Litter Box For A Small Apartment – Practical Ideas

If you live in an apartment and you are looking for the best litter box that will provide you with the solution that will look after your cat’s litter tray automatically while cutting out bad-smelling cat odor and ensuring your cat has a clean litter box every time they visit.

I would recommend reading through the whole of this article because you are in search of a litter box that is suitable for your small apartment.

When writing this article and wanted to make it abundantly clear that I have already done a complete comprehensive review of the litter robot Open Air and Classic/Bubble litter boxes and I will be highly recommending the two systems, especially the Litter-Robot III Open Air.

But let’s get into it and cover the different considerations that should be looked at when you are considering a litter system for your apartment and this article will help you make an informed decision.


Why Regular Litter Boxes in an Apartment are the worst options.

The problem with most apartments is that they don’t have an outside terrace or a backyard where your cat can easily explore and do their business outside, instead they are in an apartment where there is not much outside time and the litter box is the only place where they can do their business.

Living in an apartment with a cat or multiple cats comes with a list of problems:

  • Little Box odor is more prevalent because your cat only uses the litter area
  • Your apartment becomes embarrassingly smelly of bad cat odor that it becomes a hurdle to bring over visitors


Solving the Problem

So if you are just looking for a box for a small apartment then you are going to want to get something that can solve all the major issues that come with having a regular scooping litter container.

Most manual and some automatic litter boxes do not combat bad cat odor from urine and feces.

The problem with most of these litter boxes that combat smell cat odor that is best in the apartment living setting is that they are quite expensive and are not cheap and use a hi-tech carbon filter system that keeps the bad odor at bay.

And most of them that solve the odor issues fail in other areas like:

  • The unit jams and stops the self-cleaning process which enables your cat to quickly reject the dirty litter tray and promoting your furry friend to go else which in the apartment.
  • The unit has the carbon filters in the wrong area of the litter box – i.e they have the filter in the main litter area and not in the waste receptacle.
  • The litter box is not airtight to make the carbon filters actually do the job. A non-air-tight litter box with carbon filters is completely useless because it lets the smell out in your living space and otherwise does nothing in terms of stopping that odor.
litter robot is the best for the apartment
litter robot is the best for your apartment

For a litter box that will work automatically in cleaning your cat’s litter tray without a hitch and will eradicate to odor in your small apartment living space then it’s going to cost you around $689, but I for a limited time you can get it for $449

We understand that there are litter boxes out there that a much cheaper but from my extensive research none of them amounted to what this litter box can do.


The Litter Robot is the best litter box, But Why?
Here are the reasons to consider this investment for your convenience.

Pet owners are faced with only two options when buying an automatic litter box for pets.

One, you consider the cheapest automatic solution or two, go for expensive ones.

You may find a cheaper automatic litter box, but considering its quality, there is no guarantee that you have got the best unit working for you.

When quality and dependability matters, the Litter Robot Open Air III is one of the best automatic litter systems out in the market.

The Litter Robot is a self-cleaning litter box ideal for busy cat owners to ensure that their pets do not make a mess around the house of litter area.


Litter Robot gets rid of your cat’s clumps

Most self-washing litter boxes, particularly those with rakes requires you to scrap the litter pan’s bottom part.

This is a necessary step since the urine of your cats turns into a pile of clumps and eventually get stuck on it.

Litter Robot Open Air litter box has a great advantage over other litter boxes since it allows the rotation mechanism of the system to take charge of the clumps once your cat has finished urinating.

This function prevents the formation and accumulation of clumps.

The litter area of the Litter Robot is made of thick rubber material that drops down during the rotation of the machine.

This causes the release of anything, from dirt to clumps that can be possibly stuck at the bottom part of the unit.

Your cat will never miss a spot with the ‘Globe’ feature of Litter Robot 3

When using other litter boxes, there are times your cat might miss the right spot when urinating or defecating, and this may cause bigger problems for you in terms of cleaning up after your kitty.

Some feces might get stuck or will be left on the outer edges, sides maybe your poor kitty accidentally pooped on the side of the litter box and missed.

However, the Litter Robot has features that will surely help you in addressing this problem.

The Litter Robot’s globe shape has no edges or corners so your cat will never miss a spot during discharge.

The feces or urine will not automatically go on the floor, but to the rubber and eventually go to the waste drawer.

If you use other ordinary litter boxes, feces would fall out of the litter most of the time.


Best litter box for my apartment

Leaving a clean slate with no work and smell

Most litter boxes out in the market require you to even out the litter once you have cleaned it so your cat will be comfortable and at ease.
For the Litter Robot, there is no need to spread out the litter in the litter area because the whole cleaning process is completely automatic and brings the litter area back to its initial state.

Some litter boxes make use of a special kind or proprietary litter which has to be spread out so that the litter box will function better.

You may also need to spread the litter out because sometimes your cat creates a big stack of litter which could block the system’s sensor mechanism.

If you have no time to spread out and clear the litter behind, then opting for the best automatic litter box system like the Litter Robot is highly recommended.


There is no need for troubleshooting

If the cleaning process is stuck or jammed, most automatic litter units signify it in their way, with either something like a blink in red lights to show that something is not right with the system.

Sometimes it just stops and it will surely leave you in a bad mess, especially when you are a trip out of town for business or pleasure.

This is where Litter Robot Open Air excels over other automatic litter boxes.

Operation is not stopped and the rake is never stuck up.

The whole system and mechanism of this unit are designed to perform smoothly.

In some instances, the waste drawer may get full once you do not empty it for several days.

If this happens, you will be guided and prompted to clean the litter box as the cleaning indicator blinks.

Cleaning should be done after the unit has stopped.

This unit requires you (the cat owner) to perform at least three cycles of cleaning.

Litter Robot 3 works with any regular clay clumping litter

If you are worried about the brands that might work with your litter box, then Litter Robot Open Air has this most promising feature for you.

You can just use eight to thirteen gallons of trash bags of litter for this unit and it will perfectly perform well.

There is no need for you to purchase supplies from the brand to keep the unit in good function.

Having a pet cat is more fun and convenient with the help of these truly amazing automatic litter boxes like Litter Robot.

With the advanced mechanism of this self-cleaning box, you can focus on playing with your pet without being bothered with the litter box mess.

If you are not convinced we did a comparison shoot out here of the best litter boxes on the market

If you are interested in the Litter Robot but don’t want to spend hours dealing with bad cat litter waste, smell and cleaning after your cat, then don’t pay the regular price tag of for the litter robot 3, but for a limited time you can get it for $449 here

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