Top 10 Ways To Stop Cats From Jumping On Counters and Furniture

Top 10 Ways To Stop Cats From Jumping On Counters and Furniture

It can be frustrating when you have to deal with your cat jumping onto the kitchen countertop and other unwanted surfaces, such as coffee tables, bedside tables, etc.

However, this is a common problem with cats and there are ways to get your cat to prevent jumping on work surfaces and other surfaces that you should not jump onto.

The owners should take a three-step approach.

This includes teaching the cat that work areas are prohibited territory, giving it acceptable alternatives to satisfy her climbing instincts, and making the work surfaces less appealing to cats.

Cat deterrent products that discipline cats

These things startle the cats with loud noises, unexpected movement, or double-sided tape.

There is quite a market for this type of deterrent, so does a little research to see what works.

Motion controlled air blasters

One example of cat deterrent devices designed to keep cats away from counters, surfaces and other furniture is motion-controlled “air blasters”.

A motion sensor detects the cat in the prohibited areas and immediately blows a strong air blast on the cat, which scares the cat.

Motion control alarm sensors

Cats normally hate loud noises however they help keep cats away from countertops when you are not home.

A motion sensor activates a loud alarm that scares the cat and alerts the owner.

Some of these devices are sensitive to pressure, so when they are activated when the cat touches them or what they are under.

There are even pressure-sensitive mats that you can roll out on the countertop so that they will alert you and the cat when the cat jumps on them.

High pitched Animal Motion Sensor Alarms

Silent alarms activated by motion sensors are usually less uncomfortable alternatives to other alarms activated by motion.

These alarms emit high pitch tone that is harmless that it is inaudible to humans and even dogs, but gets the job done by discouraging your cats.

Uncomfortable mats

This is probably the most humane way of deterring your cat from jumping into places they should be.

Textured mats are a harmless deterrent that doesn’t require electricity, batteries, or compressed air.

These mats are simply structured with small knobs that are uncomfortable for the cat.

When they meet them, they usually jump down.

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These environmental punishments also called “remote correction’’ involves disciplining the cats without being present themselves so that the cats do not associate the punishment with you.

If you punish your cats for jumping onto areas that are off-limits, they will learn to stay away from the counter only when you are at home.

You can do some remote correction things yourself, but never create a deterrent that could hurt your cat (s).

Place baking trays on the edge of the countertop.

top 10 best sifting litter boxThis simple way to keep your cats from jumping on the countertop works because the cats land on the trays when they jump on the countertop.

The noise and the unexpected movement scare them, but they do not physically injure them.

Over time, they will associate those surfaces with this noise and the stress associated with it and will not jump up there.

You can also fill the baking sheets with water and place them on the worktop.

The cats are frightened not only by the noise but also by the water.

The downside here is that the cats can slip in the water, so if your cat is old or not particularly agile, it would probably be better to avoid this method as it could slip and injure itself.

2 Step Ways To Make A Noise Trap

Loop a piece of cord over the access point where your cats would normally jump onto the counter.

  1. Attach one end of the cord to empty cans that can be easily knocked over. If you position them correctly, a cat jumping on the countertop will move the string just enough to knock the cans over, making a startling sound that will keep them from jumping up again. Put coins or other small items in the cans for an even more terrifying sound.
  2. Apply double-sided tape to the area where the cat is not allowed to go.
    The tape can easily be attached in a few places so that it sticks, and when the cat jumps on it sticks to its paws, which prevents it from going back to that place.

Cats are easily distracted and annoyed by things that stick to them, so the double-sided tape should work.

You can also try aluminum foil on these surfaces.

The sound scares the cats off if they land on them.

Activate noise generators yourself

Hide so that the cat can’t see you, and use any type of device that makes a sound as soon as you see the cat jump on the countertop.

There are many noise generators to choose from, and even pots and pans can do the trick.

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A pneumatic horn can be an effective way to scare the cat enough to get it off the surface it shouldn’t be if you catch it in flagrant and stay hidden.

Just make sure that the chosen air horn is not so loud that you damage the hearing of the cat or your own.

Note: With that said, this is not the best suggestion on this list as it can associate you as the deterrent which can have an adverse relationship with your feline and may even run away depending on the circumstances.

Some manufacturers have made air horns that are loud when activated, but also spray a pheromone, which further keeps cats from unwanted behavior.

Some other ways to deal with cats

  • Offer different cat beds in warm, sunny places in the house.
  • Give the cats acceptable alternatives to satisfy their natural instincts of climbing and jumping.
  • Give the cat a selection of toys to play with on the floor
  • Install a cat board.
  • Place vertical cat furniture near windows

Additional questions & answers

What terrifies a cat?

Cats are scared of the unknown things as well those things which can cause danger such as a snake. Cats are spiky and watchful animals, and always get prepared to confront danger.

Can we use water spray Cats?

You should avoid spraying Water on cats! A water spray possibly will change your cat’s behavior, not in a way you want.

Cheap ways to deter a Cat Off the Counter?

Aluminum Foils: the sound and the material of aluminum foils under the paws will keep the cat off the countertop.

You only need to tape some strips of foil on the boundaries of the countertops.

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