Trixie Cat Activity Game Brain Mover Review

Trixie’s Game Brain Mover lives up to its name by providing your cats a 4-in-1 puzzle toy that’s sure to keep your cats curious and occupied for quite some time.

It has 4 puzzles that will require your cat’s undivided attention and patience to solve each one.
Each puzzle in the board has been designed to hide treats in various ways.

There are holes, ball domes, a couple of sliding compartments, and drawers to help you do just that.

The aim is to let them solve each challenge using a variety of skills.
The game board features the following 4 puzzles:


Game 1 ‘ This involves 2 holes where you can put dry treats inside.

You can put the balls included in the package to cover the holes and hide the treats.

The balls have a hole where scent can pass through.

Your cat needs to use their sense of smell to determine which hole has the kibbles.
The holes are also quite narrow to make it more challenging for your pet to scoop out the treats they’ve found.

This is the easiest puzzle on the board.


Game 2 ‘ A set of sliding blocks hide a compartment underneath where treats can be stashed.

Your cats need to move the blocks to find the hidden treasure.

You can even put a ball on top of the blocks to add another obstacle on this puzzle.
This is for intermediate level cats who are used to similar puzzles.


Game 3 ‘ A lever is connected to a hidden compartment at the side of the game board.

Cats need to push this lever to let the side drawer slide out and reveal the dry treats it holds.
This is already very challenging for many cats.

Most of the time, they’ll just happen to push the lever by accident to release the hidden drawer.


Game 4 ‘ This is the most challenging puzzle and purely relies on your cat’s curiosity to be solved for the first time.

The hidden compartment doesn’t have any holes where scent can come out or levers that can get accidentally triggered except for a rope attached to it.
brain mover cat toy reviewThis puzzle strongly invites your cats to utilize their inquisitive nature.
The package also includes a booklet that has tips and tricks on how to keep this game board interesting for your cats.


Features of the Brain Mover

  • 4 physically and mentally stimulating puzzles in one board, present varying degrees of difficulty
  • Each puzzle requires a different set of skills to resolve
  • A booklet full of suggestions on how to best use this game board
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 9.8 x 7.8 x 3 in
  • Weighs approximately 1.3lbs
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer


  • 4 challenging puzzles in one board
  • Puzzles present varying degrees of difficulty
  • Really stimulates your cat’s mental aptitude
  • Rubber feet prevents the toy from being moved around
  • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • Easy to clean and it’s dishwasher safe
  • Made of non-toxic, plastic materials


  • Some treats are too small and get stuck in sections like the sliding drawer on the board
  • Parts that are removable like the globe-shaped cover may roll under your furniture and get lost
  • Bigger cats may have a problem sticking their paws in some of the puzzles since they may be too narrow for your cat’s paws


  • Place treats first on the easiest parts of the puzzle to get your cats accustomed to it
  • Put a rubber mat under the game board to prevent it from moving around. This mat will also serve as an area where kibbles can fall off as your cats scoop them off the compartments


Trixie’s Game Brain Mover is a very challenging treat dispenser which enhances different skills to deliver a quality experience to your cats.

The game board is suitable for cats who have ample experience in using toy dispensers.

It can still be used to train beginner cats, though, since it also has a puzzle that’s very easy to solve.

The only issue with this toy is that small treats may get stuck in some puzzle sections.

Some holes, especially those on Game 1, are quite small and not enough to accommodate bigger paws.

Overall, this game board enhances their problem-solving skills, tests their patience, trains their physical skills, and enriches their senses, making it a good buy.

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