Petsafe Drinkwell Sedona Fountain – Review

Are you looking for a pet water dispenser that has a large capacity and that’s very easy to clean?

The Drinkwell Sedona Fountain the quietest pet drinking fountain i have found, which has a decent water reservoir.

it is made of dishwasher-safe materials.

Keep reading further to read more about the Sedona cat water dispenser.

The Drinkwell Sedona Fountain is a pet water dispenser built with a dual filtration system to clean your pet’s drinking water from stray particles and unwanted odor and taste, a similar system is called the Drinkwell Platinum , a similar system is called the Drinkwell Platinum .

It has a motor pump that circulates and aerates the water to make it healthier for your pets to drink.

The Drinkwell Sedona Fountain has the following features:

  • Bowl has a wide mouth to make drinking comfortable even for pets with big faces
  • Extremely silent operation; fountain produces no trickling sound
  • Dual filtration system removes odor, taste, and other unwanted particles from the water
  • Fountain tower is made of ceramic material that’s easy to clean
  • Bowl is made of BPA-free plastic that’s impact-resistant
  • Suitable for pets of any size
  • Low-voltage operation (12V)
  • Full water capacity of 100oz
  • Dishwasher safe

Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain lake breeze cat reviewThe oval-shaped bowl of the pet water fountain is large enough to make drinking easier for pets with flat faces and large noses.

The bowl is made of BPA-free plastic which is impact resistant while the fountain tower is made of ceramic for easier cleaning.

You can also easily see if the 100oz bowl needs refilling because of it’s clear-colored.

This pet fountain was designed for noiseless operation.

The water flow is just strong enough to let the drinking water smoothly slide down the fountain tower and onto the bowl without splashing sounds.
You won’t have problems on the assembly and operation of this product.

All the details you need regarding its setup and maintenance are all listed in the product manual.

How It Works

The Drinkwell Sedona Fountain houses an aquarium pump inside its fountain tower.

The fountain tower has opened at its base, allowing water from the bowl to flow into the pump.

A foam filter can be found in the pump to prevent hair and large debris from entering the pump.

Pre-filtered water goes into the pump and through the carbon filter to remove any bad taste and unwanted odor from the water.

Filtered water flows out of the opening at the top of the fountain tower and slides down back into the bowl.

You won’t have any issues operating the product.

The product manual explains everything you need to know about the precautions, assembly, disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance of the pet fountain.

If you need more help with any of these, you can look for online videos available at PetSafe’s official website.

Maintenance and Support

The Drinkwell Sedona Fountain requires regular maintenance similar to other PetSafe pet fountains.

The fountain tower and plastic bowl should be cleaned at least once every week, depending on its usage.

The foam and carbon filters can be rinsed with water to remove collected dirt.

Do not clean them with soap because you won’t be able to remove soapy residue stuck between the tiny pores of the filters.

Do otherwise and you’ll end up contaminating your pet’s drinking water.

Carbon filters need to be replaced every 2 to 4 weeks.

Foam filters, on the other hand, can last for a month or two before they need to be replaced.

Both items are available online but make sure you’re getting them from authorized dealers.

The plastic bowl is dishwasher safe.

You can also manually clean it, along with removable plastic components of the motor pump, using water and dishwashing liquid.

Be wary of imitation replacement filters available in online stores.

These have sub par quality and cause your pet fountain to malfunction or worse, introduce harmful chemicals to your pet’s drinking water.

If you have questions and concerns, give PetSafe a call.

You can reach them through their hotline number or email address.


  • Super silent operation
  • Clear, BPA-free plastic bowl lets you see when the pet fountain needs refilling
  • Ceramic fountain tower is easy to clean
  • Large bowl to accommodate large pets
  • Good water capacity (100oz)


  • No more free-falling water to entice pets to drink
  • Poor quality of motor pump
  • No room to expand of water capacity
  • Ceramic component is quite fragile
  • Pricey for a pet water dispenser

How your pet might react

Pets won’t have any issues using this pet fountain because it resembles an ordinary feeding bowl.

The only problem you’ll have is with pets who are used to drinking from a flowing source because the waterfall effect of the fountain has been removed in this product.

The Drinkwell Sedona Fountain is specially designed for quiet operations, thus eliminating the main source of noise which is the trickling sound of water from a free-falling fountain.

Owners applaud this pet fountain’s ultra-quiet operation.

They also love how easy it is to clean the bowl and the fountain tower.

The round shape of the components and their lack of sharp angles make the use of special brushes unnecessary.

The only negative issue raised by owners concerns the quality of the motor pump.

Some reported how it took only a few weeks for their pet fountain to stop working, leaving them with an expensive, ordinary drinking bowl.

Important Features and Benefits

Bowl has a wide mouth
Allows larger pets to drink from the bowl

BPA-free plastic bowl
The bowl is impact-resistant and is safe to use as a water container

Ceramic fountain tower
Easier to clean and inhibits bacteria propagation

Ultra-quiet operation
Designed to prevent the fountain from generating irritating noise

Dual filtration system
Foam and charcoal filters help keep your pet’s drinking water clean, safe, and free from unwanted particles

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Final Conclusions

The Drinkwell Sedona pet fountain is an ultra-stylish and serene looking water fountain that can complement any decor it meets.

It provides your cat or dog a constant supply of fresh, cool, aerated water while adding that pizazz to your home.

The ceramic tower helps keep

The ceramic tower helps keep the water much cooler than other units with the addition of even adding ice cubes to the water makes this the ultimate pet fountain for those hot summer months.

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