Review of the Slow Feed Cat Bowl

The Slow Feed Cat Bowl is designed with grooves and ridges to make it look like a maze.

It’s built to prevent cats from eating too fast which may result in indigestion and regurgitation.

The maze in the food bowl makes mealtime a little more challenging for your cat.

It has a moderate difficulty level, easy enough to make them finish all the food in the bowl but not that hard to make them frustrated and just give up.

This cat bowl works for medium to large-sized cats.

Smaller cats may find this frustrating, especially when the food gets into the deeper parts of the bowl.

When you pour dry kibbles on it, some will go into the deeper portions of the bowl, making it a little harder for your cat to eat them.

This corrects their feeding behavior by making them work for their food which in turn slows down their pace.

Features for the Slow Feed

  • Heavy-duty food bowl for all sized cats
  • Composed of environment-friendly materials which are non-toxic to your pets
  • Suitable for dry and wet foods
  • Grooves gets pets eating slower
  • Easy to clean


  • Will keep your cats occupied
  • Bowl is big enough to let 2 cats eat from it at the same time
  • Slow down the feeding process
  • Easy to refill


  • Bowl may be too large for your room or for your cat
  • The bowl maze might be too hard for smaller cats
  • Some parts may be too deep for your cats to reach
  • Smaller kibbles don’t work very well with this unit


The Slow Feed Cat Bowl is effective in reducing your cat’s feeding pace.

The grooves are well-placed to make it a little challenging for cats but not hard enough to make them quit trying.

It’s also big enough to be shared by two cats at the same time.

Ample amount of dry or wet food can also be put into it which may be enough for more than one mealtime.

Veterinarians recommend this product and many even use it in their own clinics to reduce cases of vomiting in cats.

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