Pet dish with Automatic motion sensor by Sharper Image review

Sharper Image Automatic Pet Dish Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

Sharper Image’s automatic wet food feeder for cats is an innovative product which features a motion sensor lid that is activated when your pet gets close enough.

Between feeding sessions, the lid remains closed which helps protect your pet’s food from external elements such as insects and dust, as well as prevents the food odor from contaminating the entire house.

This unit works for both cats and dogs and is powered by two AA batteries which are not included in the box.

Pet dishHow the Sharper Image Automatic Pet Dish Feeder functions

The lid, as stated above, stays closed between feeding times and only opens when your pet is within the motion sensor’s reach.

When your pet is close enough, the lid (which is formed by 2 sections that slide apart) opens, then closes a few seconds after your dog or cat is done feeding.


The unit’s automatic open-and-close lid keeps food fresh and contains the smell, which is particularly beneficial for smaller houses or apartments.

It also prevents pests such as ants and other insects from infesting the food and your home.
Additionally, the unit is equipped with a dishwasher safe, removable feeding bowl for easy cleaning.

The user is able to use the dish as a regular food bowl if using the motion sensor mechanism is not desired.

  • Automatic lid opening and closing
  • Keeps cat food smell at bay
  • Best for smaller houses and/or apartment cats
  • Easy to clean – dishwasher safe


While the automatic lid and motion sensor has many benefits, there are a number of clear disadvantages.

Reviewers, for example, have noted their pets being startled by the automatic lid which causes them not to eat.

Another concern is that your pet needs to be in a certain area for the motion sensor to detect them; because of this, your pet may require some training, or you may have to position your unit in such a way that your pet can only get to it head-on.

The size and deepness of the bowl are a little too large for smaller pets, as owners have noted that it’s difficult for some to reach the food inside.

Furthermore, some have noticed a tiny gap between the lid sections which can cause some odors to escape and some pests to get in.

  • The automatic lid can startle kitties the way it opens and may take some getting use to.
  • The motion sensor works only when your cat is in close proximity to the food dispenser.
  • Size of the pet bowl inside the feeder is a big bowl and is not ideal for smaller cats or kittens.
  • The lid is not airtight and can let some cat food smell out.


The Dish Feeder with Motion Sensor by Sharper Image works as advertised, though its effectiveness will largely be based on your pet’s size.

In general, the unit works best with larger pets as they will have a much easier time reaching the food inside the deep bowl.
The unit’s automatic open-and-close lid mechanism keeps the smell of your pet’s food container which is great for those who live in smaller spaces, while also keeping pests such as ants out.

This unit is perfect for bigger sized pets who do not require a feeding schedule, and who are not easily frightened by the motion sensor.

Cat food will last about 6 days, and dog food will last about 3-4 days, but it is wise to get into the habit of checking the levels regularly to avoid it becoming empty

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