Review of the Kong’s Cat Wobbler Toy

[Kong’s Cat Wobbler cat toy is a treat-dispensing toy which is shaped like an egg and has a heavy base allowing it to wobble around when played with.

The toy is meant to mentally and physically stimulate your cats and slow down their fast pace in feeding which can result in overeating and vomiting.

The Cat Wobbler has an opaque heavy base where you put dry kibbles in and a transparent upper half so you and your cats can see if there’s still food inside the toy.

A small hole is found on the transparent part where food gets thrown out when the toy wobbles back from getting knocked down.

The chance that food will get through the small hole limits your cat’s food intake and effectively decreases their eating pace.
Everybody know that catnip is irresistible to almost all cats.

This is why the Cat Wobbler has a furry tail attached at the top of it and it’s laced with catnip for a more rewarding experience.

The tail itself is something cats love as they can play with it with their claws out.
To put food inside the toy, just twist it until the two halves come apart.

Place the treats on the lower portion and put the parts back together.

You can also use the lower half as a food bowl to get your cats accustomed to the toy.
This toy is packed with things you cats will surely love.

The catnip itself will grab your cat’s undivided attention to this toy, giving them an enjoyable playtime and mealtime.

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cat dispenser toyFeatures Kong’s Cat Wobbler

  • Wobbling action entices cats to pounce on it repetitively
  • Small hole on the upper portion for dispensing food
  • Lower half can also be used as a regular food bowl
  • The attached tail is laced with catnip
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 6 x 4.4 x 4.4 in
  • Weighs approximately 1.1lbs


  • The small hole for dispensing food is effective in controlling your cat’s food intake
  • Easy to refill
  • Transparent top portion allows for easier monitoring of food amount
  • The tail part is laced with catnip
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of durable, FDA-approved materials


  • Some cats may have a hard time getting food out of it because the toy only has one small hole
  • Some cats are immune to catnip’s allure, especially kittens who are below 6 months of age


  • You can use this as a food dispenser not only for treats but for regular meals as well. Training you cats to associate this toy with mealtime requires some time
  • Use the lower portion as a regular food bowl to get your cats to associate it with food better
  • Try filling the toy up to about half-full so your cats can get more food out of it. This will make it easier for them to understand what the toy does

Recommended for:

  • Bigger cats who need to lose some weight
  • Cats with little experience with food dispensers

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The Cat Wobbler is an effective toy for controlling your cat’s feeding behavior.

The small hole for dispensing treats out poses an extra challenge for trained cats.

The hole’s size also makes it difficult for cats, especially those who don’t have any experience playing with food dispensing toys yet, because it’s harder to get the food out.

Just follow the tips we’ve provided to help you guide your cats to get used to the toy’s reward mechanism.

The tail with catnip is a really great feature as it gets your cats to keep coming back for more.

Kittens who haven’t reached full sexual maturity yet may not be able to appreciate this toy as much as the older cats.

The catnip’s effects only work with matured cats.

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