Pioneer Fountain Big Max Stainless Steel Review

At first glance, the Pioneer Fountain Big Max looks like nothing more than a big fancy steel watering dish and this is part of its charm.

Apart from the attractive and sleek modern stainless steel design, it is actually an electric pet water fountain that provides your pet with a constant supply of clean, cool, fresh and oxygenated water.

The Big Max has a submersible pump for quiet operation and replaceable charcoal filters to remove impurities, bad odors and bad tastes.

It is a great fountain choice for cat owners because plastic bowls absorb odors and harbour germs, particularly once they get scratched.

Cats are notoriously fussy about their water supply and the stainless steel bowls eliminate not only deterrents like bad smells and germs but also helps protect them from chin acne.

The two tiers give your pets two areas to drink from, the bottom bowl has deeper sides and the top bowl is shallower which is nice if your pet has long whiskers.

Drinking out of a deep bowl causes long whiskers to bend and can make your pet feel uncomfortable.

Multiple pets can drink from this bowl at a time making it a convenient addition to your household as it eliminates the need for multiple drinking bowls which also takes up space.

With the Big Max fountain, you can have peace of mind while you’re away from home that your pets stay well-hydrated and cool.

Pioneer Fountain Features

  • Circulates cool fresh aerated water to your pet(s)
  • Submersible pump for quiet operation
  • Charcoal filter to remove bad odors and tastes
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Over a gallon water capacity (128 oz. / 3.78 liters)
  • 6 inch cord
  • Low voltage power supply
  • Flow control switch
  • Product dimensions: 4.5″ x 12″ x 13.75″
  • For indoor use only
  • One year warranty

Pioneer Fountain reviewHow the Big Max Stainless Fountain Works

The pump draws water from the bottom bowl up through the filter into the top bowl and it trickles down back into the bottom bowl.

The pump is housed under the top bowl in clamshell housing.

To remove the top bowl simply lift the bowl from the bottom bowl by placing your fingers underneath the front side of it and lift up.

To remove the pump you need to remove the cover of the clamshell housing.

There is a button in front of it that you need to pull before you can pull the cover-up.

Before inserting a new charcoal filter, rinse it under cool water to remove dust.

Once the filter has been inserted you can replace the pump housing cover as well as the top bowl.

Fill the Big Max fountain with water and make sure your hands and the cord are dry before plugging it in.

You may want to purchase a protective mat and place it under the fountain, which will protect your floors from spills and water damage.


  • Easy to use
  • The bottom bowl is large and top dish is shallow which is great for cats who feel discomfort if their whiskers bend while drinking and also accommodates pets of any size
  • The moving water encourages pets to drink more, particularly cats who have a low thirst drive.
  • Attractive sleek design
  • Made from high grade stainless steel which is bacteria-resistant and therefore more hygienic
  • Cats and dogs cannot chew the bowl
  • Filtered water is free of odors and tastes that will deter your pet drinking
  • The filter cleans water for between 2 weeks to a month
  • Top bowl is raised making it more comfortable for older pets or pets with arthritis.
  • Good water capacity
  • Trickling water has a calming effect on pets
  • Easy to clean as there are no sharp corners and the surface is smooth
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Detachable cord


  • The pump is not durable and customers have reported pumps breaking down after only a short period of time.
  • The water level should be kept to a half-inch from the rim so it needs to be topped up regularly and may still have to be filled daily in a multi-pet household like a regular water bowl.
  • Even the bowl itself is made of stainless steel there are plastic components such as the container that holds the filter, so it is not completely BPA- free.
  • The size of the bowl is quite large as it does not house a detachable reservoir as many pet drinking fountains do.
  • Mould can build up inside these dishes if they not washed regularly.
  • Water may splash out of the bowl even when put on a lower flow setting.
  • This device does not provide a “waterfall effect” which some pets may prefer.

Customer Tips and Tricks

  • To prevent having to constantly replace filters you can open the cartridge, throw the old charcoal out and the old filter, replace it with activated charcoal used for fish tanks and buy some filter cloth to place it in. This method using filter cloth doesn’t get clogged as quickly.
  • Take great care to thoroughly clean the filter and filter housing as bacterial growths can harm your pets. Bleach can be used to totally disinfect the components.


The Pioneer Big Max Fountain provides a gentle stream of fresh cool oxygenated water in a stainless steel bowl that is definitely more hygienic than a plastic bowl.

Plastic bowls get scratched and bacteria sits in the indentations.

The scratches can create sharp edges that may hurt your pet’s mouth.
This unit is quieter than many other pet fountains out there because the water doesn’t free-fall into the bowl but rather gently streams into the lower bowl eliminating the annoying sound of splashing water.

I would recommend the Pioneer Big Max Fountain for:

  • multi-cat households
  • elderly pets or pets with arthritis
  • modern households with steel fittings and fixtures as this fountain will blend in perfectly
  • people who live in hard water areas

Pioneer Fountain Big Max Stainless Steel

  • people who don’t like frequent cleaning
  • pets who prefer free-falling water.

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