is the Toletta cat box worth it

Toletta Litter Box Review – Small Japanese Company Changing The Game

Your cat’s litter box is a bank of information as gives you important details on your feline friend’s wellbeing.

And while taking close look at urine clumps and cat feces can give you some insight about your cat’s health, it doesn’t present you with data you can measure.

The best you can do in such a case is to make an educated guess, which honestly isn’t enough

And if you have multiple cats using the same litter box, you’ll agree that knowing exactly which cat’s need attention can pretty difficult.

What we are trying to say here is that keeping tabs on your cat’s litter is super important.

Unfortunately, the way most pet owners go about that is still very much flawed.

And even if you’re diligent in watching your cat’s litter, you’ll still not get all the numbers and information you want.

What is the Toletta litter system?

If you’re interested in real-time data that gives you better information about your cat’s toilet habit and overall wellbeing, you’ll not be disappointed to give Toletta litter box a try.

This incredible system is one of the best and most advanced litter boxes we have come across.

Besides providing pet owners with a clean, and tidy system, the Toletta gives pet owners real-time data they need to stay up to date with their cat’s health.

Having impressed thousands of pet owners in Japan, the Toletta litter box system will soon launch in the American market.

Read on to see all the amazing perks of this advanced system and how it can change your thoughts about litter boxes.

How Toletta litter box handles cats’ litter

Like we mentioned earlier, the Toletta litter box system is an advanced system that does way more than traditional litter boxes and we love the fact that it features two sections.

For a start, the top tray that is grated, allows urine to sip to the lower drawer, where there is a puppy pad that readily absorbs moisture.

To help manage odor and ensure that your home smells fresh, the top tray also features a layer of litter.

In contrast to traditional litter boxes, using the Toletta litter box means you wouldn’t have to deal with the hassles of clumping, stirring, scooping or scraping that comes with using traditional litters.

This is because the Toletta has a unique way of handling litters.

Once the had been soiled, urine simply drops to the lower tray while feces stay on the top layer.

All you have to do is take out the lower tray to get rid of urine and use a scoop to take out solid waste.

If you have just one cat, then you’ll only have to discard the pad once a week.

Did we forget to add that the Toletta comes with deodorizing litter pebbles?

Oh yes, this helps with odor control and will last a single cat for about a month.

Top 4 features of the Toletta litter box

The Toletta litter box isn’t your conventional litter box as it features lots of amazing perks and tech you’ll not find in traditional litter boxes.

Besides providing you with a clean and tidy litter system that helps you effortlessly manage your cat’s litter while keeping your home fresh, the Toletta also provides real-time data that lets you keep track of your cat’s health.

That said, here are some amazing benefits you stand to enjoy with the Toletta .

Great for odor control

Tired of the not so pleasant odor from your cat’s litter and looking for an amazing solution that keeps your home smelling fresh?

well, you don’t have to look too far as the all you need to manage the odor from your cat’s litter.

Besides daily scooping, it comes with deodorizing beads that are designed to keep odor at bay.

Not just that, the litter system also comes with a puppy pad that helps lock in the urine.

To ensure the litter is in great condition, it will be cool if you changed the puppy pad at least once a week.

Compared to old fashioned litter dumps, the Tolleta litter box has proven to be a much tidier option.

Makes cleaning super easy

Cleaning cat litters is one task most pet owners dread.

But all that is now in the past as the Toletta litter box is designed to make cleaning your cat’s litter a fairly simple task.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Toletta features two sections.

The top tray is grated and designed in such a way that it allows urine sip to the lower drawer which has a special puppy pad that helps absorb moisture.

Once you notice that the litter is soiled, all you have to do is lift off the walls, take out the tray and discard the soiled litter in the trash.

And unlike traditional litter boxes, the Toletta litter system uses a litter that is much litter than clay.

This makes disposal a lot easier.

Easy to setup

One thing we love about the advanced Toletta litter system is easy to set up.

All you have to do is stack the tray on top of the litter’s sensing board.

Once that is done, you can proceed to slide the lower drawer so it fits into the tray.

If you have done that correctly, you can simply mount the light and camera unit just as the back of the box.

While the Toletta litter system is a bit more complicated than traditional litter boxes in terms of setup, we love the fact that this litter box comes with a special Toletta app that gives clear, detailed and step-by-step instructions that makes installation a breeze.

To further make setup easy, the instruction guide on the app features checkmarks to confirm that you have completed each step.

Toletta litter box review

The impressive health monitoring system

The Toletta litter system is great for many things.

But one that has intrigued many pet owners is its ability to provide real-time data that will help users keep tabs on their cats’ health.

Once you have successfully introduced your feline friend to this litter box, get set to receive notifications on your phone every 20-30 minutes on your cat’s activity.

Although the facial recognition system may return errors a few times, especially if you have more than one cat that makes use of the Toletta litter system, after a few visits, it should get things right.

Besides getting the picture and video updates on your cat’s activities, the Toletta litter system provides information on other activities.

With each visit to the box, you’ll receive notifications regarding your cat’s weight, urine frequency and urine volume.

How does the Toletta data help with your pet’s health?

Besides providing you with detailed newsfeed regarding your cat’s activity, The Toletta app provides several tracking tabs to help you keep tabs on your cat’s health.

While the graph tab is designed to provide data on your cat’s urine volume and weight, the calendar tab adds more robust data for health tracking.

With the calendar tab, you can enter your cat’s meals, stool consistency, health status and other information.

At first, you may not fully understand all the data you’re getting from the Toletta app, but with the time you should establish a clear pattern.

If you study the data well enough, you should know how many times your cat uses the bathroom a day.

More so, if you are observant enough, you should be able to pick out patterns that may indicate underlying health issues like kidney diseases or diabetes.

The best part is that the Toletta team gives you extra support.

So, instead of letting you analyze all the data by yourself, the company gives you access to a team of professional veterinarians who are always available to identify fluctuations and trends.

How much does the Toletta litter system costs?

While every pet owner will love the Toletta litter system, the litter box is currently only available to customers in Japan.

For a start, each Toletta litter box cost ¥10,780.

If you convert that to a dollar, it should cost anywhere from $100 per unit.

Besides the upfront cost is, and keep in mind that you’ll pay extra fees for the company’s tracking services.

For the basic plan, the company charges ¥1,111, which when converted to USD equals $10.52.

This charge is for a single cat.

If you have multiple cats, the company offers discounted rates, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.

If you want additional services like in-home vet examinations, you’ll have to opt for the company’s premium plan.

For the premium plan, the company charges ¥2,222, which is the equivalent of $21 per month.

Also, we are thrilled to let you know that each unit comes with a one-year warranty.

Is the Toletta system worth it?

There is so much that set the Toletta litter system apart from others on the market.

In terms of in-home health tracking, it is second to none.

And if you’ve always been worried about cleaning your cat’s litter, rest assured that the Toletta litter system puts all your worries to rest as it combines clean, sophisticated design and powerful health monitoring in such a way that no litter box on the market compares.

You can effortlessly keep track of important metrics like urine frequency, urine volume and weight.

More importantly, it also connects you to a community of veterinarians who are always on deck to analyze changes in your feline friend litter habits.

Thanks to the Toletta litter system, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cat is in the best hands.

Pros and cons

Like we earlier highlighted, the Toletta is all shades of amazing and you’re bound to love the benefits it offers.

That said, the Toletta litter box also has a few shortcomings you should know before getting one.

Stay with us as we take you through some pros and cons of this amazing litter system for cats.


  • Gives users access to important health metrics
  • The Toletta litter system makes cleaning your cat litter super easy.
  • It is easy to use and set up
  • Perfect for multiple cats
  • Gives access to a network of veterinarians who are always ready to give you more insight on your cat’s litter habit


  • A tad more expensive than traditional litter boxes
  • The company charges extra fees to provide tracking services
  • For now, the product isn’t available globally

Frequently asked questions

Can I manage multiple cats’ data with one Toletta litter box?

One unique thing about the Toletta litter system is that it lets you manage data for multiple cats.

And that’s because the system is designed in such a way that you can set up profiles for each cat.

And because the Toletta litter box is equipped with facial recognition camera, it can easily identify each cat using AI.

Plus, your cats don’t need to have a collar or tag on.

Can the Toletta litter system identify multiple cats?

This litter can identify as many cats as possible.

You only have to make sure that you use the appropriate picture for each cat while setting up their profile.

Can I access a vet at any part of the world?

While this is what the company is looking forward to, for now, in-home vet services are only available to customers in Japan.


Besides making litter cleaning easier than ever before, the Toletta system provides you with important metrics that help you keep track of your cat’s overall health.

And when it comes to odor control, there are very few litter boxes that can go head to head with this amazing litter system.

Although it is a tad expensive, we are sure you’ll appreciate the many benefits that this litter system offers.

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