Trixie Cat Activity Solitaire for Cats Review

TRIXIE Pet Products Solitaire Game for Cats is a puzzle toy similar to the cups and balls trick wherein your cats need to find where treats are hidden inside the cups.

Solitaire has 7 shallow compartments on a circular board where treats can be placed.

You cover each of the compartments with a small opaque dome to hide the treats in plain sight.

Each dome has a small opening at the top to allow the scent of the treats to pass through.

The goal is to get your cats to knock only the domes hiding a kibble.

The toy’s setup encourages your cats to use their sense of smell to find the hidden treats.

Cats are natural hunters and with Solitaire, you’re emulating a similar scenario occurring in the wilds wherein the predator uses all their skills to capture their prey.

You should only place a few kibbles on selected compartments and not on all of them.

This toy challenges your cat’s curiosity and sense skills.
The toy package comes with an instructional insert containing tips and other tricks you can do to make the most out of this toy.

Features of the Trixie Cat Activity Solitaire

  • A circular platform with 7 food compartments
  • 7 dome covers to hide the treats from your cat’s sight
  • Small holes are carved on top of each dome to let the treat’s scent escape
  • A booklet with tips and tricks on how to best use the toy
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 7.8 x 3 in
  • Weighs approximately 12oz
  • One year warranty from manufacturer


  • Keeps you cats curious with this new challenge
  • Encourages your cats to use their sense of smell to ‘hunt’ for their treats
  • Domes can be used as balls
  • Rubber feet installed under the toy’s base to avoid slipping
  • Domes are lightweight and easy to push aside
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable to any age of cat
  • Made of non-toxic plastic materials


  • The dome can roll around and even get under your furniture and other hard to reach areas
  • Cats can quickly lose interest once they get the hang of it
  • Some cats may just knock every dome off to look for treats


  • The dome itself can be used separately as a treat-dispensing toy. Put some treats in and hide it anywhere you want until your cat finds it
  • Normal treats may not be very effective to use especially if they’re not really smelly
  • You may need to watch over your cats on their first time with the toy. Some cats tend to just knock everything off until they find the treats.

My Conclusion

Solitaire is ideal for cats who are not yet very familiar with treat-dispensing toys.

The challenge the game poses is very simple yet it enhances your cat’s sense of smell.

It lets them exercise their predatory skills by having them ‘hunt’ for their food hidden under each dome.
Remember to put very smelly treats on the toy.

This encourages them to look for the source of the smell and then you can lead them to play with the toy.

As your cat gets used to Solitaire’s mechanics, you can slowly revert to using less smelly treats.

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