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Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Review – Dry Food Feeder

For pet owners looking for a highly programmable cat feeder, then the Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed unit serves as a great choice.

The unit allows pet owners to customize the food servings, and schedule it appropriately.

If you want to limit the food intake of your cat, then this is possible with the Petsafe unit.

The smart operations of the unit are made possible by the use of a portion-control system, powered by a conveyor belt that can limit food portions, from 1/8 cup of cat food to 4 cups.

Also, the unit can easily work with moist or wet food and can be programmed up to 12 eating cycles each day.

In terms of food capacity, the unit’s hopper can accommodate up to 24 cups.

Safety is also secured, thanks to the use of BPA-free plastic material, which is complemented by the use of a stainless steel bowl which is dishwasher-safe.

The unit is powered by alkaline batteries (4 D-cell), which can last for a year.

Features of Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

  • The unit allows pet owners to schedule up to 12 cat meals everyday, and portions can be customized depending on the cat’s diet or food requirements
  • Can store up to 24 cups of dry cat food
  • Great for pet owners who need to discipline the eating habits of their bets
  • Offers a ‘Slow Feed’ feature, which allows for a slow and sustained feeding of your cats
  • The unit also features the ‘Pause Feed’ option, which allows you to stop the feeding momentarily, without affecting the set program
  • Lid as a protective cover, and comes with a lock to avoid unwanted pushes
  • Works with 4-D alkaline batteries (not included in the package)
  • Measures 13.4-inch x 10.3 inch x 15.8 inches
  • Works with small to medium-sized cats and dogs
  • Weighs 6.5 lbs

How the Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed WorksPetSafe Simply Feed

To deliver the right food portions, this unit comes with a conveyor belt, with plastic divisions, that allow for the separation of meals.

The conveyor belt is programmed in such a way that each separate meal will be delivered at the specified time.

There’s no need to worry about mixing meals since each portioned meal is separated thanks to a plastic division.

This will also prevent your naughty cat from accessing the scheduled meal.

Also, each unit comes with a locking lid protector to prevent cats from taking some food.

The package comes complete with a stainless steel bowl, which is attached to the unit.

The bowl is detachable and can be removed at any time in case you need to clean it.

Reminders on its Power Source: This cat feeder operates using 4-D alkaline batteries.

If these batteries are not available, pet owners can try using the AC adapter.

The adapter is not yet commercially available but can be convenient once made available to the public.

Programming Features of Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

This unit works for the pet owners who want to remain on top of things and would like to automate the feeding schedules of the cats.

To automate the feeding process, this unit boasts a number of programming features, listed below.

Immediate Feed: This feature is helpful if you want to feed your cats ahead of time, even if not on the schedule.

Slow Feed Mode: When you choose this feature, the system will provide food in a slow and sustained manner, thus preventing your cats from cleaning up the food in just 5 seconds! If you choose this mode when feeding the cats, except that the feeding time will last for 15 minutes, dispensing a few kibbles at a time.

PetSafe auto feeder control panel
Control Pad

Pause Feed: This is a helpful feature if you want to take your cat on a trip for a few days, and you want a pause in the delivery of food.

If you choose this option, the whole program will not be deleted.

What to Expect from the Box

1 piece stainless steel bowl
1 unit of Healthy Pet Simply Feed system
1 piece bowl plastic holder
User manual and quick start guide


  • Made from durable materials, and easy to set-up and use
  • Allows users to customize the food portions
  • Can be scheduled up to 12 feeding times each day
  • Prevents speed eating, thanks to the slow feeding option. Choose this option, and feeding time can be extended to 15 minutes
  • Includes a stainless steel bowl that’s dishwasher-friendly
  • Hopper is made from transparent material, thus allowing easy checking of food level
  • Offers a pause feature, which helps stops the feeding cycle
  • Unit also allows pet owners to fast-track the feeding time


  • AC adapter not included in the package
  • Programming features can be tricky for the first time user
  • Noises are created when the kibbles are dropped on the bowl
  • Design of chute is close to the unit’s bowl which can be a problem if your cat wears metallic name tags
  • The bowl is too deep for the average pet. Some cats may need to lean down more just to eat
  • This unit will not allow the pet owner to set the minimum amount of food if the slow feeding for 15 minutes is selected

The infomercial for the Petsafe Healthy Pet Feeder for both Dogs and Cats

Tips for Using This Food Dispenser

  • When using the system for the first time, place the kibbles on top of the belt to start the delivery of food.
  • If the location of the chute is not convenient, you can always raise the unit’s feeder. Also, you can use a shallow feeding bowl.


This feeder is easy to use and boasts programming features like the ‘Slow Feed Mode‘ that helps make feeding time more convenient and comfortable.

Also, keep in mind the following reminders when using the feeder:

  • You can always adjust the auto dispenser if the chute is too close to the bowl.
  • Use the customization features of the feeder to your advantage. For example, you can set the amount of food and length of time.

Based on the listed Pros and Cons, we can say that,

The Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Feeder is great for:

  • Small to average-sized pet cats
  • Cats that need to eat multiple times a day
  • Pets that can easily adapt to new things and technology
  • Pet owners who require an intelligent unit that is easy to use and program
  • Pet owners who want a feeder that can be placed near the bed

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