PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Station with Stainless Steel Bowl

Petsafe Feeder Stainless Steel Bowl Review

The Petsafe Feeder Stainless Feeder features a gravity food system with a dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl that can be easily removed for cleaning.

This stainless steel bowl can be sanitized regularly to eradicate possible development and growth of bacteria, that may prove to be harmful to your cats.

Bacteria can cause infections, nose irritations and allergic skin reactions to your pet cats.

To counter this, you may need to sanitize the unit under high temperature.

Petsafe Feeder Description

Petsafe Feeder comes in varied sizes, from small, medium to large bowls.

It basically depends on your preference and the number of your pets.

Petsafe Feeder makes it convenient and comfortable for pet owners as it saves effort when adjusting schedules to match with the feeding habits of your pets.

The hopper of the unit can contain up to two pounds of dry food, though it can only be used indoors.

The product can be purchased with a pet water station that suits the color and design.

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • The stainless bowl is removable and helps prevent your cats from getting allergic reactions
  • Food is kept constantly fresh because the unit has a gravity design system
  • Perfectly designed for indoors


  • The unit does not have a program to control and regulate the feeder from dropping the food to the bowl
  • Since no program is executed, you still have to wait for the hopper to get empty before you can remove and wash the bowl. So, you need to pay close attention to the bowl until emptied and clean it regularly.
  • You can easily get to the station and match fresh water dispenser with the feeder
  • Best if your concern is not just pouring food daily to your cat’s bowl

the bottom of the tray of the petsafe

The Petsafe is suited for these situations:

  • The use of Petsafe steel bowl is excellent if you do not have an established feeding schedule.
  • You can also use this feeder if you have to feed two or more cats at home.
  • If you know that your cats get allergic to plastic, then this feeder is perfect for you.

The Unit might not suit well for these situations:

  • If your cat has an excessive obsession with food, it is not a good idea to choose this feeder.
  • This feeder allows no limits in dispensing food since it is not programmed
  • If you choose to feed your cat with a specific schedule, for instance once or twice a day
  • If you want your cats to lose weight, this food dispenser is not a good choice there is no limit to the amount of food that can be dispensed. You may end up with overweight cats!

This particular cat food dispenser is just one of the great solutions to keep your cats healthy while you are away.

It is best to consider their health over the price to keep your cats away from harm.

The Petsafe Feeder Stainless bowl is an excellent choice for your felines.


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