best ways to dispose cat litter

Top 4 Tips How to Dispose Cat Litter

Cleaning your cat’s litter may not rank as your favorite chore to do, but guess what, it is super important if you share your home with your feline friend.

Yes, one of the perks of having cats around the house is their independence and compulsion to stay clean and live in a fresh environment, but even the cleanest cats will need to use a cat litter box every now and again.

Now, the million-dollar question is, what is the best way to dispose of cat litter?

Read on, and you’ll find all the information you’re looking for.

Put it in the trash

This has proven to be one of the best ways of disposing of your cat litter and to do this correctly, it is important you scoop your cat’s litter at least once a day.

To this end, you’ll want to use a litter scoop to sift urine and clumps and place the waste in a trash bag.

Once you have finished scooping, tie off the garbage bag in a nut.

For pet owners who are worried that the odor may mess up their environment, we advise you double bag your scooped cat litter, this will prevent odor and bacterial leakage.

Now, place the garbage bag in an outside trash can, especially one with a tight-fitting lid.

Please be sure to use a heavy-duty garbage bag, this is because cat litter like the clay type, can quickly get heavy.

Note: Do not scoop your cat litter and leave it sitting in a trash can, this can get stinky after some time.

More so, cat litter dust and contaminated waste can sift into the air every time the trash can is opened.

Consequently, we advise you to have it properly incinerated and far away from your home.

Compost it

Composting your cat litter is another amazing way to get rid of cats waste.

Sadly, not every type of cat litter can be composted.

To get cat litter you can easily dispose of by composting, you’ll have to settle for biodegradable cat litter.

If you opt for more traditional cat litter, you’ll have a hard time composting it, this is because they are not easy to break down.

How about flushing?

best nail clippers for felines kittens adult catsTraditional clay based litters are not flushable.

Doing this can wreak havoc to your plumbing and you wouldn’t like that.

However, biodegradable cat litters can be flushed away, as a matter of fact, this claim is believed strongly by producers of this type of cat litter.

So if you’re looking for a type of cat litter you can easily dispose of via flushing, you’ll do well to get a biodegradable cat litter.

Note: Also check out self-flushing litter boxes, its brand new and impressive technology that has been sweeping the internet lately

Bury it

For cat owners who are not very comfortable with trying any of the above methods to dispose of cat litter, we strongly advise you bury it.

And to do this effectively, we suggest the hole should be a little deep and it should be sited away from water sources.

What harm does traditional litter do to the environment?

Traditional clay based litter is no doubt one of the most popular litter among cat owners.

It is fantastic for odor control and easy to scoop when disposing of your cat litter.

Not just that, a lot of cats have no issue learning to dig into this type of litter.

However, there are several problems that come with using this cat litter.

First, clay-based cat litters are susceptible to dust.

Sadly, this isn’t good for your feline friends as they can inhale the dust, causing lung infection and possible death.

In addition to being a health hazard for you and your cat, clay-based cat litters are environmentally destructive.

For those who have no idea, clay litters are stripped mined from natural environments and will upset the ecosystem, kill wildlife and ruin the habitat.

To make things worse, all used litters end up in a landfill, which isn’t such a good thing as far as the environment is concerned.

The bottom line is, while clay litter is affordable, which is about one of its biggest advantage, it is harmful to you, your pet and the environment.

Types of Disposable Cat Litter Products

When it comes to cat litter disposal, there are lots of available products and it all boils down to personal preference and of course, budget.

Here, check out some of them;

Bio litter

A biodegradable litter is a type of cat litter that is made from natural materials and easily breaks away when disposed.

They are becoming a buzz among cat owners who are looking for a cat litter that is safe to use, easy to dispose and environmentally friendly.

Flushable litter

This type of litter comes in granules, are biodegradable and can easily be disposed of by flushing.

However, they can have your toilet stained, so you should have that at the back of your mind.

Disposable bags and litter trays

Disposable litter trays and bags are uniquely designed to make cleaning your cat litter easy and hassle free.

Once you have scooped your cat litter, you can throw them into disposable bags and have them properly disposed of.

Note: Check out Pretty Litter for litter that checks your cats health and wellness.

Biodegradable cat litter boxes

Unlike clay-based litter boxes, biodegradable litters only work with biodegradable cat litter boxes.

These type of litter boxes makes cleaning and disposing of cat litters a hassle-free experience.

They are also great for odor control.

Automatic/ self-cleaning litter boxes

litter robot cheapest priceFor cat owners who don’t want to go through the unpleasant experience of cleaning their cat litter, you’re better off getting a self-cleaning automatic litter box.

This makes cleaning and scooping super easy and you don’t have to worry your head about ensuring your cat litter is cleaned every now and then.

I advise that you check out the Litter Robot Open Air III because of its the best automatic litter box on the market.

Common Questions on how to properly dispose of cat litter

Can cat litter be recycled?

Cat litter can be recycled, however, it depends on the type of cat litter you’re using.

If you opt for clay based cat litter, then you should already know that this isn’t recyclable.

On the flip side, biodegradable cat litter can be recycled and this is thanks to the natural materials used to produce it.

Can you burn cat litter?

Again, it is possible to burn cat litter, however, it depends on the type of cat litter.

Clay litter does not burn very well and may simply collect at the bottom of the pile.

Notwithstanding, biodegradable cat litters can be burnt, this is because they break away easily and are made from natural materials.

How to dispose of cat litter if you live in an apartment

If you are a pet owner who lives in an apartment, you should most definitely get a cat litter box, this will help you easily dispose of your cat litter and have your environment free from odor and smelling fresh.

Bottom line

Getting rid of cat litter can be quite an unpleasant task, but with the right products, you can make this a hassle free experience.

To get all the information you need about litter disposal, please feel free to read through our todays post, as it has all the information you’ll ever need and more.

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