Tiger Diner Ceramic Control Dish Review

Tiger Diner is a cat feeder especially built to slow down your cat’s eating habits and avoid indigestion or worse, vomiting.

It’s also recommended for owners who want to put their cats on a diet to stop them from getting obese.

It has holes of varying shapes and sizes positioned at different angles around the bowl.

Cats need to insert their paws in the holes to scoop food out of the dome.

This process slows down your cat’s food intake by making them work for their food a little harder.

Unlike the usual food bowls which invite cats to eat food fast and without control, Tiger Diner makes their mealtime more challenging and regulated.

The size of the feeder can handle multiple cats feeding at the same time.

It’s quite big, though, which may be troublesome for smaller cats.

It’s not that suitable for some cats who may find this very challenging, especially those who haven’t tried similar toys yet.

You may need to guide them first on how to properly use the Tiger Diner to gain its full benefits.

Tiger Diner Features

  • The overall structure of the Tiger Diner promotes a slower eating process for your cats
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The Tiger Diner uses gravity to evenly distribute the food you pour on the hole at the top of the dome
  • Suitable for dry food
  • Made of heavy-duty ceramic which prevents it from being toppled over
  • Made of lead-free and non-toxic materials

How it works

A funnel-shaped opening can be found at the top of the dome where you can put dry food in.

This container distributes the kibbles to the bottom part of the dome where your cats can start scooping in to get them into their small mouths.

The edge of the bottom part is slightly higher than the base of the Tiger Diner where food is stored.

This creates a small barrier which prevents food from being easily swept out of the dome.

This encourages your cat to do a combination of sweeping and scooping to get the food to their mouth.
Having your cats forage for food stimulates their natural hunting instincts by simulating predator-prey relationships in the wild.

This exercise boosts their mental and physical abilities and slowly eliminates their habit of just waiting for food to be directly given to them.


  • The bowl’s design can limit your cat to get only around 2 food pieces per scoop
  • Keeps your cats busy and entertained while eating
  • Very easy to refill
  • Reduce the pace of your cat’s food ingestion
  • Stimulates mental and physical abilities of your cat during meal time
  • Prevents dogs from eating cat food
  • Bowl is made of strong ceramic which is heavy, stopping big cats from toppling the feeder over
  • Bigger than regular cat bowls, having a diameter of approximately 8.2in
  • It can hold a lot of food, about 3 ‘ cups if it’s completely filled
  • Tiger Diner is big enough to let more than one cat eat from it simultaneously
  • Great for cats who are allergic to plastic
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It cannot be disassembled for cleaning purposes
  • The ridge around the bowl may accumulate crumbs that are hard to see and clean
  • Suitable only for smaller, regular-shaped kibbles
  • Filling the feeder can be quite problematic. You need to slowly pour the feeds while swirling it to distribute the food into the base
  • Feeds left in the center of the bowl will remain there if your cat can’t reach it
  • The opening where you pour the feeds out doesn’t have a lid
  • Durable construction
  • Not suitable for declawed cats


  • Households with many cats
  • Cats with advanced scooping abilities or those who have been introduced before to similar toys
  • Owners with overweight cats who want to put them on a diet and get them some form of exercise
  • Cats who are very patient and loves puzzles
  • Owners who have dogs that frequent the cat bowl to also eat cat kibbles. The holes on the Tiger Diner are small enough to prevent dogs from clawing things out of it


The Tiger Diner Ceramic Control Dish can be very effective in slowing down your cat’s eating pace.

Many cats will find the structure of this dish really challenging, making it ideal for owners who want to put their Garfields on a diet.

Using the Tiger Diner as your main feeder might be more beneficial than using it only for snacks and entertainment.

This way, your cats will be forced to use it to fill their bellies.

They may like it, don’t like it but they don’t have any choice, or simply ignore it altogether.

Overall, it’s a product that lives up to the expectations of cat owners.

It’s effective in controlling your cat’s feeding speed while getting them physically and mentally stimulated at the same time.



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