Qpets 6-Meal review

QPets Pet Dish 6-Meal Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

When it comes to dish pet food dispensers, the QPets Pet Dish 6-Meal Feeder is an instant favorite, thanks to the availability of a protective mechanism that can deter creative cats from accessing the unit.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the pet system.

QPets Pet Dish 6-Meal Feeder Description

This is a loaded product that can help provide comfort and convenience for the pet owners.

If you get one, you can have access to a speaker, microphone and a 6-second recorded message that can be used to motivate the cats to eat.

There is also a low-battery indicator that can inform owners that the battery is running low.

Users can easily program the unit, up to 6 pet meals on a daily basis, and one meal can be dispensed at the current time.

The dish measures 12.6 by 12.6 b 5 inches, and will work with 4 C batteries.

Pros and cons of the QPets

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • This unit comes with a locking mechanism, the dual snapping locks, that can help protect the food
  • The food slot dish provided by the product is easy to clean and maintain
  • Trays rotate conveniently, thus pet owners no longer have to worry about physically rotating the trays to offer the food to cats
  • Will not generate noises that can upset pet owners
  • This is a great feeder that can work for pet owners who want to provide smaller meals for their pets


  • thumbs-down-iconsPet owners need to carefully read the manual to properly program the unit
  • Although this comes with a locking mechanism, the first slot cover can be opened by a creative pet
  • Ice packs are not available to keep wet food fresh
  • Programmed meals are lost in case the unit stopped or lost power
  • You need to reset the clock once the time cycle ends
  • Quality of materials is questionable


User Tips on How to Use QPets Pet Dish unit

  • Keep in mind that you need to press ‘Start Now’ after you have refilled the trays
  • The unit should be set up first before the preferred initial feeding time
  • You need some backup batteries since this pet feeder will only work with standard batteries
  • Never add water on the unit’s slots
  • If your cats prefer moist food, you need to put the food on the tray, and place this in the freezer so you can feed them the next day. This unit will allow you to feed your cats this way up to 2 meals.

Conclusion of the QPets Feeder:

We recommend this QPets Automatic Pet Dish 6-Meal LCD if you are looking for a unit that is cheap and functional.`

close up of the controlsWe recommend this for:

  • Docile pets that will not attack the food dispenser
  • Pet owners who want to feed their cars at regular schedules
  • Pet owners who have cats with special dietary requirements, or have diabetes

This can work for wet pet food, provided that you can fill up the first tray, and place this in the freezer for a number of hours.

We do not recommend the unit for:

  • Pets that are allergic to plastic
  • Pet owners who want a feeder that can work for many years
  • Cats that are too obsessed with food


We have seen amazing results with this feeder and while it eloquently performs in areas it also lacks in some others as you would have seen.

On that note, we have compiled a list of the best automatic wet feed feeders here to view and compare.

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