Scoopfree Slide Litter Box Review

For pet owners looking for a semi-automatic way of managing litter, then this manual version of Scoopfree litter box should work.

The unit comes with a disposable tray that will contain blue crystals that can help manage the smell of waste inside your home.

The unit is user-friendly- simply take out the waste using the rake and push it to the provided trap.

After one week of use, the old tray can be replaced with the new one.


  • Provides an easy way to remove and move the waste
  • Litter tray is provided with the unit with blue crystals for smell management
  • Leaks are avoided thanks to a plastic lining
  • Disposable trays provided with the unit can work with the Slide
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Comes with a 3-month money-back guarantee

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How the Scoopfree Slide works

At the core of the operations of the Scoopfree litter box manual uses pre-filled trays and the rake that takes care of the waste.

The rake of the unit must be manually moved to remove the waste.

To make it work, simply step on the unit’s waste trap lid, and push the rake to the front of the box to direct the waste into the provided litter box.

Once done, you can simply push back the rake again to back, and just lower the lid.

Lifespan of this disposable tray

One of the interesting features of modern units including the Scoopfree manual unit is the tray that comes with blue crystals that are designed to contain the unwanted smell that comes with the waste.

The crystals and tray are expected to retain its effectiveness for many days.

To ensure complete satisfaction with the product, the manufacturer suggests that the trays can be replaced every 20 or 30 days, if this tray or unit is just used by one cat.

But if the household has 2 cats, it’s recommended that the tray should b replaced in 10 or 15 days.

For pet owners with three cats, it’s better to replace the tray and the crystals in 7 or 10 days.

For this reason, it is really important to read first the manufacturer recommendations before making a final unit selection.

There are some pet owners and buyers of this unit who shared that the trays have shorter lifespan.

This only happened because they used the Slide with kittens that are less than 6 months old.

A similar thing can be experienced if this unit is used by older cats with urinary or digestive problems- the tray may be replaced at an earlier time.

Although the manual version of the Scoopfree is a great product, there are some things that should be kept in mind before buying one.


  • Disposal trays are dependable and will avoid leaks due to a plastic liner
  • Convenient and easy to use litter tray system
  • Odor is controlled effectively thanks to blue crystals
  • Works great for cats that have developed allergic reactions with other litter systems
  • Works for cats that do not want to be near noisy devices


  • Some cats may not appreciate the use of blue crystals
  • Litter may build up on both ends of the disposable trays
  • There are some issues with the design of the rake. It can not effectively complete its job if the waste is not piled high up, also it can get very dirty at times thus making it hard to effectively clean it
  • Low walls of the trey
  • Crystals may transfer into the waste compartment when taking care of the waste
  • Containers can only hold waste for – 2 weeks
  • Tray magnets are poorly attached

Tips and Recommendations from me and other buyers of the Scoopfree Slide

If you need to get this for your home, make sure you place a mat first before placing the litter box
And if the cat does not like the crystals, then you can always go back to the traditional litter

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Final Conclusion

This unit is powered by an efficient and basic system that’s anchored on the operations of the sliding rake.

This rake pushes down the waste into the provided waste compartment which can be replaced and disposed of after 2 weeks.

Although it is advertised as an efficient unit, there should be a lot of design improvements that can be made on the unit based on actual unit usage.

This manual version is also not comparable to the automatic unit, but the addition of blue crystals help keep the house or unit fresh.

Expect a fresher home even minutes or hours after your pet has completed his trick.

Taking into consideration and the pros and cons of this manual Scoopfree, I do not consider this unit as a must-have product.

But if you like the idea of smell control through the use of blue crystals, then I can recommend the automatic version of this unit – Check out the Scoopfree Automatic Cat Litter Box.

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