and cleaning of food container and bowl
  • Does not require batteries or electricity to function
  • Allows cup increments in measuring food portions
  • Right portion of food is dispensed to avoid over-consumption
  • Allows manual food dispensing
  • Easy controlled knobs
  • Brushed Nickel in color
  • Has a twist-lock lid essential in keeping the food secured and fresh throughout the day.
  • The unit is made of plastic raw material
  • It weighs 3.5 pounds
  • It measures 16.5 inches in Length, 10.1 inches in width, and 16.8 inches in height

How the Food Dispenser Functions

For this popular pet feeder to work, it integrates levers and the paddle.

The lever is designed to hold a certain portion of food.

Once you turn the knob to a certain position, the levers will start to face down and eventually drop the same amount of food each time.

The knob is turned into two different positions to get the desired food measurements.

To dispense ‘ cup of food, turn the knob to halfway to 180 degrees.

Another position is intended for ‘ cup wherein you need to turn the knob to 360 degrees.

If you wish to dispense less than ‘ cup, it is possible yet difficult.

It’s because the rubber levers may dump a random amount of food as you turn the knob, making it very hard to get a small portion of food this way.

Setting up this food dispenser is so easy and you do not even need complex instructions to follow.

The process starts with the attachment of food container to the bowl, removal of the unit’s lid, filling up the bowl with food, and getting the lid back to its original position.



  • It is easy to set up and use
  • An ideal substitute to food bowls, thus keeping other animals out of the picture
  • Large capacity of food that can carry up to 10 pounds
  • Can feed up to two cats since it has large bowl
  • High reliability and efficiency in food proportioning, though you need to get home to turn the knob to feed them
  • Saves you from effort of measuring, scooping and pouring food
  • Visible food container allowing transparent current food level. This helps you determine whether or not to refill the feeder
  • Removable and easy to clean bowls
  • Food does not get stuck unlike other pet feeders


  • Since the unit is made of plastic, it is not Microban. This means it does not have antimicrobial property
  • The unit requires intervention from pet owners for it to function especially when turning the knob. Absence of people to operate the unit means your cat will starve the whole day.
  • If you are to feed a single cat, she might find it really big


petsafe portion right reviewTips When Using the Unit

In terms of food dispensing, the average portion of ‘ cup everyday can be achieved if you turn the knob thrice a day.

When you need to clean the unit, start by simply removing both the food container and bowl.

Wash them using mild detergent in water, preferably lukewarm so food residues will be removed.

Then, rinse and dry the food dispenser.

Finally, you have to put the all parts of the unit together.


Petmate Portion Right Food Dispenser is an ideal choice for pet owners currently in use of bowls to feed their cats.

In terms of operating the unit, proportioning of food is consistent and easy, so keeping your pets healthy is made easier.

The unit may not have all desired qualities for a pet feeder but it performs well.

Petmate Portion Right feeder is a great option, especially for people who don’t have time to refill food from time to time due to a busy schedule.

The Portion Right Food Dispenser provides pet owners with a convenient way of feeding and caring for their cats.

Bottom Line

We recommend the use of the Portion Right feeder to pet owners who have sufficient time to turn the knob during feeding time.

If you wish to feed your cats twice a day, half turn the knob for the first meal, and then take a full turn for the second meal.

You can also bring it with you and your pets if you are on travel to somewhere.

This is a highly convenient unit for the busy person who wants to keep an eye on their pets.

cat Food DispenserThe Petmate Food Dispenser is recommended:

  • If you intend to feed your pets with an accurate portion of food, in ‘ cup increments
  • To end the usual routines of measuring, scooping and pouring of food in the bowl
  • To accommodate the feeding needs of two cats or more
  • For overweight pet cats that require strict control in food intake

We recommend the use of Petmate Portion Right feeder for those people who are working, but can feed their cats before and after working hours.

Petmate Portion Right Food Dispenser is only recommended to those who do not have chin acne.

We do not recommend this pet feeder to:

  • Pet owners who do not have time to personally turn the knob of the feeder just to feed the cats
  • Pet owners with unpredictable work schedule

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