SmartyKat KnockOut Treat Dispensing Cat Toy Review

The SmartyKat KnockOut Treat Dispensing Toy is a wobbling, egg-shaped toy which dispenses small treats when it’s ‘knocked out.

Its heavy base keeps it upright at all times, creating a springing action when your cats try to bring it down.

This bouncing movement keeps your cats entertained and boggled at the same time.

A small hole can be found on this treat dispenser where dry treats are catapulted out when the toy springs back from getting knocked down.

The randomness of getting the treat out of the toy, combined with its repetitive bouncing action, gives your cat complete satisfaction to pounce at it again and again.
The SmartyKat Knockout toy is made from solid, organic materials safe for your feline friends.

Features of SmartyKat

  • Wobbling treat dispenser that keeps on springing back to action
  • Treats are dispensed out randomly, enticing your cats to play with it repetitively
  • Made from environmentally-friendly, recycled materials
  • Can be packed with small dry treats
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 2 x 5 x 7.5 in
  • Weighs approximately .3oz


  • Easy assembly
  • Refilling is easy
  • Wobbling action entertains your cats while eating
  • Easy mechanics is suitable for cats starting to be introduced to treat dispensers
  • The toy is completely washable and dishwasher safe


    May not work well with irregularly-shaped and bigger treatThe hole

  • le cannot be adjusted to limit the food output of the toy
  • Guesswork is required to determine the amount of food needed to be put inside the toy to get the desired balance in the dispersion of treats


  • Avoid using irregularly shaped treats. These may get stuck inside the toy

Recommended for:

  • Young kitties who are new to using toys
  • Cats who need to be stimulated physically and mentally during meal time


The SmartyKat KnockOut Treat Dispenser ensures your cats are entertained in their mealtime.

The wobbling effect of the toy is very effective in getting the attention of cats.

The only downside on this toy is that you can’t control the amount of food that gets out of it.

Nonetheless, it’s a simple yet enjoyable toy for cats of all ages.

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SmartyKat KnockOut Treat Dispensing Toy
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