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Top 10 Litter Box Enclosures – How To Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box

Cat owners know the problem.

If you have a cat, you also need a litter box.

The litter box makes the cat happy but often does not make its owner happy.

Most of the time, the litter box is not very elegant and is in the hallway, in the bathroom or even in the kitchen under the counter.

It’s not nice.

How about a cat litter box enclosure?

A dog house is normally outside the house, but in most cases, a cat house with a toilet can be found indoors.

The cat can do its business in peace and quiet and the hosts have cleverly disguised the annoying disruptive factor.

Because if the dog gets its own dog house, the cat is also entitled to its own tailor-made cat house or litter box enclosure in which it can retire.

Tailor-made litter box enclosure

Litter box in oak and blackCats are very clean animals and clean themselves countless times a day.

They prefer to do this ritual when they are at peace.

Therefore, the litter box should be in a quiet placebe set up.

Cats can do their business undisturbed.
During the procedure, she is easily attackable and feels unprotected.

It is therefore rather inconvenient to set up the litter box next to loud devices or in a place where there is often a lot of activity.

In addition, for hygienic reasons, the closet for the litter box should not be kept right next to the food bowl.

With a tailor-made litter box, you can adapt everything to your own wishes and those of the animal.

As an animal lover, you naturally want a place that is as comfortable as possible for the cat, in which it has plenty of space.

However, the cat house should also please the owners.

When designing the cabinet to measure, you can easily shape and material adapts to the other closets in the area.

A litter box made of wood looks very nice and does not stand out unpleasantly, but still cleverly hides the litter box.

The decor in white goes very well with white furniture.

The material is insensitive and well suited for the purposes of a tailor-made litter box.

A sideboard or a chest of drawers in the hallway, in which the litter box is hidden, can also be used wonderfully as a bench to put on your shoes.

This means that the cat owners also benefit from it and cannot stumble across the litter box, as at the counter.

With revolving doors at the front, you can easily get to the toilet to clean them or to replace the cat litter.

Important factors regarding litter box enclosure

There are several important factors to consider when configuring a litter box enclosure.

First, it is important to adjust the height of the closet to the cat.

If you have a young cat, the rim should not be too high so that it can easily reach and use their toilet.

For older cats, the margin may also be higher, but should also be designed so that it is easily accessible even for weak-aged cats.

For cats who like to scratch a lot, a high rim of the litter box is more suitable.

Either you choose a cut-out at a height comfortable for the cat, on the side of the closet.

Or you can tailor the cat house so that the entrance is cut out on one level with the floor and the room tiger can run in comfortably.

With this shape, however, you have to make sure that the litter box on the inside does not easily lose litter, as this can otherwise get outside the cabinet.

How to hide the litter box elegantly

A litter box enclosure can be placed in every apartment and house.

Its advantages are numerous, both for the owner and for the four-legged roommate.

It offers the cat a quiet and secluded place where she feels comfortable and which she likes to use.

Mishaps on the floor, the carpet or the sofa then hardly occur or not at all.

The sensitive animals feel safe and in good hands in their environment.

In the long term, this also improves the relationship between humans and cats in the long term.

The tedious attempts to train a cat to be clean are no longer necessary if she likes to use her toilet voluntarily.

The beautiful closets conceal the litter box from prying eyes and transform it from an optical disruptive factor into an elegant piece of furniture.
This can be easily accommodated in the living room, bathroom, kitchen or hallway so that the cat is not pushed into the garage or into the attic.

Under certain circumstances, she would then no longer visit the toilet regularly or would no longer be able to reach it in time.

This stress factor is taken away from cats and humans in a litter box in the closet.

The size of the litter box is also easier and more flexible to choose from.

If a slightly larger model is needed, it remains hidden from the closet, unobtrusively.

The cat has the possibility to move, turn and turn in its toilet.

Even if the toilet needs a lower edge because the cat is getting older, the toilet can be replaced without affecting the appearance of the facility.

Higher litter boxes in the closet are no problem either.

This is practical because the cat can dig better and less litter will fly through the area.

This way, a lot of litter can be saved over time.

Allergy sufferers benefit from the fact that dust and litter remain safely in the cupboard and do not fly in the air and hinder their breathing.

Because litter boxes in the closet offer more space than hood toilets, the cats can still breathe well, even if they scratch.

In addition, less frequent dust must be wiped, since it does not end up on all furniture, but only needs to be wiped out of the cupboard occasionally with a wet cloth.

If the cat tends to mark, the urine ends up on the easy-to-clean inside of the cat cabinet instead of on the wall.

In the case of a cat that is frequently marked, the inside of the cupboard can also be equipped with a protective film.

At the same time, cleaning agents, fresh bedding and toys can be hidden in the litter box enclosure.

In the end, the piece of furniture even saves space and protects against chaos standing around.

The apartment or house then looks tidier and tidier.

Different litter boxes depending on the location of the toilet allow a more beautiful design of the living room.

In the bathroom, for example, the litter box can be hidden in a vanity unit, but in the living room in a sideboard or chest.

Decorative and discreet, the litter box enclosure transforms an unsightly box into an elegant solution that benefits both the owner and the cat.

Cleaning, care, tips for litter boxes

Of course, the litter box enclosure has to be cleaned just as regularly as it is otherwise – preferably every day; because cats are known to be very picky when it comes to their quiet place.

As soon as the litter box becomes dirty, they look for another quiet place to do their business.

The litter box enclosure is particularly easy to clean if it has a sieve.

Since the litter boxes supplied with the cabinets often do not do this, it may be worthwhile to buy a litter box of this type.

With clumping litter, it is usually sufficient to remove the largest clumps daily.

But be careful: litter that is not too clumpy should be used for young cats, otherwise, there is a risk that they may swallow it.

Apart from the daily cleaning of the litter box, the litter box enclosure should also be wiped regularly (at least once a week).

A perfume-free neutral detergent or simply washing-up liquid with lukewarm water is suitable for this.

Litter lying around can be quickly removed with a sweeping mop.

However, sharp, chemical cleaners with perfume and essential oils should not be used, because these could irritate the sensitive smell of the house tiger so that it does its business elsewhere.
If the cabinet is not coated on the inside, painting with a waterproof paint is advisable.

It protects the cabinet from odors in the long term and unsightly stains can be removed quickly and easily.

Of course, the cabinet can also be painted from the outside in the dream color, so that the piece of furniture looks even more beautiful.

If the litter box has become obsolete at some point or is replaced by another, the cat cabinet can still be used well.

Equipped with a cushion, it becomes a cozy and comfortable place to sleep, in which the cat feels comfortable.

Owners and parlor tigers can benefit from the litter box in the closet for years to come.

The kitty has a safe and quiet place for her affairs, and her owner can enjoy less dust, smell, and stress.

A worthwhile investment!

By the way: The litter box in the closet is also a great solution for rabbits in the free-range or in free housing.

What important features should one look out for in litter box enclosure furniture?

From the right amount of space for the kitty to a high-quality cupboard that fits well with the other furnishings, there are a few things to consider when choosing the optimal litter box for humans and animals.

It is therefore always worthwhile to pay attention to test reports and reviews on purchase portals.

This way you can also find out how the litter box in the closet is accepted by other tigers.

In general, however, it can be stated that even difficult cats feel comfortable in the privacy of a litter box enclosure and then usually go to the toilet voluntarily and without further problems.

A protective cupboard can be very useful, especially for cats who have difficulty with cleanliness.

Sufficient space

The space requirement of a cat depends crucially on its size.

Even if little kittens look like they hardly need any space as soon as the house tiger grows, it is annoying when they no longer fit in their loo.

It is best to measure the future litter box by the size of the adult animal from the start.

When in doubt, the bigger the better!

Of course, there must also be enough space in the closet for the litter box.

Cat litter box enclosures often last for years, so it makes sense to have a little leeway in all directions.

In addition, the cat should be able to easily reach the litter box in the closet.

Some cat litter box enclosures are equipped with strips on the inside to keep the litter box stable.

It is then that you have to pay close attention to the dimensions since not all litter boxes fit into these cupboards.

If the cat closet has an integrated toilet, it makes sense to know where and how to buy it.

The cabinet should also be high enough.

The cupboard, or the compartment in which the cat’s litter box is located, should be at least high enough that the cat can easily stand up in it.

Otherwise, she feels restricted.

A larger closet is therefore required for a larger room tiger.

The right location

Apart from the size of the toilet, the location is also important.

Even if it seems tempting to put the toilet in the basement or the garage, you should definitely avoid this.

The litter box is used more reliably if it is in a central location and can be easily reached by the cat.

Under no circumstances should the toilet be near the feeding area, because cats are very neat animals that would never do business near their eating area.

The toilet is also incorrectly stored next to the sleeping area.

There is a cat’s nest, which she wants to protect under all circumstances.

Because the smell of feces and urine in nature could attract enemies and parasites, the cat ensures a safe distance between its toilet and its nest.

So that the new toilet cabinet is also used and not ignored, it should be set up at least three meters away from the feeding and sleeping area.

In general, cats need rest to do their business.

The litter box in the closet should therefore not be near a frequently used door or in the hallway.

A quiet corner of the room or a rarely used bathroom is ideal.

There are even extra vanity units for bathrooms with an integrated litter box!

Due to the litter box enclosure, the toilet is usually in a fixed location so that the cat knows exactly where its toilet is.

The beloved house tigers can often react sensitively to changes in this area.

The right material

A closet for the litter box should, if possible, be coated wood or plastic.

Uncoated wood is very difficult to clean and cat urine has a very pungent smell.

A cabinet that cannot be cleaned can no longer serve its purpose of disguising it.

In any case, the cabinet should be made of sturdy material and stand securely on the floor so that the cat can move around in it relaxed.

Tall cupboards may need to be fixed to the wall so they don’t fall over if the cat is restless.

However, if the dream cabinet is made of coated wood, it can be painted on the inside with water-repellent paint.

It keeps its natural look from the outside but is still safely protected.

Easy assembly

A good cat closet should be easily assembled and best equipped with detailed instructions.
When buying, make sure that all necessary parts for assembly are included.

Otherwise, missing screws and required tools should be procured beforehand, so that the cat closet quickly stands and delights people and owners.

In the case of cabinets in particular, which have to be fixed to the wall due to their height, care must be taken to use suitable dowels and screws for the material of the wall, as these are often not included in the scope of delivery and can differ from building to building.

A suitable entrance hatch

The entrance hatch must, of course, be large enough for the cat to get into the loo.

Care should be taken to ensure that young cats gain considerable size and weight.
Not all cats like to squirm and some find it annoying when their whiskers collide with the litter box enclosure when they get in.

A sufficiently large opening is therefore important.
Older cats, on the other hand, often have problems if the access hatch is too high and then avoid the toilet.

The second piece of furniture or a small step can help here so that the cats have it easier.

Whether the entrance hole is closed with a cat flap or remains open is a matter of taste.

However, the cat should already be used to cat flaps if the litter box in the closet is to be reached by one.

In addition, the flap should swing freely in both directions, so that the cat can get in and out well.

If the cat does not take the toilet with flap, it is usually sufficient to remove the flap for a few weeks until the cat gets used to the new toilet.
The manhole is available in many models and numerous shapes, for example, square or, in the shape of a cat, to match the room tiger.

Numerous cupboards have their entry hatches somewhat hidden on the side.

Climbing cats also love innovative cabinets with an entry hole on the top.

Cats who always want to have everything in view often prefer cupboards that have their hatch on the front so that they always have an overview.

When entering close to the floor, as can be useful for younger, old or sick cats, care should be taken to ensure that there is a clean-off zone.

Alternatively, the litter box should have a sufficiently high rim so that no litter can get outside.

To avoid any risk of injury, the entrance should be sanded or provided with a protective plastic curve.

The practical clean-out zone

Cat litter on every corner of the apartment, piled up especially around the litter box.

This nightmare is known to every kitty owner.

Due to its lightweight, particularly useful and well-suited ecological litter ends up where it shouldn’t be.

  • The right litter box enclosure for every room
  • Litter box enclosure for the bathroom

The litter box is particularly easy to hide in the bathroom.

It is usually located centrally enough to be easily accessible for the cat and is nevertheless withdrawn.

Cats use cat litter boxes in the bathroom very reliably.

There is usually a vanity unit underneath the sink and the specially offered models differ from them only in the entrance hatch.

So if you don’t look very closely, the litter box under the sink is very well hidden.

The production of most cabinets made of wood with white decor also looks good in every bathroom.

Depending on the furnishings, other colors and decors are of course also available.

A litter box can also be easily integrated into larger closets below.

These offer above the litter box, separated by a board, storage space for towels, soap, and shampoo.
If a young cat, who is still practicing to visit the toilet, has an accident on the way to the toilet, the tiled floor of the bathroom can be cleaned well.

Litter box enclosure for living rooms

Well disguised as a sideboard or side table, the litter box can also be discreetly hidden in living rooms.

Such furniture combines both the needs of the cat and the aesthetic demands of the owner.

Cat furniture is available in a variety of different designs and colors so that a suitable wardrobe can be found for every style.

Litter boxes are also available in numerous sizes, so there is a suitable piece of furniture for every free corner.

In the living room, the cat has a good overview of its surroundings so that it feels safe.
The top of the litter box enclosure can be turned into a paradise for cats with sisal and toys lying around or can be used as a practical storage space in the living room.

Remote controls, magazines or decorations find a home here.

This problem can be solved with a litter box enclosure. The litter stays in the closet instead of being spread out everywhere while pawing and digging.

Unlike a free-standing toilet with a high rim, the toilet in the litter box enclosure does not stand in the way but is discreetly hidden by the piece of furniture.

Good closets for the litter box have a clean-out zone.

This can be a slightly longer passage or a carpet in which the cat litter, which often still sticks to the paws of the house tiger, gets stuck.

A dirt control mat can also be positioned in the clean-out zone.

So dirt and litter never end up in the apartment but remain in the closet.

Filtering Cat oder

Some cabinets with an integrated litter box also have an odor filter, often made of coal, which prevents unpleasant smells in the home or near the litter box.

Such an odor stop is particularly recommended for small apartments.

If the desired furniture does not have such a filter, the litter box in the closet can also be easily retrofitted, for example by placing a litter box with an integrated odor filter in the closet.

When buying, you should make sure that the dimensions of the litter box enclosure match those of the usual litter boxes.

Adequate ventilation

Since a cat litter box enclosure usually contains more space than a classic hood litter box, ventilation is better here anyway.

Nevertheless, good ventilation should be ensured.

So that the inside of the cabinet does not become uncomfortable or too damp, ventilation slots are provided on some cat cabinets.

These ensure a pleasant climate in the litter box enclosure and prevent any risk of mold growth.

Otherwise, a container with salt – out of reach of the cat – or a dehumidifier can ensure that it does not get too damp in the closet.

Regularly changing the cat litter also helps to reduce the moisture around the toilet.

Enough storage space

Some cat furniture not only offers space for the loo but also storage space for the litter box scoop, fresh litter and / or food and toys.

Sometimes there are also drawers that can be filled with practical accessories or tasty things.

The cat brush can also be stowed away in the closet.

It is also practical if small trash can be stored in the litter box enclosure.

Lumpy litter can be disposed of quickly and easily.

Larger cabinets also have some space to store fresh bedding.

So there is no need to find a separate place for them.

In some cases, card cabinets also offer space to store other items.

In the hallway or in the bathroom, for example, cleaning agents can also be stowed here.
Some models are also equipped with hooks on the inside or outside so that dustpan and toys can be hung.

Inspirational design

Cats quickly get bored, especially in small apartments.

To prevent them from scratching their own furniture, it is all the more important to make their surroundings stimulating.

A litter box in the closet can be of great help here.

Tall cabinets with multiple entry hatches give the cat room to climb.

It becomes particularly exciting when she can jump from the cat closet onto other boards attached to the wall.

Coarse materials on the side or top of the cabinet allow the cat to play and scratch.

Sisal or cardboard can be easily attached using wood glue or double-sided adhesive tape.

Even softer fabrics such as felt residues can be exciting toys for the house tigers.
The cat also has an overview of its surroundings from the closet.

This makes her feel safer and more inclined to use her toilet regularly.

Best litter boxes for enclosures

The litter box hidden in the closet: a selection of great solutions for your own cat.

This is how the cat finds its quiet place and yet we don’t have to see it.

The cabinet solution is really ideal.

Select and buy online.

It couldn’t be more comfortable.

The self-cleaning litter box takes the strain out of the cat’s litter from humans.

This cleaning process is either triggered automatically or mechanically activated by humans.

There are some differences in the details of the automatic litter boxes.

However, they also have a few basic similarities.

For most self-cleaning litter boxes, manufacturers recommend using the litter.

However, some are also said to work with a so-called silicate litter.

For this reason, it should first be about the nature of the litter

Litter box enclosure – a great solution

Hiding the litter box in the closet is a great solution if the litter box would otherwise (especially in small apartments) be too visually significant; or if the cat appreciates their privacy very much and does not like it anyway when people watch everything.

And even if the cat is a big paw, a litter box in the closet, as well as a litter box with a lid, can bring great advantages, mostly it just stays clean all around.

Hiding the litter box in the closet usually has another advantage.

After all, you can not only close such a cabinet, usually, you can also use the storage space on top of it.

Or the cat can use this and has one more place in the apartment.

Closet – hiding place for guest closet

Hiding the litter box in the closet can also be a great solution, for example, if the litter box has to be in the hallway or in the bathroom, for example.

The litter box is often relegated to the guest toilet, but it is not visually attractive.

If the toilet for the cat is in the closet, then the whole thing looks almost like a bathroom cabinet.

Now the Litter Locker II next to it, and you have a clean solution for your cat and her business.

The only disadvantage of the litter box without an observer: there is no solution as a self-cleaning litter box.

But that’s not really necessary, because the automatically cleaning litter boxes usually come with a roof anyway.

Only the litter box with a sieve is usually a free-standing solution without a roof.

The cat litter box entry system also works without an observer and with little cat litter in the apartment.

The system is also ideal if a cat is one of the standing pinkers.

Litter box closet – litter box without an observer

A litter box closet is not self-cleaning, but at least you don’t always have the litter box in front of you.

Especially in a small apartment or if you can only set up the litter box in the bathroom, you don’t want to constantly see what the loo looks like or how the cat uses it (by the way, there are cats who are really shy and no spectators can use).

A litter box in the closet can be a good solution here.

The litter box in the closet should still be cleaned very regularly, otherwise, the cat will not use it, because if your toilet is with a roof or in a closed room (for example in a closet), it can lead to a build-up of air, If you do not clean the litter box regularly, the cat may refuse to do so.

Top 10 litter box enclosures + Reviews

Kerbl cat house lodge

  • Swing door with transparent flap
  • Glazed with wood preservative paint
  • Delivered disassembled in a box
  • Easy assembly using assembly instructions

After an exhausting mouse hunt, there is nothing more relaxing than retreating to the stylish cat lodge.

Here your velvet paw is protected from rain and cold.

The terrace is not only a brilliant observation area, but the large weatherproof bitumen roof also offers first-class sun protection on hot days.

Swing door with transparent flap glazed with wood preservative paint Delivery disassembled in a box, easy assembly using assembly instructions.

The terrace is not only a brilliant observation area, but the large weatherproof bitumen roof also offers first-class sun protection on hot days.


  • Well know brand
  • Nice design


  • Some instruction not available

UPP cat cabinet XXL

  • Discreet storage of dog bed & litter box
  • Indoor dog house,
  • Cat cave & cabinet combined
  • Premium pet accessories
  • Solidly made of FSC-certified.

CABINET PLUS: The piece of furniture with added value for pet owners! Our cabinet offers the unique and discreet integration of the litter box.

Keep the litter box hidden and low-odor and benefit from additional storage space and a drawer at the same time.

VALUABLE DESIGN: Our cat furniture is made of high quality from sustainable, FSC-certified wood.

Due to the manufacturing quality and the shapely design, the cabinet fits seamlessly into a modern interior.

MART COMBINED: A full-fledged, small closet that also functions as a cat cave.

But not only cat owners can benefit here.

Dog owners can also combine the closet with a dog bed and use it to create a real dog house for indoor use!

QUALITY: Thanks to the solid construction made of high-quality wood, the multifunctional cabinet can be loaded up to 20 kg.

A real premium accessory for your cat or dog.

DISCRETE: Integrate the litter box inconspicuously into your furniture or create a retreat and sleeping place for your pet that fits seamlessly into your home.


  • Good quality-price combo
  • Nice design


  • Some critics on the internet

Trixie 40233 cat house, litter box, white

The decorative XL cat house offers an elegant way to hide the litter box.

With a size of 75 x 51 x 53 cm, the cat house offers enough space, for example for additional storage of cat litter.

The large front door makes cleaning easy.

The door can be easily closed with the magnetic lock.

The house is made of high quality, lacquered MDF boards.

The shelf can be loaded up to 90 kg.

  • Suitable for hiding a litter box
  • Can also be used as a decorative dormitory
  • Prevents cat litter from escaping
  • Ventilation holes in the rear wall ensure good air circulation in the interior
  • The entrance can be installed either on the right or on the left
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to the large door in the front
  • Easy lockable door with magnetic lock
  • Suitable for cat litter boxes articles 4030 and 4031


  • Unique features
  • Good price


  • Some bad reviews on the internet

Way basics modern cat litter box furniture

  • Blackwood grain,
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Unique design

It is not wood; it is better – Made from hard-wearing example board recycled cardboard, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and free of formaldehyde and VOC

Easy to assemble, no tools required, just peel off the 3M adhesive strips and join them with easily adjustable pins; 3M industrial adhesive forms a secure unit
Strong and durable – maximum load 13.5 KG (recommended); Must be used as shown above right

Suitable for litter boxes up to 49 x 47 x 36, 8 centimeters.

Suitable for a normal notepad, including a cat notepad


  • Has two doors that are easy to open
  • Durable enclosure


  • Better version available

Petsfit wooden pet house litter box

A modern and quality design that boasts order protection features and perfectly blends into the surroundings.

Don’t spend hundreds on this enclosure because for the low price of only 129 dollars its great value for the money to keep your litter box discreetly hidden.

  • Multifunctional pet furniture that can be used as a pet house or litter box.
  • Easy to assemble and beautiful design suitable for every style.
  • Optimal protection against the smell.
  • Use of environmentally friendly and safe colors for animals.
  • Insulating mat reduces noise when opening and closing the door.


  • Good quality-price combo
  • Amazing design
  • Reliable


  • Instructions unavailable in some languages

EYEPOWER Stable cat cave ottoman seat cube

SEAT & ANIMAL BED for both dogs and cats: The indoor animal den is perfect as a place to sleep and retreat.

The cat stool for bipeds: As a cube on the sofa, footstool in the living room, make-up stool in the bathroom and bedside table in the children’s room!

WARM, SOFT & UPHOLSTERED: The walls and floor of the pet den are made of 4mm MDF in a 3D wood look.

The cushion cover on the dog house is removable.

The cuddly pillow made of fake fur with anti-slip dots on the bottom is in the cat bed.

Great hut!
HIDING ANIMAL & SEAT IMMEDIATELY! The construction of the box with the plug-in system is really quick, the foldable seat element is immediately ready for Jack Russel & Main Coon.

The stable house for playing and sleeping is perfect for a vacation with dachshunds and pugs!

Cuddly cave & animal house for dogs and cats, but also for rodents such as rabbits, rabbits and small animals such as turtles.

Cat box or dog basket?

The upholstered stool in size L fits two cats (sometimes even three) or a medium-sized dog
STORAGE, STORAGE & HIDING: sleeping place for four-legged friends made of MDF, 3D wood look – dimensions: approx.

46x46x46 cm – weight: approx.5.3kg – seat pad: high-density foam.

Dog bed & cat cave in the box, foldable, non-slip and resilient up to approx.

80 kg


  • Great storage and hiding
  • Affordable
  • Can also be used for small dogs


  • Strange design

Hermes 24 litter box cat cave wood

DESIGN: The design of the cat cabinet is not the standard from the animal department and something special for your favorite four-in-hand.

The matching litter box is included in the price.

CLEANLINESS: Your cat will love being able to use the rest of the house in a quiet place without being disturbed.

A great side effect, the toilet is not open and the litter remains in the litter box.

MATERIAL: The material for this cat cave is made of wood and is very environmentally friendly, robust and durable.

ASSEMBLY: The assembly of the cat house is very simple and becomes a child’s play thanks to a German description.

SUSTAINABILITY: All cats’ products are “MADE IN SAUERLAND” and we on-site in Germany, designed and produced.

The wood is from local forests – replica and particularly resource-conserving in production


  • Well-known brand
  • Easy maintenance


  • Some critics on the internet

Dobar “MOHRLE” Cat Enclosure

A classic white style piece that keeps your cats litter box incognito.

The quality of the enclosure surpasses many on this list, and for the 80 dollar price tags, it’s a great addition for someone who has great taste in decor and design.

I am sure your cat would absolutely love it.

  • Dimensions 41.8 x 47.5 x 46 cm (WxDxH),
  • The practical drawer offers extra storage space.
  • Hook outside and hook inside for hanging utensils
  • Ideal as a “hiding place” for the litter box or for a cat pillow
  • Also suitable for small dogs


  • Can be used by cats and small dogs
  • Nice entry design


  • Instructions missing in many languages

Modkat XL litter box enclosure automatic

TOP OR FRONT-ENTRY: The patent-pending design gives you the option of configuring the Modkat XL as a litter box for the top or front entrance.

Simply remove the front cover and snap in the walk-off platform to enter it from the front.

PREVENTS LITTER TRACKING: The Modkat XL almost completely eliminates waste tracking when configured as a high entry cat litter box.

If it is configured as a waste box with front entry, the walk-off step reduces waste tracking.

SWIVEL LID, easy to clean: just turn and shovel.

All waste left on the lid falls cleanly inside when the lid is opened.

REUSABLE LINER: The reusable liners are attached with hooks and fit exactly in the Modkat XL.

Includes a top entry liner and a front entry liner.

They are tearproof and easy to clean.

Liners can last up to 3 months.

MORE ROOM: The Modkat XL is perfect for cats of all sizes and multi-cat households.

Dimensions: 21 “L x 16.5” W x 17 “H.


  • Great space available
  • Nice design


  • Maintenance issues

Questions and Answers About the Best Litter Box Furniture

What are the benefits of cat litter box enclosures?

The litter box enclosure offers many advantages over conventional litter boxes. First of all, the most important aspect is that this cat litter box in the closet eliminates the nuisance caused by the cat’s urine in the apartment because it is an enclosed space in which your cat can then do its business.

The cat litter stays where it is, namely in the litter box. This is also different from conventional litter boxes and does additional work. This aspect also speaks for the purchase of a litter box in the closet.

Another aspect is the attractive appearance of the very well designed cat closets, which are available in many different versions. Among them, there is certainly a model that fits perfectly in your apartment and so living with your cat or, if there are several cats, makes your cats even more pleasant.

How to select the right size of the cat litter box enclosure?

Another very important point is size. Before you buy a litter box enclosure, you should check how big it must be so that your cat can move around comfortably. It doesn’t have to be a huge luxury cave, but it must be possible to turn around relaxed so that your cat accepts the toilet.

How to help your cat get used to the litter box enclosure?

If your cat “shot” into space outside the litter box enclosure, you should immediately make it unattractive: Keep the door to the said room consistently closed or move the furniture.

You can also move the feeding place to the contaminated area – because cats never do their business in the place where their food is! Temporary covering with plastic or aluminum foil also makes the space uninteresting.

In the immediate vicinity of the “No go” place, you have to set up a litter box, which you then move back to the desired location – piece by piece – every day.

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