Top Catfluencers of 2020: And The Winners Are…

The last few months have seen us churn out lots of valuable and well-researched content on pet products, pet care, and more.

But today, we want to take a detour from all of that and introduce you to some of the top cat bloggers; who have shown a lot of passion and commitment towards writing valuable content about our four-legged friends.

If you’re an avid pet lover, then you’ll be blown away by some of the great content on their blogs.

In no specific order, here is a list of our top cat bloggers.

While you may know some of them already, for some of the bloggers on our list, you may be hearing about them for the first time.

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Life with Dogs and Cats

Author: Susan Willet

About Author: Susan shares her home with three rescue dogs and four rescue cats.

But while she is an ardent cat lover, Susan refuses to take part in the dog vs.

cat debate.

As a devoted pet lover, Susan enjoys writing about the unique differences and interactions between the interspecies that share her home.

She particularly enjoys her feline friends’ antics, like taking up the entire couch, hiding in boxes, and her cats’ unique desires to run the empire by taking their place on the stairs.

Her blog attracts many readerships, especially from pet owners who enjoy her unique tales and adventures with her four-legged friends.

Her sense of humor is second to none and is evident in every post she publishes on her blog.

While she is a devote member of the Cat Writers Association, Susan first considers herself an animal lover before anything else.


Website: www.lifewithdogsandcats.com

About the blog

Life with Dogs and Cats features endless entertainment and infinite love.

Every story published on this blog resonates with pet owners who want to develop a special bond with their feline friends.

Besides talking about her animal family, Life with Dogs and Cats feature brilliant content like cat news, dog news, product reviews, pets and technology, photography tips and tricks, and much more.

Each visit to this blog is bound to teach you something you can introduce to your cat.

We like the fact that content on this platform is uniquely tailored, so whatever information you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it featured on this blog.

Lola the Rescued Cat

Author: Dawn White

About Author: Dawn is not just a passionate cat lover, but also plays an active role in animal rescue efforts.

Her passion for animal welfare has forced her to imbibe cruelty-free living.

Thanks to content on her blog, Dawn has been able to inspire a community of cat lovers who have made it their job to give animals the brilliant treatment they deserve.

Thanks to her rescue cat, Lola, Dawn was inspired to share her unique story through her blog as a way of drawing attention to the importance of animal rescue.

Her recent book, Lola: Diary of a Rescue Cat is gaining a lot of traction, and Dawn has promised to donate 10% of the book’s proceed to animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Website: www.lolatherescuedcat.com

About the blog

Lola the Rescued Cat is an all-round blog that features advocacy, education, and entertainment.

That’s because they are extremely passionate about rescue efforts and animal welfare.

Plus, they also promote responsible pet ownership.

As an all-inclusive cat blog, they strive to ensure that cats get the wonderful treatment they deserve, little wonder why their content revolves around pet’s health and safety, product reviews, and tips to help keep your feline friend healthy and happy.

At Lola the Rescued Cat, you’ll get to learn about daily cat adventures that will instantly captivate you.

Through their blog, you’ll be able to see things from a cat’s perspective.

Little Big Cat

Author: Jean Hofve

About Author: Jean isn’t just a crazy cat lady; she is also a holistic veterinarian whose abundant experience allows her to provide readers with educated information about pet behavior, nutrition, and holistic feline health.

Her passion for feline health has spurred her to research and study extensively about pet food and pet nutrition.

This she has been doing since the early 1900s.

Thanks to her vast experience with pets, Jean has been featured in dozens of prints, television, and radio stations around the globe.

Her articles have inspired a lot of pet owners to take their pet’s health and nutrition more seriously.

Through her blog, Jean has been able to churn out over 100 articles around the theme of pets’ health and nutrition.

She also sends readers monthly newsletters with the information needed to raise a healthy and happy cat.

Website: www.littlebigcat.com/

About the blog

At Little Big Cat, pet owners will learn the importance of taking their cat’s health seriously.

Not just that, you’ll also learn about their food and what’s right for them.

Thanks to well-researched content, the Little Big Cat is home to tons of pet owners and guardians interested in holistic feline care, behavior, and nutrition.

Through hundreds of articles and a free monthly newsletter, the Little Big Cat blog provides lots of positive content that will bring pet owners up to speed on anything feline care, nutrition, and behavior.

They also have a shop section where you can get really nice and impactful toys for your feline friends.

If you’ve been struggling to understand your feline friends’ behavior and looking for some information that will help, rest assured that you’ll find everything you are looking for on the Little Big Cat blog.

Meg Dendler

Author: Meg Dendler

About the author: Meg lives in Arkansas and share her lovely home with her four cat and admirable dog.

Her love for writing kicked off when she first won a picture book contest in her 5th grade.

In the early 1900s, Meg took her writing career seriously and has even gone on to interview big time celebrities like Dwanye Johnson, Kirk Douglas and more


Website: www.megdendler.blogspot.com

About the blog

Meg shares wonderful stories about her four-legged friends via her blog.

Her blog has become a safe space for pet owners looking to stay informed and entertained at the same time.

With over 100 articles published, Meg ensures that there is no shortage of content on her wonderful cat blog.

Mochas, Mysteries & Meows

Author: Melissa Lapierrre

About Author: Melissa Lapierrre has always been intrigued by two things: Cats and books.

So, if you don’t catch her reading a book, you’ll most likely see her around her cat’s pen.

While Melissa is a crazy cat lady, she loves every animal and is passionate about animal rescue.

As a savvy writer, Melisa enjoys writing with a cat curled up on her lap.


Website: www.mochasmysteriesmeows.com

About the blog

Melissa’s blog talks about two of her favorite things: Books and cats.

So, if you’re a passionate cat lover who also enjoys reading, you’ll find Melissa’s blog worth checking out.

Her articles are both witty and thought-provoking.

Every article is written to entertain and keep readers informed.

Litter wonder why her blog attracts a wide readership.

Hannah & Lucy

Author: Sue Farr

About Author: Sue Far lives in the UK and shares her beautiful home with two of her furry friends, Hannah and Lucy, which she rescued from a home with over 100 cats.

While at home to rescue these lovelies, she only intended to take one kitten home, but ended up with the two of them.

Today, she is glad she made that move as both cats have been an inspiration to her.


Website: www.myblogoffurrycreatures.blogspot.com

About the blog

Like we stated earlier, Sue’s blog wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t rescue two of her lovely cats Hannah and Lucy.

Thanks to these beautiful felines, Sue is able to share her world with pet owners looking to build a stronger bond with their feline friends.

Her blog features brilliant pieces, lovely photos, and stories about their antics and adventures together.


Author: Marc-Andre

About Author: Marc-Andre has long been fascinated by cats and their antics.

His love for these intelligent creatures pushed him and his friends to start their now-famous cat blog, Katzenworld.

Thanks to his outstanding contribution to the cat community, Marc-Andre has won several awards from the Cat Writers Association.

Today he is ranked as one of the top 15 cat influencers in the world.

Website: www.katzenworld.co.uk

About the blog

Katzenworld is run by a group of friends who are united by their passion for cats.

Through their blog, these cat enthusiasts have churned out excellent content that pet lovers have found useful.

From witty stories to book reviews to pet health content and more, Katzenworld is rich with great cat content that will thrill any cat lover.

A Tonk’s Tale

Author: Lisa Richman

About Author: Besides her undying love for cats, Lisa Richman is a director of film and video and works with one of America’s iconic brands.

When she isn’t directing a video, she flies a plane as she is a certified pilot.

But none of these gives her more satisfaction than caring for cats.

As an avid cat lover, Lisa Richman strived to reduce the alarming rates at which shelter cats where been euthanized in the US.

To achieve this goal, she often volunteers at Wayside Waifs, Missouri’s largest no-kill animal shelter.

She is happily married to a physicist, who is also an ardent cat lover.

Website: www.atonkstail.com

About the blog:

A Tonk’s Tale is an incredible pet blog that features exciting and informative content every cat owner will love.

From product reviews to pet care content and more, this blog has all the information you are looking for.

While they try to keep things fun and exciting, at the same time, you cannot miss their sense of humor in every post, which something a lot of pet owners have come to appreciate.

Although they try to keep their content fun and informative, they also usher their teeming readers into a world that reflects the life of the three cats that rule their home: Maxwell, Allie, and Faraday.

It is their desire that A Tonk’s Tale becomes not only a blog that entertains and help pet lovers take good care of their feline friends but also a beckon of hope that champions animal adoption.

7th Heaven Orientals

Author: Marva Marrow

About Author: Marva’s love for cats didn’t start today.

As an avid cat lover, she has always been fascinated by these beautiful creatures and has had them at important focal points all her life.

At age 10, she adopted Dumpling, her very first cat, from a neighbor.

In a short while, Dumpling fell pregnant, and Marva was fascinated by the whole experience that she documented everything from sexes to color to growth of kittens using charts and other detailed descriptions.

As an adult, Marva Marrow came across a Javanese Male while searching for an “applehead” Siamese.

She grew fond of Java, who ended up becoming her first show cat.

It’s been a roller coaster ride ever since.

Today, you’ll find Marva Marrow either breeding Orientals or running her feline consulting business; she calls the Kitty Kouch.

Website: www.7thheavencats.com

About Blog

The 7th Heaven Oriental cat blog isn’t your regular cat blog.

This incredible blog prides on providing exclusive and well-researched information on pet care through personal experiences.

As an avid cat lover, Marva doesn’t have any kids of her own, so she showers all her cats with all the care, love, and attention they can possibly get, right from the day they are born.

Thanks to her breeding experience, Marva runs her blog in a way most pet owners have truly come to appreciate.

On the 7th Heaven Oriental cat blog, you’ll find lots of breathtaking information from their “My Cat section” all the way to their “article section.”

Buffy the Cat

Author: Paul Smulson

About Author: Paul Smulson’s love for cats didn’t start early as he admits that he spent most of his life feeling quite ambivalent about cats.

But all that changed the moment his family adopted two beautiful kittens from their neighbor.

The coming of these two beautiful kittens, ignited the cat person inside of him.

He was quite fascinated by cats’ funny antics, especially from their quirky and playful overtures.

Thanks to his undying love for cats, Paul named his blog Buffy the Cat after his favorite cat, Buffy.

Through Buffy, Paul has been able to share his love for cats with his teeming audience, who are super amazed by Buffy’s status, remarking that their cats would never do what Buffy does.

With his story, Paul aspires to inspire people to give these four-legged animals a chance.

Website: www.buffythecat.com

About Blog the blog

Buffy the Cat is an incredible pet blog that ushers’ readers into the beautiful world of Buffy, and teaches pet owners how to love and care for their cat.

Unlike most pet blogs that give general information about pet care and maybe do some product reviews, Buffy the Cat focuses on giving readers a glimpse of what the celebrity cat has been up to.

From pictures to videos and more, Buffy poses and adventures have made him a sort of celebrity, little wonder why the whole blog revolves around his life.

Through Buffy, pet owners have been able to give their feline friends the best treatment they deserve.

The news section of the blog gives readers a lot of information on where Buffy is making headlines.

When they aren’t talking about Buffy’s adventures, they take some time to encourage pet lovers to adopt these gorgeous creatures.

If you genuinely love cats or you are thrilled by the lives of cats, Buffy the Cat is the place to be.

Bling, Bitches, and Blood

Author: Amy Shojai

About Author: Amy is a passionate pet lover who hails from Texas.

Her love for the finer things of life has spurred her to hone her skills in everything fancy, and this includes her passion for animals.

In terms of skills and experience with pets, Amy is way in the league of her own, and only very few pet lovers come close.

To start with, she is a certified animal behavior consultant for both dogs and cats.

As if that’s not enough, Amy is also an award-winning author as she has written nearly 30 best-selling books on pets.

Besides setting up www.puppies.com, where she doubles as the pet expert, this rare gem has been featured in lots of print publications, including popular platforms like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Reader’s Digest.

In between all of these, Amy also finds time to sing and act.

Website: www.Amyshojai.com

About the blog

The home page for Bling, Bitches, and Blood instantly captivates pet lovers looking for well-researched information that will help them give the best treatment to their feline friends.

Whether you are a cat or dog lover, rest assured that you’ll find all the information you’re looking for as this blog is divided into two broad sections (Cats and Dog sections) to cater to the needs of both cat and dog lovers.

On either section of the blog you are guaranteed to find all the information you need to raise a healthy and happy pet.

In addition to great pet content, you can also order some of Amy’s best sellers directly from her blog.

If there is anywhere you should be getting your information from right now; it is on www.amyshojai.com

CatBox Press

Authour B.

Cat Stone

About Author: Currently living in the Southwestern United States but originally from New York, B.

Cat Stone is highly revered for her love and concern for animal welfare.

Her love for animals pushed her to establish a non-profit and no-kill animal shelter called ARCH.

Today, ARCH is home to thousands of cats and dogs who have finally settled into their forever homes.

Besides being a member of the Cat Writers Association, Barbara, as many fondly call her, is also an award-winning author.

Her latest book, “The Cat in the Music Box: A Message from Pet Heaven,” is available on Amazon.

Her genuine desire is to bring people closer to their pets while helping them understand their four-legged friends better.

Website: www.catboxpress.com/home.html

About the blog

If you like sniffing out cat content, then you’ll be blown away by the array of information available on the CatBox Press.

This fantastic blog will treat animal lovers to a variety of entertaining media on their favorite topics.

From fiction and nonfiction books written by the great B.

Cat Stone to product reviews, short stories, articles, and more, you’re bound to get the best information every time you visit her blog.

When you are not scooping, playing toy fetch, or walking your BFF, and looking for some information and entertainment for you and your feline friend, you’ll not be disappointed to visit the CatBox Press.

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

Author: Caren Gittleman

About Author:

Before her newfound love for cats, Caren, a Clevelander, worked in advertising at one of Ohio’s largest newspapers, The Plain dealer.

Today, she is a professional blogger and freelance writer.

She started her blog after meeting her current heartthrob, Cody, who helped eased her heartache when she lost her BFF, Bobo.

She desires that her blog becomes a cozy, warm, and inviting place for pet owners around the world.

Website: www.catchatwithcarenandcody.com

About the blog:

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody was started to preserve Bobo’s loving memory, a true definition of a “soul kitty,” which tragically passed on the 30th of June 2020.

Before his demise, Bobo shared 18 beautiful years with Caren Gittleman.

Through Bobo, the cat lovers’ community has come to see what it truly means to love and care for your cat.

From book reviews to giveaways and product reviews, Cat and Chat with Caren and Cody have consistently published quality information about pets that will thrill any avid pet lover.

When the blog isn’t churning out tips and tricks for raising pets, they are championing the course for pet rescue, so if you’ve always been interested in animal rescue efforts, you’ll find all the information regarding that on Cat Chat with Caren and Cody.

While the blog started as an original cat blog, it has also expanded to provide dog care information.

Cat Lady in the Canyon

Author: Pamela Knudsen

About Author: Pamela Knudsen is a die-hard lover of nature.

This explains why she has spent over 16 years living around Laguna Beach, precisely in an area referred to as the Canyon.

The rustic wonderland of the Canyon drew Pamela closer to the wonders of nature.

While her love for the rustic wonderland started as a toddler as she was super fascinated by animals, she developed this undying affinity for felines.

Her passion for cats has forced people to refer to her as the crazy cat lady.

Over the course of her life, Pamela adopted rescue cats, which have now become a major part of her life.

When she isn’t caring for her feline friends, Pamela sometimes volunteers at the Blue Bell Foundation for cats, which has become a home to many cats.

Her Blog, the Cat Lady in the Canyon, is replete with her feline friends’ amazing stories, both past and present.

Website: www.catladyinthecanyon.com

The Cat Lady in the Canyon blog is quite different from traditional pet blogs where you are inundated with tips and tricks to raising your feline friends, along with books and product reviews to help raise happy and wonderful cats.

Taking a detour from traditional pet blogs, the Cat Lady in Canyon ushers readers into the beautiful world of her and her cats.

From adventures to daily routines and more, the Cat lady gives you a glimpse of how loving and happy cats can be if giving the best care and treatment.

And before we forget, the blog also talks about her pet rescue efforts along with a story of every cat she has ever own.

Cat in the Fridge

Author: Alana Grelyak

About Author: Alana Grelyak has been an unrepentant pet lover since she was a child.

The die-hard pet lover has a Masters Degree in Music along with a flourishing writing career.

While she currently resides in Chicago, she has spent time building her pet blog.

Today, she is the sole editor of the Cat in the Fridge blog, where she champions and help provide homes for special needs kitties.

Website: www.catinthefridge.com

About the blog

If you’re particularly interested in cats, especially kitties with special needs, you’ll not be disappointed to visit Cat in the Fridge as their education articles that revolve around caring and finding homes for special need kitties.

When she isn’t talking about pet care and nutrition, her blog focuses on her fabulous lifestyle.

From things she likes to the ones she doesn’t, Cat in the Fridge provides readers with information that will keep them entertained all day long.

Have a special needs cat you’d like to care for properly?

Visit Cat in the Fridge for all the information you need to raise a healthy and happy cat.


Authors: Paris Permenter & John Bigley

About Authors: Paris and John are not just a team of professional writers.

Oh yes, they are also long-time cat lovers and married too.

While they originally specialized in business and travel writings, they have now moved on to something they both love, which is writing about their pets.

As ardent pet lovers, the couple shares their homes with their three BFFs: Inca, Lucky, Ochi, as well as two dotting dogs, Tiki and Irie, who spurred them to start their dog blog, the DogTipper.

While the couple resides in Texas, the cat blog focuses on cat adoption across the United States.

Website: www.cattipper.com

About the blog

The Cat Tipper is a superb pet blog that serves readers with witty information and tips about pet care.

Cat Tipper particularly beams its light on talking about homeless and rescue cats.

If you’re a die-hard cat lover who is particularly interested in having fun with your rescued cat while sharing the love these kitties want to give, you’ll find all the information you’re looking for on the Cat Tipper.

From reviews to tips on raising healthy cats to talking about pet café and rescue efforts, the Cat Tipper is rich with information any pet lover would like.

Today, Cat Tipper has become a positive place for pet owners who share unique interests.

And if you’d like to adopt a cat of your own, they are more than happy to provide you with all the information you want as they are big on resettling rescued cats.

Cat’s Pajamas

Author: Janet Wormitt

About Author: Janet Wormit currently runs Cat’s Pajamas Feline Grooming Studio and lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Thanks to her fantastic experience in the Middle East, where she extensively taught pet grooming, Janet learned something that would forever change her life.

From her experience in the Middle East, Janet realized that compared to the Middle East, Cats in North America weren’t getting the kind of treatment they deserved.

This spurred her to kick off her exclusive feline grooming studio.

Her studio is specially set up to care for felines.

And once every month, she gives back to the community by donating her services to the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

Besides been a trained Animal Reiki Level II, Janet is also a Certified Feline Master Groomer.

Website: www.ottawacatgrooming.com

About blog

For everything grooming, you’re prepped to get the best at Ottawa Cat Grooming.

Just like you, your cat needs to be treated to love, care and attention, and that’s all you get at Cat’s Pajamas as they provide a VIP spa environment designed to give cats a loving and life-changing experience.

If you live in Ottawa, Canada, and looking for certified master groomers to give your cat some pampering, you’ll not be disappointed to give Cat’s Pajamas a try.

Cat’s Pajamas believe that a clean cat is a happy cat; that’s why their services like shedding, treating dandruff, kitty makeovers, and more are tailored to give cats the best treatment possible.

The icing on the cake is that besides their grooming services, they also have a blog section that teaches pet owners everything they need to know about grooming.

Cat Wisdom 101

Author: Layla Morgan Wilde

About Author: Layla Morgan has a brilliant CV that will instantly thrill pet lovers.

To start with, she is a holistic cat behaviorist and celebrity cat and pet consultant earning her awards for her Cat Wisdom 101 blog.

Layla is quite passionate about less adoptable cats, particularly black cats; little wonder why she is very big on cat advocacy.

In addition to her advocacy efforts, she has championed a lot of non-profit movements based on black cat welfare, including writing a book- Black Cats Tell All: True Tales and Inspiring images, which was launched in November 2017.

She is also an elected council member of the Cat Writers Association.

While she is Canadian by birth, she doubles as an EU citizen and now fully resident in the US.

At the moment, she lives in New York City together with her assortment of spoiled cats.

Website: www.catwisdom101.com

About blog

Cat Wisdom 101 is no doubt one of the best cat blogs you’ll come across.

As a content-driven website, Cat Wisdom 101 has become the number one destination for top-notch cat content by Layla, who has years of experience in pet care.

They also have a team of experienced guest writers who work round the clock to ensure the website is regularly updated with quality content.

Since kicking off in 2011, Cat Wisdom 101 has provided pet lovers with exclusive information ranging from holistic cat care to cat behavior solutions to cat adoption and more.

In addition to that, the website also covers celebrity pet interviews, heartwarming stories, product reviews, and more that will thrill readers.

For everything pet care, this is the place to be.

Dash Kitten

Author: Marjorie Dawson

About Author: Marjorie was a born animal lover and has been in love with these four-legged creatures since she was a little girl.

For as long as she could remember, she has championed animal courses, including leading advocacy on pet adoption.

According to her, every cat needs to feel love, care, and attention.

Through her very interactive blog, Marjorie has covered some of the most difficult topics that have to do with caring for pets.

Today, she is a leading voice in the animal community and has become a beacon of hope for kitties looking for a new home.

Majorie currently lives in New Zealand, from where she runs her popular blog, the Dash Kitten.

Website: www.dashkitten.com

About the blog

The Dash Kitten blog will instantly captivate pet lovers looking for witty information about pet care.

Run by Marjorie, a highly experienced pet owner, the blog focuses on educating and entertaining readers with reviews and tutorials.

We are particularly impressed by her sense of humor and fun as showcased in all of her content.

Dash Kitten is perfect for pet owners looking for quality information aimed at raising healthy and happy cats.

Thanks to the quality of their content, Dash Kitten attracts a broad readership that spans the globe.

Besides churning out quality cat blogs, Dash Kitten also plays a significant role in cat rescue efforts as well as participating in fundraisers and auctions.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive blog that puts your cat first, the Dash Kitten is just the place to be.

Covered in Cat Hair

Author: Robin Olson

About Author:

Robin Olson was a former art director.

But today, she has relinquished that position to become a mom to nine very mischievous cats.

Not just that, she is also the president and founder of Kitten Associates, a non-profit rescue organization.

Speaking at a celebration to mark her tenth year of writing award-winning stories about her rescue efforts, Robin jokes that the aim of her blog is to warn others.

From behavioral patterns to health issues and more, Robin has been there for tons of pet owners struggling with their four-legged friends.

While she has an enviable sense of humor, Robin never throws in the towel when it comes to discussing difficult topics, even those outside her primary interest.

Trust us when we say you don’t want to miss her April Fools’ Day posts.

It is worth a read.

Website: www.coveredincathair.com

About blog

Covered in hair brings readers real-life stories about a life spent with cats.

For pet owners looking to bond with their feline friends, you’ll find solace in Covered in Cat Hair as their stories revolve around topics you can relate to.

From pet rescue efforts to socializing to standing up for felines’ rights across the globe, Covered in Cat Hair tells the story of these beautiful creatures in a way no other blog does.

If you seem to be struggling with your feline friend and looking for uplifting, witty, and humorous stories that will set you on the right path, Covered in Cat hair is the place to be.

In addition to this, you can also partner in the blogs rescue efforts to find a happy and befitting home for stray cats.

Dusty Rainbolt’s Universe

Author: Dusty Rainbolt

About Author:

Dusty’s love for cats started by a stroke of chance.

An opportunity that changed the course of her life.

In 1986, Dusty’s neighbor moved out, leaving behind a pregnant tabby cat, which soon became Dusty’s sole responsibility.

Although she wasn’t prepared for the whole experience, Dusty handled things pretty well.

Soon, she began to champion rescue efforts in a bid to find homes for unwanted pets.

Since her sojourn into the world of unwanted animals, Dusty has successfully bottle fed over 800 orphaned cats while finding homes for more than 700 adult cats and weaned kittens.

She is currently the editor-in-chief of Adopt a Shelter, an online store that donates to animal rights groups and charities.

Her books, Kittens for Dummies and Cat Wrangling Made Easy: Maintaining Peace and Sanity in your Multi-Cat Home, are all best sellers.

Website: www.dustycatwriter.com

About the blog

Dusty Cat Writer is one blog you want to visit every day, and that’s because of their exclusive information.

From product reviews to product development to pet care and more, the Dusty Cat Writer blog has everything you need to raise a healthy and happy cat.

If you’re struggling to raise your feline friends and looking for some help to make your job easy, you’ll find all the information you’re looking for on Dusty Cat Writer.

The blog also features a collection of great books written by the Empress herself, Dusty Rainbolt.

Her books are replete with stories and tips that make raising a cat a hassle-free experience.

Feline Opines

Author: Anita Aurit

About Author: Anita is an experienced writer and successful entrepreneur who resides in the inland Northwest with her loving husband and five rescued felines: Jasmine, Alberto, Oliver, Tucker, and Lilly, who have all become a part of her growing pet family.

Since she was a little girl, Anita recalls having this unexplainable affinity towards cat.

This explains why cats have always been part of her life.

Today, she is a proud member of the Cat Writers Association and has gone on to write many bestsellers.

Her recent story “All My Children Wear Fur Coats” was even selected for the latest Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul book.

When she isn’t caring for her cats or writing a new story on her blog, Anita partners with local shelters to teach classes to high school students.

She also runs a lost pet social media team.

Website: www.felineopines.wordpress.com

About the blog

Do you want to see the world from a cat’s point of view?

Then you’ll not be disappointed to surf through this brilliant cat website.

Every story and every article featured on this fantastic blog is sure to strike a nerve.

If you’re looking to learn about your feline friend’s behaviors and see the world through their eyes, you’ll absolutely love every post on Feline Opines.

While the blog does pretty well to keep every post funny and whimsical, they also feature a lot of posts that are a bit serious.

So, depending on your mood, every post is sure to thrill you.

From pet welfare to adoption and more, the Feline opines has everything you want to see in a blog.

Feline Behavior Solutions

Author: Marci Koski

About Author: Dr.

Marci has a glittering career that spans many years.

For a start, this rare gem has a doctorate degree in Fish and Wildlife Biology from the prestigious Colorado State University.

Back in 2016, Dr.

Marci worked as a biologist for the US Fish and Wildlife service.

Her passion for animals and their welfare pushed her to learn more about Feline Training and Behavior, an area she has a certificate for.

Using her platforms and blogs, Dr.

Marci aims to prevent pet owners from abandoning their feline friends because of their unruly behaviors.

It is her belief that the number of cats been abandoned in shelters by their owners can be greatly reduced if pet owners truly understand what’s causing their cats to act the way they do.

She doesn’t only teach about cat behaviors; she also proffers solutions, which is great.

Thanks to her contribution to the animal world, Dr.

Marci has been nominated for many awards, including the Women in the Pet Industry Network’s Woman of the Year Award, where she is a finalist.

Website: http://www.felinebehaviorsolutions.com/blog/

About the blog

When it comes to cat behaviors, no one understands it better than Dr.

Marci, and with her blog, Feline Behavior Solutions, Marci provides pet owners with all the information they need to fix their cat’s unruly behavior.

Do you have a cat with litter issues you’ve been struggling with?

Well, the Feline Behavior Solutions blog provides you with excellent tips and tricks you can explore to solve this issue.

Not just litter issues, the Feline Behavior Solutions blog also cover areas like cat aggression, enrichment, and play, cat introduction, health, and safety.

For everything behavior training, the Feline Behavior Solutions blog is the place to be.


Author: Jenny Dean

About Author: Jenny was a born cat lover and was gifted a Ragdoll cat when she was only 8.

Unfortunately, Skittle, as she called him, died when he was only two years old.

After the death of Skittle, her family adopted another cat, which Jenny fell so in love with.

Her unwavering love for her cat meant she would often return to Kansas City just to be with her lovely feline friend.

After her assiduous educational journey, Jenny decided to start a blog writing business and has since then continued working on her blog, the Floppycats.

Today, her blog is loved by tons of followers.

In addition, she has a strong social media following and hopes to provide her teeming readers with exclusive information about the Ragdoll breed.

Website: www.floppycats.com

About the blog

If you have a Ragdoll breed and looking for information on how to keep your feline friend healthy and happy, you’ll find all the information you need on Floppycats.com.

Unlike other cat blogs that talk about cats in general, this blog beams its light on the Ragdoll breed.

At Floppycats, you’ll find all the answers and advice you’ll ever need to raise a healthy, happy, and active cat.

From Ragdoll adoption and breeder information to cat health and nutrition tips to cat behavior training and more, the Floppycats blog has everything you’re looking for and more.

Take a moment to check out their latest post, and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.


Author: Debbie Glovatsky

About Author: Debbie Glovatsky is the brain behind one of the most popular cat blogs you’ll ever come across.

As an ardent pet lover, Debbie works round the clock to help homeless and abused cats, as well as the organizations that help rescue them.

Through her Blog, Debbie has been able to raise over $40,000 in cash which was used to buy essential supplies and food for cats in need.

Thanks to her work, Debbie Glovatsky has been recognized for her efforts to ensure that cats get the treatment they deserve.

Over the years, she has won several awards for her photography, social media efforts, design, and blogging.

Website: www.glogirly.com/

About the blog

The blog Glogirly majorly features two complicated but funny cats, Waffles and Ellies.

Their antics, banters, witty storylines, and snickering will have every cat lover laughing.

And you know what, the blog doesn’t only focus on Waffles and Ellies.

They also provide readers with information on cool stuff like product reviews and giveaway specials.

From the coolest must-haves to the hippest and everything needed for style-conscious kitties, you’re bound to find all the exclusives at Glogirly.

When they aren’t talking about cool stuff, they are talking about serious topics like supporting homeless and abused cats.

Through their blog, they have been able to raise a lot of funds towards pet rescue efforts.

Following Cats

Author: Tina Barbour

About Author: Tina is what you’d call a late bloomer with pets, and that’s because it took her a while before she realized just how loving and adorable cats could be.

Although she didn’t get the chance to start on the right foot with pets, welcoming her first cat into her life gave her a glimpse of how life can be a lot better with loyal feline friends.

Thanks to her passion for words, her blogs, and social media platforms have become a welcoming place for pet owners.

Today, she and her husband live in Altavista, Virginia, and share their home with three wonderful cats, Natasha, Abbey, and Connor.

Website: www.followingcats.com

About the blog

Following Cat details a life with cats and how our relationship with our feline friend brings out the best in us.

From paying attention to your cat’s health to their nutrition and general behavior, Following Cat revolves around the joy and excitement that comes with treating your cats the way they should be treated.

For cat owners who have a dotting relationship with their fur friend, Following Cats let you improve the bond you already have with your dog.

And just like many cat blogs, Following Cats also champion pet rescue efforts.

Head to their website to read some of their exclusive and fun posts.

I have Cat

Author: Tamar Arslanian

About Author: Tamar is a hopeless romantic whose love for cat only started after she separated from her ex.

While she has always been in love, the men always left as they came.

Amazingly, her four-legged friends were loyal and stayed long after the men had left.

Her experience with her cat opened up a new chapter in her life.

It also brought a new thinking about life, food, and even men.

It was her experience with her cat that spurred her to start her blog.

Her witty, humorous, insightful blogs and social media channels have attracted tons of readers.

She has so far refused to fall for the Cat Lady stereotype.

More so, her recent book, “Shop Cats of New York” is on presale and features well over 40 of New York’s finest cats.

Website: www.ihavecat.com

About the blog

I Have Cat chronicles the life of a singleton who found a new lease of life, thanks to her three cats.

While the blog provides exclusives about her adventure with her cats and her love life, content on her blog revolves around finding meaning and making life work with your feline friends.

The blog reiterates the loyalty and friendship of cats.

When they aren’t talking about their celebrity cat interviews, they churn out content relating to product reviews.

So, if you’re interested in detailed product reviews, then I Have Cat is the place to be.

Besides publishing quality content, I have Cat also plays a sensitive role in cat advocacy efforts, especially as it relates to pet rescue.

Traveling Dog Lady

Author: Kathleen Mueller

About Author: Kathleen lives a quiet life, surrounded by her three lovely cats: Tux, Cali, and Newman.

Amazingly, she is not just a cat lady but an all-round pet lover, as she also shares her home with two adorable dogs, Copper and Charlie Brown.

As a die-hard pet lover, Kathleen has shared most of her life with many pets and has even gone on to care for many senior cats foods .

Through her blog, Kathleen is able to share her experience about caring and raising animals with her teeming readers.

Having endured a bit of loss in her life, Kathleen is super qualified to write about how pet owners can cope with the loss of their pets.

Website: travelingdoglady.blogspot.com

About the blog

Travelling Dog Lady was specially launched to give readers a glimpse of what caring for pets really looked like.

While the name of the blog looks like its content revolves around dogs in general, you’re sure to find a lot of mind-blowing content on your feline friends, the cat.

And that’s because before becoming a crazy dog lady, she was first a crazy cat lady.

Through her blog, the Travelling Dog Lady, Kathleen has been able to chronicle her experience with raising pets.

If you have a multi-cat home and looking for hands-on experience to raise your feline friends, you’ll learn a thing or two from Kathleen’s experience via her blog posts.

Just for Cats Pet Sitting

Author: Rita Reimers

About Author: Rita’s love for cats kicked off since she was a little girl.

As a matter of fact, her grandfather gifted her, her very first cat, a grey tabby kitten, when she was only seven years old.

Even though she was unable to care for it, her love for cats never waned.

At one point in her life, she insisted on dressing up as a cat for Halloween.

Today, she shares her home with a lovely cat.

Her love for cats and her experience from living with a cat of her own showed her how challenging it is to find quality in-home pet care.

This pushed her to start her own pet care company, which eventually gave birth to Just for Cats Pet Sitting.

Today, her company has two locations, one in Beverly Hills and another in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Website: www.justforcatspetsitting.com

About the blog

Caring for your cats can be super challenging, especially if you have a busy schedule.

Not just that, finding quality in-home care for your cat can be quite tricky.

But guess what, at Just for Cats Pet Sitting, you have experienced and reliable hands to give your feline friends the treatment they deserve.

And because your cat’s favorite place is home, this company will send qualified sitters to help look after your cats.

If you ever need to travel for business or pleasure and looking to leave your feline friends in trusted hands, you’ll not be disappointed to check out Just for Cats Pets Sitting services.

And you need not worry about their rates, as they offer fair pricing for their services.



Author: Lauren Merryfield

About Author: Lauren is a mother to one human and three exceptional cats, Toby, Maryah, and Laynie.

She currently lives in Oregon and shares her beautiful home with these lovely felines.

Her two fantastic books: There’s More Than One Way to Love a Cat, and There’s More Than One Way to Be Okay: A Blind Woman’s PURRspective on Life, have become best sellers.


Website: www.catlines.com

About the blog

Lauren’s cat blog is the place to be if you’re interested in every cat.

Her articles are crafted in such a unique way that they keep readers informed and entertained while learning about their furry legged friends.

Although blind, her blog has become the sight to connect with her teeming readers who enjoy every content on her blog.

Giving her background, Lauren has written lots of great content that help with pet loss and bereavement.

Cat Blogosphere

Author: Roby Harton

About Author: Roby is a magnificent cat lover with many years of experience in dealing with these intelligent creatures.

She currently owns one cat, Sanjee, which is both her buddy and best friend.

Her relationship with her cat spurred her to try out blogging in a bid to share her remarkable life with her feline friend.


Website: www.blog.catblogosphere.com

About the blog

The Cat Blogosphere is a brilliant and online news hub that attracts readership from the cat blogging community.

This unique platform kicked off in 2006 and has remained relevant till now.

While the platform features an entertaining chat room, it also has a calendar and links to shops where cat lovers can easily place orders for products they like.

Mollie Hunt

Author: Mollie Hunt

About Author: Mollie lives in the Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon, and shares her home with her husband and adorable cats.

Outside of her love for cats, Mollie Hunt is an animal shelter volunteer, mystery writer, Trekkie and crowns it with her title, the “crazy cat lady.”

She is a champion of animal rights and also a member of the Cat Writers Association.


Website: https://lecatts.wordpress.com

About the blog

Mollie Hunt runs a beautiful blog that documents cat mysteries, antics, and more.

While some of her content are humorous and entertaining, she also regularly publishes posts on serious topics.

From book reviews to product reviews to tips and more, her blog features brilliant pieces you’ll love.


Author: Karen Nichols

About Author: Currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area, Karen is a renowned pet influencer, author, writer, and Illustrator.

She is not just a successful blogger but also a proud member of the Cat Writers Association.

In 2010, she was one of the seven finalists nominated for the Cat Chow Correspondent search.


Website: www.mousebreath.com

About the blog

Mouse Breath is a unique cat blog that features brilliant content that revolves around cats lifestyles.

We love the fact that her blog is filled with humor and entertainment.

Not just that, the blog sometimes publishes information on cat art and craft in general.

Through her blog, Karen hopes to continually churn out enjoyable content for cats and cat lovers alike.

Natural Cat Care Blog

Author: Liz Eastwood

About Author: Liz is a proud cat lover and is highly devoted to cat’s health and wellness.

Thanks to her blog, Liz has been able to draw readers’ attention to the growing cases of cancer among cats.

Besides being a pet lover, Liz is a holistic nutritionist who has this undying affinity towards felines.


Website: www.naturalcatcareblog.com

About the blog

The Natural Cat blog revolves around cat health, particularly cancer, which is becoming prevalent among cats.

Their content center around nutrition and how healthy nutrition can help curb the spread of cancer.

If you’re looking for lots of good information on how to give your cat a healthy, happy, and all-natural life, you’ll find her platform worth a read.

One Drawing Daily

Author: Thomas Clausen

About Author: Thomas is so obsessed with cats that he often finds himself drawing these gorgeous creatures daily.

His affinity towards cat drawing kicked off in 2014 when he took up the challenge to draw one cat every day.

While this challenge was aimed at reigniting his passion for drawing, which he had left for some time, it has become an integral part of his work.

Today, he commissions custom pet portraits and more.


Website: www.onedrawingdaily.com

About the blog

One Drawing Daily is a fantastic blog that features beautiful portraits of cats.

If you’re a pet lover who loves to watch brilliant images of your feline friends, you’ll find every minute on the website worth it.

Paws for Reflection

Author: BJ Bangs

About Author: BJ Bangs love for cats started when she was a little girl.

Her desire to see cats get the treatment they deserve propelled her to start her own very cat blog.

Mixing her experience with time tested facts has allowed her to deliver a unique perspective to her readers.

When she isn’t cradling her feline friends, she is totally engrossed in a new book or writing a new post for her blog.


Website: www.bjbangs.net

About the blog

BJ Bangs is an outstanding blog that shares information about anything that has to do with cats.

From rescue efforts to state and local legislation to pet heroes to stories and more, this blog is filled with entertaining content you’ll love.

Take a look at some of her brilliant content, and you’ll agree that her blog is worth a read.

Pet Blog Lady

Author: Lisa Taron

About Author: Lisa lives in Canada and has been very vocal about her love for cats.

She particularly has a soft spot for rescue groups and has always found a way to support them.

Over the years, Lisa has taken it upon herself to support pet-loving entrepreneurs who manufacture products she believes will make cats’ lives better.


Website: www.petbloglady.com

About the blog

The Pet Blog Lady is a fantastic blog complete with well-researched, humorous, and entertaining content.

The main aim of this blog is to celebrate the wonderful bond pet lovers share with their cats.

It was started in 2006 and has become a special place for pet lovers looking for complete information on everything pet care.

Rascal and Rocco

Author: L.E.


About Author: L.E.

Mastilock has two beautiful cats she and her husband adopted.

These two lovely cats have become part of the home she shares with her loving kids.

Rascal and Rocco inspired her blog as she would eventually name them.

Since the family adopted these cats, Rascal and Rocco have filled their home with joy, thanks to their crazy antics and unique personalities.


Website: www.rascalandrocco.com

About the blog

Rascal and Rocco is an entertainment blog that chronicles the adventures of two belly rubbing and loving goofballs adopted by L.E Mastilock.

From their graceful walk to their weird eating habit and even weird sleeping positions, the antics of these lovely cats always delight readers.

Playful Kitty

Author: Robin Mudge

About Author: Call her the crazy cat lady, and you’ll not be wrong.

And that’s because of her crazy love for felines.

Her sojourn into blogging started when she lost her first cat Obi-Wan to a deadly illness.

Although she tried to save his life, she didn’t get the help she required.

Today, her website has become a safe space where she provides information on raising healthy and happy cats.


Website: www.playfulkitty.net

About the blog

Rising from her experience with her sick cat, Robin started her blog, the Playful Kitty to share her knowledge and what she would have done differently with what she knows today.

At the playful Kitty, pet lovers find complete information about pet care, wellness, and health in general.

Reigning Cats and Dogs

Author: Sandy Robins

About Author: Sandy is a professional writer and an incredible cat lover.

Her experience with pets has prompted her to author four books, which are all doing very well.

Some of her works have been highly recognized and published on major platforms, including today.com, MSNBC, and Zillow.com.

She believes that cats and dogs mirror their owners’ lives, so they should always be treated well.


Website: www.sandyrobinsonline.com/blog/

About the blog

Sandy’s blog features mind-blowing information that documents the beautiful relationship pet owners share with their felines.

Through her brilliant blog, Sandy has highlighted and shared innovative ideas and trends that will promote human and animal bond.

Her blog is a safe space for both pets and their owners looking to build a happy, loving, and memorable relationship.

Sandpiper Cat

Author: Rachel Shubin

About Author: Rachel Shubin resides in Fairfax, Virginia.

Being an ardent pet lover, Rachel has always wanted a cat of her own.

This encouraged her to adopt a pregnant foster cat; she named Sandpiper.

Her intention was to nurse Sandpiper, blog about her pregnancy, and give beach names to all her kittens.

Unfortunately, she miscarried, and Rachel used the opportunity to share her whole experience via her blog.


Website: www.sandpipercat.com

About the blog

Sandpiper Cat is an exceptional blog that features outstanding content about our fur friends.

Through Sandpiper Cat, Rachel intends to channel her cat thoughts in a unique way that pet owners can relate to.

Today, the blog features unique pieces on product and book reviews.

She also does a few giveaways every now and then.

Stunning Keisha

Author: Pattie Kleinke

About Author: Pattie has always tried to make a case for cat rescue.

Together with her husband, they were able to rescue Keisha from a local shelter in 2016.

The beautiful Keisha has now lived with the couple for more than ten years and is the primary inspiration behind the couple’s cat blog.


Website: www.stunningkeisha.com

About the blog

Stunning Keisha revolves around a beautiful cat with a unique character.

While the blog is filled with lots of entertainment and stories aimed at making readers chuckle, the blog sometimes features serious stuff like pet rescue efforts and adoption.

Scratchings and Sniffings

Author: Yvonne DiVita

About Author: Yvonne’s love for cats started when she was a veterinarian’s assistant.

Although it was a long time ago, she remembered the whole experience like it was yesterday.

Through her daily encounter with animals, especially cats and dogs, Yvonne started her blog to connect with other pet owners.

Today, she is glad she made a move as her blog has become a safe space for pet owners and their furry friends.


Website: www.scratchingsandsniffings.com

About the blog

Scratchings and Sniffings was intentionally set up to allow dedicated and sincere pet owners to connect with each other.

Thanks to their wonderful stories, photos, and videos, this blog has become a place where pet owners can easily engage with well-researched content they can relate to.

To cap it off, this blog also features a blend of news from the pet world and a splash of fun to go with it.

Sundays at the Shelter

Author: Maggie Swanson

About Author

For as long as she can recall, Maggie has always spent her Sunday mornings volunteering at PAWs, an animal shelter in Connecticut.

As an advocate for cat rescue, she has always encouraged pet owners to give their feline friends the fantastic treatment that they deserve.

Through her work, she has been able to find homes for many cats.


Website: www.shelter-cats.com

About the blog

Sundays at the Shelter is a unique platform that features beautiful photos of cats taken at local shelters.

Through the blog, Maggie wants to bring awareness to rescued cats’ plight while encouraging pet lovers on the need to adopt.

The Cat Site

Author: Anne Moss

About Author: Fondly called the crazy cat lady, Anne has never hidden her undying love for cats.

When she isn’t taken care of her beautiful cats, she is reading a book or volunteering at local cat shelters.


Website: www.thecatsite.com

About the blog

The Cat Site takes a detour from what you’d normally see from a pet platform.

This brilliant website has become a go-to platform that attracts over 100,000 cat lovers who share their daily experiences with their furry friend with other cat lovers.

The Cat on my Head

Author: Janet Blue

About Author: Despite growing up as a dog lover, Janet says she prefers cats and is now fondly called the crazy cat lady.

She and her husband currently share their home with eight wonderful cats.

Thanks to her B.A.

in English and her love for cats, she now runs an exceptional cat blog with lots of great content.


Website: www.thecatonmyhead.com

About the blog

The Cat on My Head is a superb blog with lots of entertaining posts.

Not just that, it also tries to sensitize pet owners on the Universal bill of rights for all cats.

To keep readers engaged, this extraordinary cat platform chronicles the antics of past, present, and feature cats.

The Conscious Cat

Author: Ingrid King

About Author

Ingrid’s love for cats drove her to get her very first cat Amber, the inspiration behind her successful pet blog.

In her own column, Ingrid referred to Amber as a wise old soul hidden in a feline body.

Thanks to their wonderful relationship, Ingrid would later get two more conscious cats she named Allegra and Ruby.


Website: www.consciouscat.com

About the blog

Cat consciousness is not an area many cat owners pay attention to.

But thanks to the Cat Conscious platform, Ingrid is trying to draw pet owners attention to this very important area of pet care.

This superb platform has become a robust resource for conscious health.

The Island Cats

Author: Sue Doute

About Author: Sue and her husband live on the beautiful island of Grosse Ile.

This inspired them to call their three lovely cats: Ernie, Wally, and Zoey, the island cats.

Her love for animals, in general, inspired her to start blogging in 2008.


Website: www.island-cats.com

About the blog

The Island Cat website ushers pet lovers into the exceptional world of three lovely island cats and their adventures.

From pictures to witty stories and more, the blog features lots of fun stuff you’ll love.

And to spice things up, they often talk about cat policies, product reviews, and more.

The Creative Cat

Author: Bernadette Kazmarski

About Author: Bernadette lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As a die-hard animal lover, she often volunteers at rescue shelters while championing animal courses.

She likes to foster sick, geriatric, and feral cats who need socialization.

Her experience has taught her that life with rescue cats can be fun today and sad the next day.


Website: thecreativecat.net

About the blog

The Creative Cat website is filled with lots of wonderful articles, arts, and photos that will intrigue pet lovers.

Being a die-hard animal lover, her blog revolves around pet care and cat rescue efforts.

This blog aims to share everyday experiences when it comes to raising healthy and happy cats.

Weggieboy’s Blog

Author: Doug Thomas

About Author: Ever since Doug was forced to retire, he has tried to keep himself busy, and one way he has done that is by spending quality time with his felines.

His two cats, Andy and Dougy, have now become his best friends as he spends the better part of his life with them.


Website: www.phainopepla95.com

About the blog

The Weggieboy’s blog shares wonderful stories about Doug and his beautiful four-legged friends.

From their daily routines to pictures to adventures and stories, the content of his blog will leave your reading one post to the next.

Way of Cats

Author: Pamela Merritt

About Author: Thanks to her relationship with her husband, Pamela learned to love cats.

It was he who encouraged her to adopt her own cat from a local shelter.

Since getting a feline of her own, it has been a roller-coaster ride filled with lots of fun and adventure.


Website: www.wayofcats.com/blog/

About the blog

Way of Cat is a unique platform that teaches pet owners how to develop a close bond with their feline.

If you have problems communicating with your feline friend, you’ll get all the tips needed to up your relationship with your cat on the Way of Cat blog.


Frequently asked questions

Are there cat blogs dedicated to just cat nutrition?

Every cat blog serves a unique purpose to its readers.

While there are cat blogs that cover everything from cat care to cat welfare to nutrition and more, some cat blogs are specifically dedicated to exploring cat nutrition.

So, if you’re only interested in cat nutrition, we are sure you’ll find a number of impactful cat blogs out there with interesting articles about cat nutrition.

An example of such blog is the www.littlebigcat.com.

And if this blog doesn’t do justice, a simple google search will provide you with an array of options.

How can I fix my cats unruly behavior?

A lot of cats get abandoned by their owners because of their unruly behavior.

Yes, cat tantrums can be a bit annoying, but guess what?

Their unruly behaviors can be fixed.

If you’ve been struggling with your cat’s behavior and looking for a solution that might help, you can check out a few cat behaviors blogs we highlighted in today’s post as they have a collection of helpful tips that have proven to help solve annoying cat behaviors.

Can I participate in pet rescue efforts?

If you are a die-hard pet lover, you’ll agree that cats go through a lot of difficult ordeals.

Thankfully, they are not alone as there are a lot of pet rescue organizations out there doing their best to find homes for abandoned cats.

You can simply make donations to such organizations that champion pet rescue efforts.


Every cat deserves to be treated wonderfully.

Thanks to our list of top cat bloggers, pet owners will be inspired to give their feline friends the VIP treatment they deserve.

From books to product reviews to feline care and behaviour, all the blogs listed in today’s post offers some unique proposition you don’t want to miss out on.


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