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Top 10 Sifting Litter Box – The No Scooping Solution

If you’re a cat owner, you’ll agree that cleaning your fur friend can sometimes be a nightmare especially when your cat is allowed to roam around freely.

Just imagine the scare of having to step on your cat’s waste every now and then, not cool right?

Well, that is why getting your cat a sifting litter box is super important.

As far as cleaning goes, getting your cat a sifting litter box is exactly what you need.

And in today’s post, we will give you all the juicy details about sifting litter boxes, as well as things to consider before choosing the right litter box for your cat.

This way you’ll be able to choose the good from the bad when buying a sifting litter box.

Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

This sifting litter box for cat is one of a kind and comes in two unique sizes, large and extra-large.

This way you’ll find a size that accommodates bigger animals.

One thing that puts this litter box ahead of others is that it features a unique air filter system that helps control odor.

Customers who have used this sifting litter box have praised it for its efficiency.

More so, it comes with two collecting trays, meaning your cat will never be without a box when it’s ready to go.


  • Features an enclosed top and perfect for kittens that like privacy.
  • Features air filter systems that helps control odor
  • Big enough to hold one or more cats
  • Stain-resistant


  • Cleaning can be a hassle, plus you have to change the air filter every now and then

So Phresh Sifting Cat Litter Box

Featuring a simple and easy to use design, this amazing cat litter box makes cleaning your cat litter a stroll in the park.

For cat owners who want to keep their house smelling fresh and their fur friend looking clean all the time, this sifting litter box is all you have been looking for and more.

People who have used this litter box have found that adding a liner to the bottom of the tray makes cleaning much easier.

This is necessary because urine can sometimes find its way to the bottom of the cleaning tray.

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  • Features raised edges to prevent spillage
  • Inexpensive and highly recommended for pet owners who are on a budget


  • Has no hood and may not be good for cats that like privacy

Ferplast Birba Cat Litter Tray

For cat owners looking for an open litter tray that is uniquely designed to help sift out waste in a snap, you’ll absolutely love this sifting litter box.

And although it features an open top, its durable plastic is large and high enough to prevent spillage.

However, you should have it at the back of your mind that your kitty may not fancy its non-hooded feature especially if it loves privacy.

That is not all, this sifting litter box also comes with a unique measurement system that ensures you take out the litter on time.

This way your house will look clean and smell fresh all day long.


  • Features side locks that keeps the sifting pan in place
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Works with different type of litter


  • Not big on odor control

Pet mate sifting corner litter pan

Getting a good spot to keep your pet sifting litter box can be such a challenge, but guess what, all that will be a thing of the past when you get the new pet mate sifting corner litter pan as it spots a compact design that allows it to fit into small spaces.

Designed to fit right into a corner, this amazing sifting box will not take up too much room in your home, plus you can tuck it away in spots where you are likely not going to trip over it.

Also, it features high rims which helps keep litter and prevents spillage.

Its low profile entrance makes it perfect for older cats or young kittens.

Although it is expensive, it is a practical solution for people looking to save space in their home.


  • Works very well for larger pellet type litters
  • Superior quality and sturdy design
  • Low profile entry


  • A tad expensive

Luup sifting litter box

Do you want to kiss goodbye to scoop and liners?

Then say hello to Luup sifting litter box.

Exclusively designed to make cleaning easier while saving you time and money, this sifting litter tray for cats comes with a three tray sifting system that makes cleaning your cats litter easy.

Its non-stick and antimicrobial design makes hygiene superiority while keeping your home smelling fresh.

Did we forget to add that it is made from durable and pet safe materials?

Oh yes, this means it is built to last and will keep your pet safe at all times.


  • Three tray design, makes for easy cleaning
  • Keeps odor away
  • Sturdy materials and pet safe design


  • It is a little pricy

Arm and Hammer sifting litter Pan

Just when you thought you’ve seen the best sifting litter box, this sifting litter pan comes in and blows your mind away.

Fitted with two regular pans and one sifting pan, this sifting litter system is the real deal as it is designed to easily remove soiled litter without any hassle.

And because the sifting pan comes with perforated holes, it allows soiled litter to fall through without shaking or using scoop.

And thanks to its special microbial protection, you can kiss goodbye to unpleasant stains and odor in your home.


  • 3-pan system with perforated holes to make cleaning easy
  • Antimicrobial protection to keep your home clean and odor free
  • Superior design
  • Durable


  • May not work for cats that like privacy

Hometec Lift n’ Sift Cat Litter Box Easy Cleaning Tray System

Are you on the market for a sifting tray that is easy to use and spots a practical design?

Then you’ll absolutely be impressed with this incredible sifting litter box.

Made from quality materials, this 4-piece sifting litter box is versatile, durable and can be used with different types of litters.

Interestingly, it comes with a sifting pan that makes cleaning a hassle free experience.

For cat owners looking for something that will keep their house smelling fresh while helping them to easily clean their cat’s litter, this sifting litter box may just be what you’re looking for.

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  • Makes cleaning super easy
  • Saves time and money
  • Practical design
  • Affordable


  • Urine sometimes passes through the holes

Van Ness CP5 Sifting Cat Pan/Litter Box with Frame

This sifting cat litter pan features a simple and practical design that makes cleaning your cat litter easy.

Plus it comes in a unique size that works with your kitty friends, regardless of its size.

It is versatile, practical and durable, thanks to the quality materials used to make it.

One thing we have come to envy about this sifting cat pan is that it is stain resistant and spots raised heights that helps control spillage.

And as far as most pet owners are concerned, this sifting cat box with raised frame works perfectly.


  • Works with almost all types of litters
  • Stain resistant plastic
  • Raised heights to prevent spillage
  • Easy to clean


  • Needs regular cleaning and removing of solid litter to prevent clogging

Omega Paw Roll ‘n’ clean litter box

Call it one of the best sifting litter box and you’ll not be wrong.

This fantastic sifting litter box is a must-have for cat owners looking to make cleaning easy.

And while it is sturdy and spots a hooded cover and that makes for privacy, its unorthodox design makes cleaning your cat’s litter even simpler.

Unlike regular sifting litter box, this sifting litter box has a unique cleaning system.

Simply roll the whole litter box upside down and roll it right back to send waste to its specially designed waste pull out container.

Click here to read the Omega Paw Roll ‘n’ Clean Review


  • Easy to use and spots a practical design
  • Perfect for cats that like privacy
  • Strong and durable design


  • It is a tad pricy

High Rim Sifting Litter Boxes

You don’t have to break the bank to get a good sifting lifter box your cat would love and high rim sifting litter box reinforces that notion.

Designed with you and your kitten friend in mind, this sifting litter box makes cleaning easy and your pet is guaranteed to love it.

And the fact that it doesn’t retain odor makes it highly recommended for cat owners who want to keep their house fresh.

While it is decently sized, it spots a high curved rim that helps keep litter in the box.


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • The non-stick plastic makes cleaning smooth and easy
  • Strong clips help hold trays together
  • Odor-free


No hood, so may not work for cats that like privacy

How does a sifting litter box work?

A sifting litter box is a specially designed cat litter container that comes with a sifting tray and helps separate solid waste and dumps from clean litter.

While there are some exceptions, most sifting litter boxes come with a three tray design.

Ideally, the top and bottom trays are solid while the middle tray has perforated holes.

Here is how a sifting litter box works.

You’ll have to fill the top tray with cat litter for your cat to use as normal.

And once it is time to clean out the litter box, you spill the contents of the top tray into the middle tray with holes.

After that, you lift the middle sifting tray and gently shake until the clean litter falls through the gap into the bottom tray while the solid waste stays in the sifter.

Lastly, get rid of the waste and tip the clean litter back into the top tray and stack all trays together once again.

Types of sifting litter boxes

While this post is written to give you all the information you need about sifting litter boxes, there are other types of sifter litter boxes you should know about.

Hopefully, this will help you to make a more informed decision when shopping for a sifting litter box.

Here are the available types of sifter litter boxes.

Traditional litter pan

This type of sifter litter boxes have a simple design and are meant to hold soiled and clean litter together.

They come with or without hoods, so depending on what you want, you’ll find one that works for you.

One unique thing about traditional litter pans is that they can accommodate virtually any type of litter, however, you’ll need to get a good scoop to get rid of waste every now and again.

Sifting litter boxes

Sifting litter boxes are arguably one of the best types of litter boxes, they make cleaning super easy especially considering the fact that they are designed to separate waste from the clean litter.

However, it’s important to note that the success of these types of litter boxes is highly dependent on whether the litter you buy allows for self-clumps.

If not, you may find little clumps of urine mixed with the supposedly clean litter.

Automatic litter boxes

These are more technological advanced litter boxes and features electrical mechanisms that automatically dumps cat waste into separate containers.

Unlike other types of sifting litter boxes, automatic litter boxes only works with certain kind of litters.

Also, it can be a bit noisy and spook away your kittens, so have that in mind when opting for this kind of litter box.

What’s the difference between sifting litter boxes to other litter box types?

The difference between sift litter boxes and other types of litter boxes is that sift litter boxes make cleaning easy and you don’t have to use a scoop to remove clogged up waste, just like it is common when using traditional litter pans.

More so, with sifting litter boxes, there are no spooking noise that may cause discomfort to your cats.

This is very common when using automatic litter boxes.

How to make a DIY sifting litter box

For pet owners who don’t want to dig too dip into their savings to buy a self-sifting litter box, you can actually make one yourself.

Here are some items you’ll need to make your very own sifting litter box.

  • 3 Plastic litter tray
  • Prints of templates
  • Rubber cement
  • Knife
  • Straight edge
  • Procedure
  1. Start by printing two copies of litter tray template


Proceed to apply rubber cement to the back of each of the templates, allow to dry and later stick it inside the plastic litter tray


Using the straight edge of the prints templates as a guide, cut through the lines of the templates using a utility knife


Now, peel off the paper template and you’ll be left with a plastic litter box with clean straight cuts at the bottom.
How easy was that?

Your guess is as good as ours.

Bottom line

Sifting litter boxes are must-have for pet owners who want to keep their house clean and fresh.

These sifting boxes can save you time and money, while cutting down odor and making clean up easier.

Thankfully there are lots of exciting brands to choose from, so you’ll find one that works for you and your fur friend.

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