How to Stop a Cat From Shedding Hair – The Best Solutions

Cats shed as a normal part of their year in year out seasonal changes with dealing with warm and hot climates. However, the main problem with this is your cat’s hair gets everywhere, on our clothes, furniture and is strewn throughout the house. Unfortunately, this is part of the deal of owning a pet!

Let’s address the fact that finding hair all over your home and your clothes is not a nuisance, but it’s not impossible to stop your cat from shedding. Shedding hair is a large contributor to hairball problems, especially with long-haired breeds, so it is important to take action immediately and regularly. A couple of adjustments in your home and lifestyle, as well as in the way you care for your cat will ensure a healthy pet and a happy home environment.

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Can you stop a cat from shedding?
How to stop cat hair loss?
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The best way to get rid of cat hair?

Watch What Your Cat Eats

As with humans, what your cat consumes affects how much they shed. For this reason, it is wise to shop for (sometimes premium) cat food and supplement brands that promote healthy, nutritious, high-quality diets. Among the ingredients list and nutritional facts, look specifically for Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which are known to help soften skin and reduce shedding.

Brush Regularly

Another sure-fire way to avoid excess shedding and fallout is to brush your cat’s hair often. The amount that comes off may vary depending on the season and your cat’s health, but regular brushing can detangle, remove dead hairs and dander, as well as add sheen to your cat’s coat.

Brushing will minimize the spread of cat hear in your home and I recommend brushing your kitty at least once a day.

Bathe Regularly

Similar to brushing your cat’s hair regularly, it is also important to bathe and clean them often. Like brushing, bathing will help remove dead and loose hairs, but will also add the extra benefit such as the removal of excess oils and the reduction of pet odor.
Some cats may be fussy about water but luckily there are disposable cleaning pads which contain proteins and conditioners or waterless cleaners which are sprays that can be towelled off; you can find these at many retailers.

Protecting Areas of Your Home

If you are worried about shredded fur sticking to your furniture, it may be wise to invest in some covers for your couch, pillows, and other items you’d like to protect. These are convenient in that you can easily remove them for cleaning, or when you have guests over.

You may not use them all year round, but it may be convenient to have and use during peak times when your cat its likely to shed more hair like they commonly do in the summer and warmer months of the year.

Hair Isolation

Isolating where hair can be spread throughout your home.
If cats don’t have a designated hangout spot in the home then they will likely leave their hair everywhere, however, if you can isolate the issue by creating an area where your cat is familiar to them that they can hang out then the spreading of cat hair throughout your home can be significantly minimized.

I recommend investing in cat trees, or any other cat furniture that can give your cat a comfortable place to rest or exercise. This is not only beneficial to your cat’s health and well-being, but it will also house the majority of your cat’s shed hair. This way, it is at least in a controlled area which can be easily cleaned.

Clean your home

All in all, it’s impossible to completely stop shedding but with the solutions that have worked for many cat owners around the world as illustrated above can help you significantly help this very common issue.
Its nearly impossible to stop cat hair from getting all over your home and clothes, and because of this, it’s important to use a pet hair vacuum and sweep your floors often so the mess doesn’t keep piling up.

Lastly, consider keeping lint rollers around your home, in your car, in your bag, and everywhere else you might need one just in case you’re in a pinch!

Cat Hair Relief Products for your cat’s coat

Cat hair can be a nuisance, so it’s important to have products that can maintain your cat’s shiny, healthy coat, as well as reduce excess shedding. The following are many products you may be able to utilize:

Hair Relief

This high-quality supplement made of cold-pressed virgin oils ‘ including soybean oil, wheat germ oil, safflower oil, garlic oil, cod liver oil, and anise oil ‘ helps eliminate toxins from your cat’s system that can lead to hair loss, and helps support their immune system. To use, just shake and mix with your cat’s daily meal. While some customers say that their cat hates the taste, most customers report that their cats, who are picky eaters, don’t even notice.

Other reviews are spread across the board: some, for example, says having a dropper cap would make measuring dosages much easier. Other customers suggest buying the smaller bottle first to test if your dog would be fine with the taste. Mostly, though, reviews for this product are great as many say that the Halo Vita Glo helped their pet’s coat grow back, as well as greatly reduce itching, irritation, and inflammation. One customer said this was the case with her and her dogs who live in a humid climate.
A 16 oz size bottle retails for about $14.35 on Amazon.


This supplement is 100% natural and is guaranteed to greatly reduce or even eliminate excessive shedding between 3 to 5 weeks with daily dosages. This product was formulated by a PhD in Animal Nutrition with the exact mixture of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that are proven to treat and enhance a cat’s coat and skin condition. Unlike the Halo Vita Glo supplements written about above, customers agree that the Dermaplex Shed Control Supplement has a taste that their cat loves.

To use, simply mix a tablespoon with your cat’s daily meal.
It’s important to experiment with dosages if your cat is significantly smaller or larger than average because some customers report their pet becoming sick with the recommended dosage. Aside from that, customer reviews on Amazon are great across the board, with many people stating that their cat’s shedding had been reduced to a minimum and that their coats and skin look much healthier than before.
An 8.3 oz bottle retails for $6.89 on Amazon.


No products found.

As with the supplements above, the Linatone Shed Relief Supplement reduces shedding in both dogs and cats by proving them the essential nutrients that are lacking in their diets that help their coat and hair stay healthy and shiny; these nutrients include essential fatty acids. This supplement, which is made in the United States of America, is reported to have a great taste that cats either love or don’t notice. To use, first read the instructions on how to determine the correct dosage amount for your cat, then mix with food daily.

While many people say that the current formula works well with their pet, many others say that the original formula was better; they report that while the new formula helps produce and maintain a beautiful, shiny coat, it does minimal to reduce shedding. Another concern to keep in mind with all supplements is that some people wrote that after mixing the supplement with their cat’s daily meal, it became unable (or unwilling) to eat food without the taste of the supplement.
This supplement comes in a 16 oz bottle and retails for $8.79 on Amazon.

Mat Removing Tools

No products found.

This dematting comb by Berso removes tangles and matting from your pet’s undercoat that would otherwise be a pain for both you and your cat to remove. It has two blade sides so you can choose which is best for the degree of tangling and matting in your pet; the 12 blade side gently picks through the mats, and the 23 blade side de-sheds and thins your cat’s fur, while removing loose hairs that would otherwise just fall off.
This product is as comfortable for you as it is for your pet with its non-slip handle and rounded blade heads that prevent you from harming your pet. The reviews for this product are great across the board, with many people reporting it works as advertised.
This comb retails for $13.96 on Amazon and comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction and money-back guarantee.

This dematting comb features stainless steel, rounded teeth for a safe and comfortable experience for you and your cat. It helps to remove mats in your cat’s undercoat, as well as loose hair without pulling or cutting the fur; it also cuts through tangles and knots without pulling or scratching the skin. Additionally, this precision tool is great for styling and shaping your cat’s hair during grooming.
The MIU Dematting Comb has durable and comfortable handles so you’re able to work through your cat’s hair easily, and it’s made from environmentally protected materials which will help prevent allergic reactions. Customers report great reviews across the board for this product.
This comb retails for $8.99 on Amazon and comes with a free exchange if your product is not up to standards.


This comb features blades (or teeth) on two sides in different amounts so the user can choose which would work best for the job at hand; the smaller side should be used formats and tangles, while the larger side should be used for thinning and de-shedding. For extra comfort and safety, this tool has a non-slip silicone gel-filled handle which moulds to the shape of your hand.

With over one thousand positive customer reviews, this product guarantees satisfaction but also offers hassle-free exchanges or refunds in case it doesn’t work to your liking. This comb will work for all types and breeds of pets ‘ from long-haired to short-haired. Additionally, GoPets gives back to the animal community by donating a portion of every sale to related animal charities.
The GoPets Dematting comb retails for about $25 on Amazon.

Slicker Brushes

This quality guaranteed slicker brush by Safari Cat features stainless steel pins that will remove dead hair, mats, and tangles. The pins are slightly bent at the top to help gently scratch your cat’s skin to help loosen dandruff, as well as give a little massage. Additionally, the pins retract into the brush with the push of a button, making the hair easy to remove and dispose of. Regular use of this slicker brush will prevent hairballs, mats, as well as enhance the coat’s natural sheen. It works best for cats with hair between 1 to 1.5 inches long.
This brush retails for $10.89 on Amazon.


This slicker brush is perfect for daily grooming maintenance. It features a non-slip handle with an ergonomic design to provide comfort for the user, especially if the tangles or mats require more time and work to remove. This simple product works as advertised by reducing hairballs and excessive shedding, and is suitable for all types of cats. Customers report great reviews for this slicker brush across the board.
This brush retails for $4.99 on Amazon and is arguably the most value-for-your-money product on this list.


This slicker brush removes loose hair, tangles, knots, dander, and dirt from your pet’s coat. It is proven to work on all types of cats and dogs of different sizes and hair types. As with the Safari Cat brush, it features bent wires to help loosen dandruff, as well as to remove mats from the undercoat without pulling or scratching too hard. The bent pins also help to massage your pet’s skin, helping with blood circulation which in turn helps maintain a healthy, soft, and shiny coat. This brush also features a button to retract the pins, making the hair easily removable and ready to use for next time. The handle is durable and features a comfort-grip, anti-slip design that prevents wrist injury.
This comb retails for $15.99 on Amazon.

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