SureFlap DualScan Cat Door Review

SureFlap DualScan is an automatic microchip cat door with a double antenna feature.

The antenna detects a unique ID microchip as your cat goes in and out of the door.

The unit has a four-way manual lock, which allows you to create varied combinations of entry and exit.

It contains a strong magnet located at the center to prevent it from flapping.

The microchip serves as the key to unlocking the door system, and it can be rooted under the skin of your cat.

You can also opt for SureFlap Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) collar tag, if you wish not to implant it.

The DualScan microchip cat door is best for and compatible with microchips that have 9, 10 or 15 digits, in case your cat already has an implanted microchip.

There are a few exceptions with digits beginning with 000, 010 and 020, since it may not be compatible with this door.

Up to 32 microchip codes can be stored in the system.

Also, this features a selective entrance and exit, which appears to be favourable and useful to cat owners.

The use of SureFlap DualScan allows cat owners to restrict their cats from getting into a restricted area.

This door also allows other cats to exit.

SureFlap DualScan keeps your cat at home while blocking neighbour’s cats from coming into your house.

To make cats stay at home, simply remove the ID number from the ‘EXIT’ feature of the program.

You can also remove the microchip from your cat or the collar, in case you are using a microchip tag.

SureFlap DualScan reviewsSureFlap DualScan Features

  • 4-way manual locking system
  • Requires four AA batteries that could last for up to 12 months, depending on the type and usage
  • Has an indicator of battery life
  • Double antenna and dual scanning technology feature, which allows selective entrance and exit and prevents indoor cats from going out
  • Protects you and your cats from outdoor cats and other unwanted animals like a raccoon that can get inside your home
  • It is compatible with cats that have an existing microchip
  • It functions with RFID collar tags
  • In case your cat has escaped through the window, the safety mode features of this door allow your indoor-only cat to enter the cat flap
  • Easy programming thanks to its push-button, allowing you to change permission whenever you want to
  • Installation of SureFlap DualScan cat flap can be done indoors, walls, and glass
  • Full control on pet’s ability to get in or out, based on your needs
  • Activation of ‘Locked’ mode completely blocks the pet door


  • Flap opening: 5.59 inches in width and 4.72 inches in height. This is the smallest part of the door.
  • Exterior frame: 8.26 inches in width and 8.26 inches in height
  • Weight: 1.6 kilograms/3.5 pounds
  • External tunnel depth: 70mm / 2.75 inches
  • Tunnel thickness: 4.5mm/ 0.18 inches
  • Interior dimension of tunnel: 5.9 inches in width, 6.1 inches in height, and 6.1 inches in height
  • Front frame depth: 78 mm/3.0 inches
  • Hole cutting: 6.5 inches in width and 6.73 inches in height. The hole size fits your door.
  • Microchip Can Be Located Under your Cat’s Skin

Microchip location under the skin of cat

The microchip can be read either from the outside or inside, and it requires the cat to put its head into the opening of the cat door to open.

Ideally, the perfect position for the microchip is at the back neck of the cat.

If your cat has an existing microchip, then there is a need to check the current position of the microchip.

In case the microchip is dislocated or has moved down the cat’s neck, it may not function the right way.

If you don’t want the chips to be placed under the skin, you can allow your cat to wear a collar, and place the microchip in the collar.

How SureFlap DualScan Functions

Using passive RFID technology, SureFlap DualScan automatic cat door works by detecting the microchip rooted under the skin of cat.

This microchip holds data, and will eventually be read through the flaps scanner.

The microchip cannot send information by itself, which requires the cat to approach the reader in order to unlock the system mechanism.

Once the cat comes closer to the unit, the scanner at the tunnel of the DualScan will read the data in the microchip.

It then recognizes the ID, and eventually gets the system unlocked.

The cat has to push the door using its nose or head to enter.

Microchip Cat DoorOnce the cat has passed through the door, the door will shut with the help of the magnet at the bottom of the flap.

This automatic cat door has scanners in the form of two antennas to read data from the microchip.

The first scanner can be found inside the house, while the other one is located outside the house.

Both scanners inside and outside can be individually programmed.

This feature gives cat owners control, and helps them distinguish the cats that need to stay indoors from the cats that can be allowed to roam in and outside the house.

Thanks to this new product, cat owners can now restrict the movement of cats, and prevent other animals from entering the property.

Your Best Door Against Raccoon and Other Intruders

SureFlap DualScan automatic cat door has the ability to block raccoon that intends to pull and open the unit from outside.

This system is equipped with a double locking system that acts as an external catch to prevent a raccoon from pulling or entering the door.

In short, SureFlap DualScan is considered raccoon-proof.

Of course, this can also work against other pets that will want to enter the property.

Safety Mode

This automatic door has an emergency mode setting which allows indoor-only cats to enter in case you failed to close the window.

This is a great feature that can help restrict your cat’s movement and manage the danger.

Four-Way Lock System Settings

2-way Lock System.

These locking settings allow cats to come and go on both sides of the cat door.

As implied, this automatic locking system only applies to getting inside.

Once your cat got inside, it cannot go back, unless you can manually turn the dial.

This system if perfect if you want your cats to stay at home at night, or if your cat is having a visit with a vet.

The manual Only-In mode allows the door to be programmed and ensures that your pet will stay indoors.

Once programmed, the door will stop your cats from going outside, while other cats are free to get in and out any time.

You can also set up the Safety Learn Mode by pushing a button and letting your cat enter, so the memory gets its microchip codes.

With this mode, cats cannot escape through the door.

However, if it exits through the window, it can still access the door and get in.


This locking system is limited to getting out, and your cat cannot enter the door.

Otherwise, you can latch the door manually as you turn a dial.

Only-Out locking mode keeps your cats out while giving you enough time to do things you need to do without the presence of your cats.

This setting can be very effective, especially when you have visitors at home who suffers from a feline allergy.


The lock system of SureFlap DualScan locks the automated cat door from both sides.

This works well, especially when leaving for a vacation, or when locking in small cats inside for some time.

Cat Door Programming and Acclimatisation of Cats

The first step to programming the unit is to push a button until it goes to the ‘learn mode.’ First, your pets should enter the door so that the system can recognize your pets.

Once the ID microchip has already been saved, you can see a flashing light as you hear a click sound.

Your cat needs to get used to that clicking sound whenever the door opens, and then push the door with it to pass.

Cat owners can use a number of creative techniques to make their cats get used to this unlocking sound of the door.

The clicking sound is non-intrusive and audible.

For the record, SureFlap DualScan is the quietest unit out in the market.

However, it is still recommended to have an idea when your cats are leaving and when they are coming in.

Here are some of the successful ideas applied by customers for training cats in using the door.

  • Use the cat flap as non-automatic door or entry point after taking the batteries out.
  • Keep the door open for a few days, then let it be used this way. This will help your cats get used to the clicking sound without the need to push the door. It is better if you will use a SureFlap collar tag so that the door can be opened easily.

Installation of door in a box is recommended before installation of the flap in the wall or door is performed.

automatic cat door flapInstallation SureFlap DualScan Cat Door

For standard door installation with one to ‘ inches thick, the tunnel should measure 6 inches.

This is just enough space for the cat to go through.

In total, the external dimensions upon installation in a standard door are about 8-14 inches in width, 8-14 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter.

This unit has different screw sets that are adjustable to the depth of cat door where the unit will be installed.

The tools needed for the installation of SureFlap DualScan include a tape measure, felt tip marker, drill ‘ inches bit, jigsaw, spirit level and screwdriver.

Installation on Metal Doors

Installation of SureFlap DualScan on metal doors requires an installation of flap along with Cat Door Mounting Adapter.

The number of metal blocks will depend on the number of steel in the door.

Installation in Wooden Doors

Installing the cat door in wooden doors is simple since it does not need adapters.

Installation can be done using standard unit instructions.

Instructional videos streamed from YouTube can also help and guide you.

Installation on Windows

Installing the door in glass window requires a SureFlap Mounting adapter, just like in metal doors.

The adapter is in circular form, and measures 11 inches.

It is better if you are going to hire a professional for cutting the hole in the glass to avoid accidents.

Installation on Walls

It is recommended to use a mounting adapter prior to installation of SureFlap DualScan cat door on the walls.

You will also need one or more SureFlap Tunnel Extenders, depending on the thickness of the wall.

Approximately 4.25 inches is added to the wall thickness.

The lifespan of SureFlap DualScan Battery

Batteries of this unit usually last from six months up to one year per cat.

Other factors that may affect battery lifespan are:

  • Type of battery
  • Number of cats using the cat door
  • Cleaning schedule for the unit
  • Existence of unwanted pests and animals trying to enter the cat door from outside
  • If cats prefer to sit near the door throughout the day, which leads to unlocking of the system for several times

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • Easy installation process in standard doors
  • Four-way lock system
  • Easy programming and reprogramming
  • Safe from raccoon intrusion
  • Double lock system in and out of the door, blocking animals from pulling the unit inward using their claws.
  • Selective mode for entrance and exit
  • Safety mode that helps restrict the movement of your cats
  • For cat owners with multiple cats at home, you can have the control over selected cats to stay at home, and those that can be left outside
  • It only opens once the unique microchip ID has been read
  • Best for cats that cannot handle collars or lose collar more often
  • High quality and materials
  • Has rigid plastic flap that serves as a perfect deterrent
  • Batteries can be removed if you wish to use it as a non-automatic cat door. It is a good way feature for training cats


  • Compared to the average feline door, SureFlap DualScan is a bit smaller. This means that tall cats and those that weigh more than 11 pounds may find it hard to use it
  • Delays could happen with a reading of microchip code and the latch to unlock the door. Delays are not good, especially when your cats are being chased by other animals and they have to escape immediately
  • This system needs the cooperation of cats as it requires the cat to squat down while passing through the door with 4.72 inches height.
  • It is not possible to unlock the system if the microchip gets down the neck of the cat
  • RF technology is not best for metal doors
  • White cats are hardly detected by the motion sensors
  • The range of screen reading inside is different from outside.
  • The Only In system does not have a timer feature as it is done manually
  • Batteries will not last that long
  • The brush of flaps on the edges does not seal completely
  • The clicking sound of the cat door as the unit unlocks might seem a bit scary to some cats. Note that all electric cat doors create that clicking noise when opening
  • Screws are not of high quality

Tips When Handling and Using SureFlap

It is important that you regularly clean the unit if you want this unit to work properly.

This can be done by wiping the bottom part of the frame, as well as the motion sensor so the unit will function properly.
Changing the batteries of this unit do not require you to remove all of them Lastly, you have to get the latest version of SureFlap DualScan because they are designed with improved antenna and design.

In case you choose to buy this cat door in Amazon, manufacturers can offer you the latest version of this cat door.

SureFlap DualScan is recommended:

  • For small sized cats
  • Multiple cats indoors and outdoors
  • If you have kittens you need to keep indoors
  • If you want to keep your cats protected from raccoon
  • If cats from your neighbors has entered your house and ate your cat’s food

This cat door is not recommended to:

  • Bigger and taller cats
  • Cats bothered by clicking noise
  • Cats with arthritis and disabilities
  • Older cats

Conclusion on this cat flap

SureFlap DualScan door is very good, and functions as advertised.

Cat owners should consider this automatic feline door as a solution for problems with handling multiple cats.

It is also perfect for cat owners with a raccoon within the area, since the unit is raccoon-proof.

A raccoon cannot enter the door.

You can select cats you want to keep indoor or outdoor.


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