Tips On How to Prepare You Home For a New Kitten

Kittens are one of the best and cutest ways to enrich your life, and they are actually more cost effective and affordable than dogs are.

It is important, however, to take time to prepare your home for your new family member.

If the right preparation is neglected, you could end up spending thousands of dollars more than you originally planned, and you might end up endangering your kitten.

These are some of the most common factors to keep in mind:

1. Cat-proof your furniture

Kittens have claws and they love scratch, thus your furniture could very well be its first victim.

In order to prevent your kitten from destroying all of your expensive furniture, invest in scratch guards such as anti-scratch tape from Sticky Paws.

Another way to stop your cat is to get claw claps which are disposable covers for their claws, which are actually a safer alternative to declawing your cat altogether.

One final method to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture is to frequently trim their nails so it will be less likely to get hooked onto fabrics.


2. Help your allergic friends by reducing cat dander

While you may love your furry friend unconditionally, your friend who has a cat allergy may not love them as much.

If you by chance have a guest with such an allergy coming over, ensure that you keep a guest room entirely cat-free; if they will be sleeping on your couch, the best option is to have a leather couch as it is easier to clean and dander won’t accumulate so easily.

It is also beneficial to use a pet-safe dander removal spray such as ones made by Aller-Pet that reduces the effects of allergens, or you can even so far as to install a HEPA filter in your home which will remove up to 99% of the dander around your home!


3. Set aside a vet savings fund or Pet Insurance

Your kitten, just as any pet or even any human, will need regular vet visits in order to ensure their top health.

While it is a necessity, it can also become a very expensive one over time; first, contact your local vet, or the vet you’d like to take your cat to, and get a rough estimate of costs and begin to set aside money specifically for these visits.

Alternatively, you can also invest in pet insurance so you know for a fact that you will be covered in case of an emergency or crisis.

The bottom line is that it is best not to adopt a kitten until you are sure you will be able to afford the costs of keeping them healthy.


4. Consider adopting a friend for your new kitten

Kittens have loads of energy and constantly want to play.

Even if you are home a lot, they still need constant attention.

It is worth thinking about bringing home a second kitten so both of them will be well entertained and happy with each other.

Before doing this, however, it is important to make sure that they are compatible and will get along with each other.

5. No biting

It is difficult to get made at kittens because they are so cute, even when they bite you.

The appeal will eventually wear off, though, when your grown cat nips at your fingers.

To prevent this behavior, teach your kitten at an early age that this is inappropriate and will not be tolerated so they drop the habit.

Other ways to prevent biting is to stock adequate toys such as cat trees, and to scold them when necessary.
If you take these points into account, you will be well on your way to having a kitten friendly home!

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