SureFeed Microchip review

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

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Intelligent and smart automatic wet food cat feeders are now the trend when it comes to pet management. This is exactly what you will get with the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, a unit that depends on RFID technology to feed your cats.

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This is also a highly responsive unit with a lid that will remain closed at all times to secure the food inside the unit. At the core of the operations of the unit is the microchip that is worn by the cat. If the cat approaches the unit, the unit will then read the microchip, and the SureFeed will open the unit to reveal the food. If your pets are not micro-chipped, then you can try the SureFlap RFID collar that can also work with the pet feeder.

There are two detachable and colored bowls made from polypropylene material, and the whole package also comes with a silicone mat. The bowl can accommodate up 2 to 2.5 cup worth of dry food.

If you plan to use 2 units in your home, you can easily identify the specific unit by using a different colored bowl or mat. The mat is an interesting addition to the unit, and will help collect any loose food. The unit is powered by 4-C alkaline batteries (which is a pretty big disadvantage for this unit), and the unit will also tell you if the battery is running low. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for this product.

Surefeed Microchip food dispenser promotional video

Automatic Pet Feeder - Sureflap - SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder -...

SureFeed Microchip Features

  • This works with RFID collar tags or microchip implants
  • Can work with different kinds of microchips
  • Intelligent feeder system that will protect the contents of the unit
  • Can accommodate up to 32 microchip IDs in the unit’s memory
  • Works for your pets who need to follow a special diet
  • Food for cats retain their freshness thanks to the use of a rubber seal
  • Bowl is removable for easy cleaning
  • The unit gets its power from 4-C alkaline batteries
  • Notifies owners if the battery is running low
  • Can be used indoors
  • The unit weighs 3.3 lbs
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a 3-year unit warranty
SureFeed sureflap pet product review
Side view

Dimensions of the Sure Feed

2.5 inch (diameter) x 9.1-inch (width) x 7.87-inch (height)
Front opening- 8.26 inch (width) x 6.10-inch (height)
Mat dimension- 8 inch (width) x 4.37′ (height)
Bowl dimensions-4.13 inch (width) x 6.29-inch (height) x 1.18-inch (diameter)

What Comes Inside the Box

1 pc SureFeed main unit
1 pc single-portion bowl (gray), used for dry food
1 pc split-portion bowl (gray), used for wet and dry food
1 pc Sureflap RFID collar tag
1 pc Gray silicone mat

Closer look at the controls

How the SureFeed Microchip Works

The unit comes with the hood, and this becomes helpful in identifying the cats. If the cat approaches the unit and it sticks the head under this hood, the sensor of the unit will verify the pet, and will open the transparent lid to open up the food. This lid will remain close if the system will not sense a microchipped cat.

There is also an option called the ‘Intruder Mode‘. If this mode is selected, the unit will remain closed at all times if it can sense that an unregistered cat is within the area.

The moment your cats have completed its meal and walk away from the unit, the lid of the unit will close once again, thus preserving the food for the next cat. Aggressive cats will find it hard to get their paws inside the feeder.

This unit is generally safe for use in the household and can work even if you have kids in the household. The high-quality lid will make sure that the food is protected and ensure that no amount of food will be wasted.

Compared to other systems that run using RFID, this auto food dispenser will make sure that your cat’s head will be under the hood while eating. This arrangement will make sure that the unit will not close the lid in case your cat suddenly moves its head. The unit will remain open, provided that your cat’s head is under the unit’s hood.

To ensure the safety of the cats, you can program a time delay, from I to III. If you choose I, the system will close contact a second after it loses contact with the chip. If you choose II, the unit will delay it by 2 seconds, and II means that the unit will delay it by 3 seconds. The unit comes with a default of standard delay of II.


  • This SureFeed pet feeder is easy to use, and the manual is easy to understand
  • Unit is made from solid materials, and construction is of high quality
  • Unit can work with many existing and accepted microchips in the market
  • If your cat is not micro-chipped, then this unit can also work with the RFID collar tag
  • Users an register up to 32 different IDs, or 32 pets
  • This can work for pet owners who want to monitor the dietary intake of the pets
  • The rubber seal that is fitted around the bowl can help protect the food, and ensure that cat food remains fresh and protected from dirt and flies
  • Unit features a high sensitivity
  • Works with 4-C batteries, and comes with a low battery indicator that can help notify and guide owners
  • Food is protected from other pets like dogs
  • Pet owners can purchase additional supplies, like extra bowls and mats
  • The opening of the cat food feeder is just okay with just one average-sized cat, but there can be a problem if your cat is too large
  • Pet owners can adjust the delay time, or the amount of time the unit will have to wait before it will officially close the lid for good.
  • For slow-moving cats, it is suggested that pet owners should choose Time Delay III, but for fast-moving cats, the default mode of II is more than enough to secure and protect the cats
  • Simple but very effective design, especially in providing food rations to the specific cat in the household
  • Presence of flap allows pet owners to easily transfer the unit from one area to the next
  • Each bowl can accommodate from 2 to 2.5 cups of cat food
  • Pet owners can buy extra supplies, like additional mats and feeding bowls


  • Once the unit has been opened, this means that the bowl is open for the cat who wants to eat. This means that other creative cats can join in, which can be a problem for pet owners who want their pets to eat their rightful share
  • The unit does not offer a timer
  • No ice pack is included that can help keep the food supply fresh
  • No AC adapter that can serve as back-up power
  • Bowls of the unit are now dishwasher safe
  • A bit expensive compared to other feeders

Tips on How To Use

  • Do not place this pet feeder near electrical appliances
  • Read first the manual that comes with the product. This manual can help you understand some training tips and the different types of cats
  • If you are registering a cat, make sure that no other cats are around that may interfere with the system
  • Keep the unit clean at all times

Where to get the SureFeed Microchip for the Best Price?

Automatic Pet Feeder - Sureflap - SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder -...

In Conclusion

If you are looking for an RFID-powered unit, then SureFeed delivers the results. This unit is highly recommended for pet owners and household that features multiple cats. This can also work for a household with at least one cat that is being bullied by other pet, or the use of this cat feeder can also help overweight cats who are not given the chance and enough time to eat its share of cat food.

This can also work for pets of the household that are underweight management. The pet owner can assign the amount of food in advance, and this unit will only open the lid for the specific cat. The only drawback here is that the moment the lid has been opened and the food is already in full display, this can become open season for other cats that want to dive in, and eat the food.

In short, the SureFeed Microchip can work for the busy pet owner who can’t seem to find the right time and schedule to personally feed their pets their fair share of food. If there are a number of cats in the household, it is recommended that pet owners can get multiple pet feeders, and these units can be positioned in different areas of the house. This will ensure that cats will not fight with each other during mealtime.

In summary, we recommend this unit for pet owners and individuals who:

  • Want to protect the food share of their pets, and ensure that all cats in the household will get their fair share of food
  • Maintain multiple cats in the household, and who wants to make sure that each cat will receive the right amount of food
  • Wants to make sure that skinny cats will still get their fair share of food even though there are fat cats in the area
  • Take care of cats with special dietary or RX prescription requirements
  • Own sick cats, and want to make sure that sick cats will only eat in their assigned bowl. This feeding arrangement will help ensure that there is no sharing of saliva, thus the spread of disease can be prevented

This unit not recommended for:

  • Dogs and other pets that are considered a ‘chewer’
  • Large cats, like the Main Coons
  • Large cats that love their food, and will eat their share at once
  • Pets and other cats that don’t want tags and chips, or will not wear their collars at all times

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  1. There is an “intruder mode” that will prevent other cats from eating out of the wrong feeders. When “intruder mode” is on: If the designated cat is eating and the wrong cat comes up to eat the lid will close immediately. There is also now a hood you can place on the back of the feeder to prevent cats from sticking their head in the back to steal food. It’s only $10. AND they now offer stainless steel bowls too!!

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