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Petsafe 2-Meal Pet Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

Convenience and comfort, these are the things a pet owner can experience when using the Petsafe 2-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder, thanks to a flip-lid type opening.

The design of the feeder makes this an easy-to-use unit, and you just fill the two trays with cat food, and set the schedule on when the cats will eat.

You can program two meals a day, or you can even program their meals 48 hours in advance.

Also, this feeder requires a minimum of two hours in between meals, and each tray of this Petsafe unit can accommodate 1.5 cups of dry pet food.

This pet feeder comes with an analog timer that can be used in scheduling the pets’ mealtimes.

The power comes from a single AA battery, which is not included in the package.

Petsafe 2 Feeder Features

  • The trays of the unit are dishwasher-safe
  • Can best work with dry food, and can work during warm weather days
  • Power is sourced from a single AA battery
  • Uses high-quality material, manufactured from BPA-free plastic
  • Each tray of the feeder can carry 1.5 cups of dry cat food
  • Can deliver two meals at a time
  • The unit weighs 1.5 lbs
  • Can work for pet cats and dogs
  • Unit measures 13 by 2 by 10 inches

cat eating from the petsafe 2 mealDiscover How the Petsafe 2-Meal Feeder Works

When you take this automatic wet food cat feeder out of the box, you will notice the presence of two trays and a timer that comes with each tray.

Each tray can work and open independently, and these two food compartments can be programmed to offer meals two days in advance.

This means that when using this pet feeder, you can set a meal two days in advance, or 48 hours in advance.

This unit comes with a locking mechanism that ensures the safety and freshness of the pet food.

This locking mechanism depends on the lid latch, which is found on the tray’s timer notch.

Once you have programmed the unit, the latch will get locked, except when the dial points to ‘0’.

If this happens, the latch moves through the tray’s notch, and the springs will open the feeder.

The timer will continue to work even if the lid has been opened.

This means that you can re-program the dispenser after your cat has completed its meal.

To set another program, you just push the timer past the 48-hour cycle, and push the timer back so you can set a different time.

This unit will allow pet owners to schedule the pet meals with two hours’ worth of interval, and this is made easier thanks to the design of the timer with dials in 2-hour increment,

Note: When we checked the product, we found out there there is a smaller dial at the back of the unit, near the battery compartment.

We noted that this does not influence the feeder.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • Unit is easy to set-up, program and operate
  • Comes at a highly competitive pricing
  • Works with just one battery, and this battery can lasts for a year
  • Trays are dishwasher-safe
  • Trays and the unit are easy to clean
  • Owners can program the unit up to 48 hours in advance
  • Food tray has a 1.5-lbs capacity
  • The unit is designed to deliver meals once a day, or two times a day


  • The unit does not feature a digital timer, thus there can be problems about time
  • Lids are not very secured
  • Does not feature an alarm that can remind the pets to eat
  • Works for dry food, and this pet feeder does not feature ice packs to keep pet food fresh
  • No battery indicator
  • Some cats can easily find a way to steal food from the trays
  • Users may notice the clock ticking, which can be inconvenient at times
  • The unit does not feature an off/on function. If users want to turn off the unit, they must remove the battery first
  • It is difficult to feed two cats at the same time since the timers will not open at the same time

2 day feeder scheduler Tips on How to Use the Petsafe 2-Meal food dispenser

  • Although this unit is recommended for dry food, you can actually serve your pets with ‘wet food’. What you can do is to freeze first the wet pet food, and when the food is already in the solid-like state, you can now put this on the tray.
  • If you have cats that are too confident with their raiding skills and they tend to steal food ahead of schedule, you can position the feeder under a shallow chair.

Remember, this unit may not be recommended for:

  • Pet owners who need to schedule meal times while they are away
  • Pet owners who will depend on this feeder alone
  • Households with highly aggressive and creative cats
  • Cats that require a special diet
  • Pet owners who need to administer pet medicines on specific times of the da

Conclusion of the Petsafe-2 feeder

Although there are a number of positive features that come with this feeder, we can say that the Petsafe 2-Meal is not a perfect unit to own.

The unit has some flaws, but it can still deliver the meals for your pets.

This is a lightweight cat feeder, which means that this will not work in a household where there are aggressive and smart cats.

There are also problems on the timer, and since the timer is not digital, you will encounter some problems relating to meal schedules.

In short, precise feeding schedules are not possible when using this automatic pet feeder.

To summarize, many customers who have purchased this feeder complained about the design and construction of the locking mechanism.

Smart and aggressive cats may find it easier to snatch a few pet meals ahead of time.

The flip-lid type mechanism is not the best in the market, but if you are looking for an affordable pet feeder with the flip-lid type mechanism, then the Petsafe-2 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder fits the bill.

This is also a great investment if you are looking for another unit to complement the existing feeder in the household.

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