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The Cat Nail Clippers Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Similar to humans, cats should have their nails trimmed regularly.

But beware as cats hate nail trimming.

With this in mind, its best if you make the process as quick and as comfortable as possible.

To do this, you have to use the best nail clippers designed for cats.

This can make trimming fast and easy as if youre a professional doing the job for years.

Why cut their nails?

Some cat owners dont want to clip their pets nails.

The reason being cats go hunting and they need their claws to catch their prey.

However, if your cat lives mostly indoors, they may not need their nails as much so you may want to clip their nails regularly.

There are a number of reasons to consider why you need to trim their nails regularly.

Here are some of them:

Painful walking

Cats may have trouble walking when their nails become too long.

This can make their paws sensitive and painful to even touch.

Overgrown nails can also introduce other health issues that can hinder your cats daily activities.


Since overgrown nails can affect your cats walking, it wont be surprising if they eventually develop bad posture and gait issues.

These issues are more costly to cure so its better if you just trim their nails.

Injury while scratching

Some cats with sensitive skin may get wounded while scratching their coat.

Open wounds are prone to bacterial infection and other health problems if not properly taken care of.

Why use a different nail clipper?

Cats need a special clipper because of the structure of their paws.

Unlike humans who have nails and thumbs, cats claws have blood vessels connected to them.

You may accidentally nip these vessels if you use an ordinary nail cutter.

This can cause pain and discomfort to your cats.

You may even traumatize them and this will make it harder to clip their nails in the future.

The best cat nail clippers

Here are the best nail clippers meant for cats.

Choose from these products to ensure you give your cats a healthy nail clipping session.

Dremel 7300-PT Pet Nail Groomer

The stainless steel used to create this nail clipper is of top quality.

You wont have issues trimming due to the sharpness of its blade.

Thanks to its special design, it can cut clean through your cats nails like butter.


  • A 60-grit sanding drum
  • 2-speed selection: 6,500 RPM and 13,000 RPM
  • Cordless device
  • Rechargeable battery that can last up to 3 hours of use

Pros: Cuts nails without pain.

Cons: Its sharp blades can cut things other than nails, so you need to handle it properly.


Boshel Cat Nail Clippers Trimmer

This simple cat nail trimmer is recommended by trainers and veterinarians for its razor-sharp blades.

Its semi-circular and angled blades make it easier to decipher the length of nail you need to trim without damaging the blood vessels.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Non-slip rubber grip thats comfortable to hold
  • Works on other animals too

Pros: Sharp blades do the trick.

Cons: The angled design seem to make it harder to use.

Cutie’s Pet Nail Clippers

Its unique design makes it easier to grip during clipping.

It also has a safety guard to lock the blades when not in use.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Rubber grip
  • Safety lock
  • Includes a free guide to nail trimming

Pros: It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Cons: Blade is not as sharp as advertised.


Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

Its blades are made from top-notch stainless steel.

It has a rubber grip that makes it easier to hold and use.


  • Notched blades act as a safety stop to prevent cutting more than what youre supposed  to
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized pets

Pros: Simple and cheap, yet effective in doing its job.

Cons: Sharp blades, so make sure you keep it away from childrens reach.


Whisker Wishes Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers

This clippers simple, the scissor-like design makes it easier for anyone to use.


  • High-quality blades made of stainless steel
  • Rubber coated handles
  • Suitable to both right and left-handed users

Pros: It cuts clean similar to how more expensive clippers do.

Cons: You may have some trouble handling the clipper if you have big fingers.


Epica Pet Nail Clipper

This clippers simple and straightforward design makes it easier for people to discern how its used.

The notched blades help make sure clipping is smooth and safe for cats.


  • Sharp blades cut clean
  • Rubber grip
  • Safety lock
  • Blade spacing meant for medium-sized cats

Pros: Simple and cheap, yet effective in doing its job.

Cons: Blades are sharp so make sure you dont let kids handle it.


Tips for trimming cat nails

The technique of trimming your nails may be a little different from how you do it on your cats nails.

Trimming is a simple process, though.

You dont have to visit the veterinarian or a pet shop to have your cats nails trimmed.

Here are some tips you should remember when trimming their nails.

  • Do the trimming in a well-lit room. This can help avoid trimming portions more than you should.
  • Dont squeeze the toes of your cats during the trimming season.
  • Keep the blades parallel to the edge of the nail.
  • Give your cats a treat for behaving throughout your nail clipping session.
  • Store away the nail clipper if its not in use.


Taking your cat to a professional to have their nails trimmed may cost you a little bit.

Why not save this amount instead, and do the trimming yourself.

Its not that complicated as you expect it to be.

Select from the products listed above to start trimming your cats nails.

Once you get used to it, youll notice that theres nothing to worry about cutting their claws.

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