A Step-By-Step Guide to Remove Pet Smells and Odor

Experiencing smelly pet odor that you just can’t seem to shake off?

We all love our pets.

But sometimes it appears that bad smells and odors are coming from them and we don’t know how to handle it.
I would like to share a guide on how to combat bad-smelling pet odor in your home.

They say that prevention is better than cure, always:

  • Pay attention to areas where bedding, toys, and dishes are because most of the time, they spend a great deal of time there. Regularly vacuum those places to preserve cleanliness.
  • Bathe your dogs and cats and regularly brush their hair. Doing this is a good grooming practice.
  • Regularly change filters for air conditioning and furnace. In an air-conditioned room, there’s a big chance to keep bad smells.
  • Open windows to grant access to fresh air and to neutralize the odor.
  • Baking soda is a great product to those who are starting to have a house of pets. Place it in containers to neutralize odors.

It’s a great idea to have a litter box, but without the proper care it can cause is an issue with bad odor.

Some cats use the outdoors/backyard to go do their business which can result in your pet bringing in odors from outside.

  • if you have a dog I would recommend using the pooper scooper to take out all the solid waste from the backyard and maybe trailed through your home.
  • Prepare a water hose and don’t forget to spray all areas where your cats urinate
  • If odor still lingers in the backyard, try to use an enzymatic cleaner that can kill bad odors brought by frequent urination.

Some pets may be sensitive to the aroma and chemical cleaners, be prepared to:

  • Be mindful and read the product instructions on how to utilize it and its contents.
  • Thoroughly wash any areas where you put the chemicals before putting back your pets to play.
  • Monitor if your pets have any skin allergies such as eye or skin irritation.


  • In most instances, cat urine is the major suspect in being sprayed and is invisible to humans but the distinct smell is nose pinching.
  • To find cat urine, its best to use a black light. The urine glows when shined by the black light because black light contains high levels of phosphorus. You can also trace the area with chalk, and you can dust it out once the urine is removed.

Remove the bad cat odor by taking the following steps:

  1. First, remove the pile of waste that is associated with cat litter or the litter box
  2. Rinse it with running water and dry it up with a dry sheet (towel or paper towel).
  3. Repeat this method as needed. It may take several tries.
  4. Or if you want to avoid these steps then getting a self-cleaning litter box here would be the smartest idea

If you have carpeted flooring, there are a number of methods you can use to clean it.

There are carpet cleaners on the market that happened to have excellent cleaning results for cleaning rugs.

They have a machine that forces water through the carpet and sucks it back upward into the machine, taking the dirt with it.

You can use just plain water for this one.

Some of us also use odor neutralizers and stain removers because it can be beneficial.

You can use it once the area is clean and dry already and the good news is most pet stores sell it.

Before purchasing, make sure that you always test a small part of the material to make sure it doesn’t stain any material because some of them have staining properties to them.

Sometimes simply applying baking soda is the best natural deodorizer for bad cat odor which can be more effective.

You can sprinkle some on the floor before vacuuming.

If the smell remains over the area after cleaning you may have to check on other available stain removers that you can utilize.

But, be careful of products with strong scents such as ammonia, because some pets might get irritated and it may cause some abnormal behaviours.

If none of the methods mentioned above works successfully, it may be time for a total reevaluation of the situation

  • For furniture or areas of your home that still smell, you may have to resort to a deeper cleaning service or you may have to replace your furniture and any other items this odor may be affecting.
  • Replace carpets if the stain cannot be removed.
  • Replace varnish and paint.
  • Consider HEPA and UVAC air conditioning and furnace.

Try calling an environmental cleanup firm that can identify the chemistry of the unpleasant odors from your pets which will help provide additional assistance.

Some dogs and cats and other pets may be more sensitive once they see others and every time you used product cleaner for rugs.

You can check if your pets had any of these:

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