detect sickness in your cats health with Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter Review – Easier Way To Manage Your Cats Health

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detect sickness in your cats health with Pretty LitterLet’s be honest, are you certain you cats health is in tip-top shape?

If you do, then you know what its like to spend hundreds of dollars in VET checkup bills, least you have some piece of mind, right?

Problem is that VET bills are expensive, fortunately, there is now an easier and cost-effective solution that helps cat owners detect the decline in your cat’s health.

You can tell a lot about your cat just by examining their urine, the problem is you normally need to have a constant watchful eye on them, and sometimes a deeper and easily preventative disease can remain undiscovered until its too late.

We did a review of Pretty Litter and you will be surprised what we found…

Complete Description

customer review of Pretty Litter
I have been a cat owner all my life and I know what its like to lose cats from different preventable diseases that don’t involve going to the vet every 6 months. Pretty Litter does all the hard work for me and saves me a bunch of money in the process. Best of all I have peace of mind knowing my kitty is in great health

The Pretty Litter is a non-clumping litter that changes color depending on the substances found in your cat’s urine easily than anything before.

The Pretty Litter is a cat litter that changes its color according to the elements found in your cat’s urine. These colors can help indicate your cat’s condition whether they’re fine or you need to bring them to a vet.

One Quick side note…

If you got this far then I think you will ❤️ this… this post has helped many cat owners like you make the right decision.

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The Pretty Litter has the following features:

  • Non-clumping, highly absorbent crystals that trap all odor and moisture
  • Changes color according to your pet’s health condition
  • It’s 80% lighter compared to other litters
  • Dust-free so there’s less litter tracking
  • The 4-pound bag can last up to an entire month
  • Odor-free and scent-free
  • Made from natural ingredients that are biodegradable and non-hazardous to pets
    It works the same as any other cat litter. All you need to do is pour it in the litter box and have your cats use it. The litter itself will change color without any interference on your part.

How It Works

Pretty Litter is made up of silica crystals with an absorption rate of over 150%. Each crystal has tiny pores that absorb moisture and odor coming from the urine in seconds. This allows the water component of the urine to evaporate faster, leaving the rest of the unaffected portion dry and reusable.

Pretty Litter makes it easier to determine any health issues your cat is hiding just through their urine. The litter changes color according to the pH, blood, and bilirubin levels found in your cat’s pee. These are the colors that represent the possible presence of specific substances or indicate the following conditions.

  • Blue = abnormal alkalinity
  • Green = abnormal acidity
  • Yellow = normal
  • Red = blood
  • Orange = bilirubin

If the litter changes color aside from yellow, it means you have to pay a visit to your vet and have them check your cat for any health problems. With the help of Pretty Litter, you can detect any of the following conditions:

  • Urinary tract problem (UTI) (Check Cranberry Pill Treatments)
  • Liver, kidney, or bladder disease
  • Cancer
  • Inflammations
  • Gallstones
  • Infections
  • Biliary obstructions

Some of these diseases can be fatal but these can be avoided with the help of Pretty Litter.

Watch a demonstration of how amazing this product is on Nat GEO’s Pet Talk 


pretty litter reviewsDo the usual cleaning routine you do with similar clumping litters. Simply scoop out the portion that showed any change in color and leaves the rest in the box until all of the clean litter are used up. Don’t forget to clean the box once a week or as prescribed by its manufacturer.

A 4-pound bag of Pretty Litter can fill a medium-sized litter box. It can last up to two months if you only have one cat in your house. You may need more bags if you have several cats at home.

You shouldn’t mix this with other litter brands/types. The Pretty Litter crystals are colored white to make it easier for you to see changes in its color. Mixing it with colored or other types of clumping litter can make it harder for you to distinguish if the Pretty Litter crystals changed color or not.

Since it’s made of silica gel and water, it’s not hazardous even if your cat accidentally ingests it.

If you need help with anything else you can call them at (800) 838-3381 or email them at [email protected]

Pros and Cons of Pretty Litter


Cons (I think I am being a bit too nitpicky)

  • Not really as dust-free as advertised
  • Very dusty when the crystals are mixed and poured into the box (better packaging would probably help)
  • Crystals may contain compounds which may irritate the throat and lungs of asthmatics
  • A sack of Pretty Litter which weighs around 4 pounds costs around $20 which might come across as expensive in some peoples books.
  • Some people have mentioned that the customer services is not on par, but I have yet to have any issues with it myself.

How your pet might react to Pretty Litter

Cat’s used to using litter boxes won’t have issues using this product. The Pretty Litter’s texture is similar to sand which is often used in an ordinary non-clumping litter. It’s also non-toxic even if your cat accidentally ingests some of it.

Cats in medication should avoid using this litter because the pH level in their body can affect their urine. This can confuse your diagnosis when the litter changes color. Color changes can also be unclear, especially when differentiating between orange and yellow.

Remember that this is a non-clumping litter. All it does is absorb moisture from your cat’s waste, which can make it difficult to clean at times. Make sure you also clean your litter box regularly. Some users said their litter box produced a bad smell after they forgot to scoop out the used litter from the box.

Important Features and Benefits of Pretty Litter

Color-coded crystals
This helps to determine any health conditions your cat may be hiding

Moisture absorbent crystals
It’s non-clumping but it quickly absorbs moisture within a second

Odorless and unscented
Locks in odor from the waste materials

Made from natural compounds
You don’t need to worry if your pet accidentally eats it

One 4-pound bag can last for a month
A single pack of Pretty Litter can last for a month on households with only one cat

Final Thoughts

Cats are very good at hiding any pain they’re feeling. Unless they show changes in behavior, you won’t know if you need to bring them to the vet or not. Kidney disease is one of the leading causes of death in cats and without any means of detecting it other than having your cat thoroughly checked by your vet on a frequent basis, you may have already allowed the disease to eat more than half of your cat’s liver.

With Pretty Litter, you can detect early signs of this disease, along with other health conditions, and save them from getting worse.

Last chance to get Pretty Litter with my exclusive 10% off discount coupon (use code: AFF10 here) – Try it and you will see if you cats health is lacking.



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1 thought on “Pretty Litter Review – Easier Way To Manage Your Cats Health”

  1. thanks for the review of “pretty litter”, I had to test this out for myself and I love it and i think it just saved my kitty. As soon as my cat tried it there were a few things that concerned me about my cats pee, it seemed to be something that should be addressed with the VET.
    Surely enough the VET told me that there was something wrong with my cats kidneys and that it was easily treatable in its early stages… I recommend anyone who truly loves their cat, who treats them like a member of their own family should get this.


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