Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Center Cat Toy Review

Cats are curious by nature and they can easily get bored, which when combined, may lead to disastrous and unfavorable behavior.

They sleep for an average of 15 hours a day that’s why they need a lot of stimulating experience when they’re awake.

This product provides that and more.

The Trixie 5-in-1 Activity Center is a board game cleverly built for your cats to play with and have them occupied for a long time.

Trixie has 5 different puzzle games which your cats need to solve in order to get treats as the reward.

Each activity has been designed to train specific senses and skills like clawing and the sense of your feline.

Some of these games may be more challenging to your cat than the others, keeping them hooked until they get to solve them.

review TRIXIE board game

Features of the Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Board

  • 5 challenging games in 1 board
  • Booklet containing instructions, tips, and tricks to make the best out of the activity board.
  • All-plastic material which is dishwasher safe
  • One year warranty

The Games

  • Pegs – Lets your cats map out a hunting strategy to get the treats out. It trains your cats to do multiple swipes in different directions to get the treat out of the maze. Most cats find this as one of the most challenging among the five.
  • Tunnel – Has mouse holes where treats and toys can be stashed. Cats need to reach for the food inside, giving them a nice stretch and a good exercise for their sense of touch.
  • Alley – Lets them claw treats out even while resting. It also allows your cats to stretch their legs and claws out to get food.
  • Globe – Has fishbowls designed to get your cats to scoop the treats out of them
  • Tongue – Built for liquid treats. The slits on this prevent your cats from using their paws.


  • 5 well-designed puzzles in one board to challenge your cats’ curiosity and intelligence
  • Keeps them occupied for around 15 to 30 minutes a day, depending on your pet’s ability
  • Sturdily built to handle even big cats
  • Rubber edges to prevent slipping
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • Parts are removable for easier cleaning
  • Works even with declawed cats
  • Can be used as an alternative to a feeder or food bowl
  • Slows down your cat’s feeding time by having them work hard for it first
  • Good for households harboring multiple pet cats


  • Quite pricey for a cat toy
  • Cats with really large paws may not be able to get the treats out of some puzzles
  • Cats allergic to plastic will not be able to play with it
  • Highly intelligent cats may easily get bored
  • Many haven’t tried the Tongue puzzle yet for lack of liquid feeds


The Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Center is an inventive toy to keep cats occupied for a long time.

It’s a great way to mentally and physically stimulate them while giving them food as a reward.

It’s suitable for most cats of any age, with each puzzle giving varying degrees of difficulty which can help your cat work for their meals and keep them active.

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