Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box Review

This unit is an innovative solution for handling litter and waste thanks to a reliable system that separates the solid and the liquid waste as a way to manage odor.

This innovative approach to waste management also ensures a stress-free way of cleaning and maintaining the product.

At the core of the efficiency of the Tidy Cats Breeze litter box is the use of special litter pellets that are anti-tracking and totally dust-free.

With the addition of these litter pellets, the urine of the pets will easily pass through and will then be absorbed by a pad that’s waiting at the bottom of the unit.

The solid waste will remain above the unit, just above the high-quality litter for fast clean-up.

The design ensures that owners will no longer worry about clumps that will remain on the side of the unit, or the frustrating smell that usually come with the waste.


  • Each unit comes with one litter box, a scoop, a bag of pellets and 4 pads
  • Litter pellets are anti-tracking and 99 percent dust-free
  • Unit features a separator for solid and liquid wastes
  • Allows easy removal of cat waste
  • Urine smell is efficiently contained
  • Unit measures : 20.3 inches long, 15.2 inches wide and 11.8 inches high

How does it work?

The provided pellets should be placed on the litter area, on the unit’s top section.

A pad should be placed at the bottom part of the tray.

As soon as the cat finished the deed, the urine will pass through the platform and the waiting pad will do its job by absorbing the liquid waste.

The solid waste will remain on top, secured by the pellets.

Thanks to this screening function, the smell that usually accompanies the waste will be effectively contained.

There’s no need to worry about scooping the clumped litter when using the unit, you only need to scoop the waste daily.

The pellets are zeolite and silica gel, and the use of these materials means that the pellets are dust-free and not messy.

Also, these pellets are safe for cats.

If you want to clean the unit, you will need to pull the tray after one week of use.

Tips from me and other cat owners

If your pet usually urinates in the same area of the unit every time, then it’s best to rotate the unit’s pad every 2 days
Instead of placing the unit on top of a carpet, why not put it above a hard flooring
Pellets can be washed and re-used again to save money.

You can place these in washable before putting these in the washing machine/

Pellets are best placed at the center of the box Although pellets are safe to use, it’s important to check out first how the cats will react to these materials.


  • Unit can be assembled easily
  • Pellets are easy to scoop and no clumps will develop on the sides
  • Effective system to control smell
  • Pads can be used for days, if maintaining just one cat
  • Pads are easy to dispose
  • Non-tracking pellets
  • Can be disassembled for cleaning


  • You may need to buy pellets and pads to maintain the unit
  • Cats need to familiarize first with the pellets
  • Waste materials are exposed, thus an initial smell can be observed
  • Can produce noises if the pets are diggers
  • Litter size is small


This is one of the many litter box systems that deliver on the goods as promised.

What this unit does best is to control and manage the smell that may be produced by waste, and this is also helpful for the pet owners since there’s no need to scoop.

Although the system is advertised to control the smell, it doesn’t mean though that no smell will be produced.

A ‘small amount’ of smell will be produced when your pets decide to dig and cover the waste.

This minimal smell will start to go away minutes after the pellets act on the smell.

We recommend this Tiny Cats Breeze litter box because it can definitely work against the unwanted smell of cat waste.

If you decide to get this, we recommend that you place the unit in the laundry, bathroom or your garage.

This unit is best for:

  • Small-sized cats that weigh up to 10lbs that do not dig the waste and litter
  • You if you are allergic to ordinary cat litter
  • Cats that urinate a lot

We don’t suggest this product if:

  • Your pets have digestive issues like diarrhea or when their waste is soft
  • You have dogs in the area that may try to access the litter box
  • You don’t want to constantly buy litter box supplies that can be used to maintain this Tiny Cats Breeze litter box

And if you love its design and the efficiency in controlling the smell yet you want to save, we suggest that you get the supplies from Amazon by subscribing.

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