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Pets Best Pet Insurance Review

petsbest reviewStarting at $6.91 monthly, you can now enjoy the services and coverage offered by Pets Best insurance, including coverage against diseases, illnesses, accidents and surgeries.

This is budget-friendly insurance that comes with 10 out of 10 satisfaction rating.

Pet Owners Can Choose from Three Plans

For these plans, customers and pet owners can expect coverage for illness and accident examination fees, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, emergency visits and prescription medication.

The Essential Option starts at $6.91 monthly, the Plus Option at $8.45 monthly and considered the most popular selection, and the Elite Option that starts at $16.42 monthly, with a $10,000 annual reimbursement limit.

The Essential plan is a cost-effective offer for pet owners who needs to stay on budget, and will cover illnesses, accidents, hereditary conditions, emergency visits, cancer, surgeries and even prescription medications.

The Elite Option features an extensive coverage including illness and accident examination fees, acupuncture, chiropractic care and physical therapy, emergency visits, surgeries and hereditary conditions and also covers prescription medications for your pets.

All these services are also covered by the Plus Option, but the main difference with the Elite plan is that the limit is lower with Plus, at $5,000.

The Elite option of the Pets Best offers a higher limit annually, at $10,000.

Pets Best Wellness Coverage Details

With the wellness coverage, pet owners can now boost the quality of life of your pets.

Coverage includes dental care, routine veterinarian visits and flea and tick control.

For specific service coverage, check the following charts for dogs, and cats.

For dogs:

No co-pay and deductibles, but offers 100-percent coverage.

Under this option, pet owners can enjoy coverage up to $480 every year.

Here are the claims limit per service or exam:

  • Annual veterinarian exam – $50
  • Spaying and Neutering – $100
  • Routine blood tests – $60
  • Dental care – $100
  • Heartworm testing and diagnosis – $25
  • Vaccine for Rabies – $15
  • Fecal analysis – $15
  • Urine analysis – $25
  • Vaccine for DHLP – $15
  • Parvo and Corona vaccines – $10
  • Flea and tick control – $25
  • Lyme vaccine – $15
  • Bordatella vaccine – $10


For cats:

No co-pay and deductibles, but offers 100-percent coverage.

Under this option, pet owners can enjoy coverage up to $545 every year.

Here are the claims limit per service or exam:

  • Annual veterinarian exam – $50
  • Spaying and Neutering – $100
  • Routine blood tests – $60
  • Dental care – $100
  • Heartworm testing and diagnosis – $25
  • Vaccine for Rabies – $15
  • FVRCP vaccine – $25
  • Leukemia vaccine – $25
  • FIP vaccine – $20
  • Fecal analysis – $15
  • Urine analysis – $25
  • Flea and tick control – $25


Best Wellness Routine Care Coverage

Routine coverage allows pet owners to include dental care, vet visit, shots and other healing treatments.

By paying an extra $20 monthly, your pet can enjoy a number of services that can improve their quality of life, and reduce the risks of certain diseases.

For example, you can count on routine check-ups and other routine blood checks to identify potential risks.

The Best Wellness can be yours in an instant once a plan has been enrolled.

There is a 30-day waiting time when it comes to adding a coverage.

Once the this waiting time has lapsed, you are given a year to include the wellness cover.

This means that if you sign up immediately after enrollment, then you will only have to wait for 2 weeks before you can enjoy the benefits.

The great thing about this offer is that it offers 100-percent deductible and zero co-pay, and with this investment, your pets can enjoy routine blood check ups, dental care and routine veterinary visits.

This also includes spaying, neutering and other critical vaccinations for your pets, without having to pay an extra from your pocket.

Our Veterinarian – Verified Review

There are 3 plans that can be considered under the Pets Best.

Based on the reviews and checks made by our reviewers, they found out that cat owners can enjoy the basic plan for just $7 monthly, and dog owners can have the same coverage for $10 monthly.

The first plan available is the Essential Option, and can cover pet emergencies and accidents.

This is the basic option that can cover emergencies, with a limit of $5,000 when it comes to claim reimbursement on an annual basis.

The second plan available for pet owners is the Plus Option, which will include physical rehabilitation, vet examination fees and alternative treatments like chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.

This is similar to the basic plan, with a $5,000 limit.

The last plan available is the Elite Option, and great for pet owners looking for premium offerings.

The coverage is not as extensive when compared to the Nationwide Whole Pet with Wellness and Healthy Paws, but this one comes at a cheaper price.

Pet owners can count on $10,000 reimbursement limit every year, and comes with higher claim limits.

Pet owners can also count on coverage and protection against chronic health conditions,accidents and pet illnesses.

Based on the testimonials and experiences of Pets Best customers and pet owners, they are one in saying that they are satisfied with the services provided by the company.

This insurance provider got a score of 10 points out of 10, indicating very favorable rating.

In short, most pet owners and individuals who signed up for this insurance saw this as a worthy investment.

And based on the friendly coverage extended by the insurance provider and great reviews from veterinarians and pet owners, our in-house reviewers give this insurance a rating of A-.

Real Customer Testimonials and Reviews

My pet dog was involved in an accident recently,and he just collapsed on the floor.

We immediately rushed our pet to the nearest clinic, and the vet recommended surgery.

It was an expensive option, but we knew that we can count on Pets Best.

And the company provided us with the service we needed!

Pet owner from Raleigh, NC

I am a retiree, and my income is modest.

This means that if my dog encounters an accident or develops an illness, I cannot fully pay for the expenses.

This is the reason why having a a pet insurance is highly recommended for me, and I chose Pets Best.

Jacksonville, FL

Pets Best Questions and Answers

Is the company an established provider of pet insurance in the market?

Yes, the people behind Pets Best have been around for more than 3 decades now, and this is a validation of how serious they are in their efforts to provide quality service and products to customers.

Can I count on Pets Best in case my pet got sick or injured?

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by many pet insurance plans, including the Pets Best.

What this pet insurance policy covers are future illnesses and accidents.

How much deductible will I expect from Pets Best?

Pet owners are given the flexibility on the deductible, from $0 to $1000.

If you choose a low deductible, it means that you will need to cover a higher monthly payment.

How about the reimbursement?

What percentage of the total cost will be covered?

The reimbursement amounts can range from a ‘low’ 70 percent, to as high as 100 percent of the total veterinarian’s bill.

What about the limitations that every pet owner should know about Pets Best?

Just like other insurance arrangements, the Pets Best also sets its limitations, depending on the chosen insurance policy.

For example, if you choose the Elite Plan, the reimbursement limit is $10,000 annually, and if you sign up for the Plus and Essential Plans, the reimbursement limit is pegged at $5,000 annually.

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