Trixie Mad Scientist Cat Toy Review

Trixie Mad Scientist features 2 interactive puzzles in 1 toy to make your cat’s mealtime more fun and challenging.

And just like with other cat feeders, this toy aims to slow down your cat’s eating habits and provide them an entertaining contraption at the same time.

The Mad Scientist consists of 3 vials resting at the top and a pegged board at the bottom.

The vials can be covered with patterned lids.

Patterns are shaped differently to make it harder for food to pass through.

This challenges the cats’ patience since they need to flip the vials a number of times until the feeds fall through the holes.

This is where the 2nd puzzle on the toy comes into play.

After the kibbles fall onto the pegged board below, cats will need to swipe it out of the maze to eat them.

Your cat needs to do a mixture of swiping patterns to get the food out of this puzzle.

Food can be directly placed in the pegged board if your cat cannot yet determine what the vials above are for.

Features of the Mad Scientist cat toy

  • It has 2 puzzles in 1 toy to stimulate your cat mentally and physically
  • Package contains 3 vials with two lid sets punctured with different patterns
  • The interactive puzzle will surely slow down your cat’s feeding pattern
  • Made of sturdy plastic material

When using the Trixxie toy

When using it for the first time, it’s advisable to leave the vials uncovered to make it easier for your cats to understand its purpose.

As your cats get used to it, you can try covering it with the lid with the bigger hole and then move to the one with the smaller hole to increase the game’s difficulty.

Combine covered and uncovered lids to further step up the puzzle’s challenge.

The games are meant to stimulate your cat’s problem-solving abilities and keep them busy during snack time.

This one-of-a-kind treat dispenser will surely pique your cat’s natural curiosity.


  • Easy to follow instructions for assembling the toy
  • The effort needed to get a single kibble out will surely reduce your cat’s nibbling speed
  • Provides varying levels of challenges by combining the patterned lids
  • Stimulates your cat’s problem-solving ability
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning


  • Can easily spill treats out
  • Its lightweight frame might make it easier for cats to drag and move it around

My final Conclusion

The Trixie Mad Scientist is a little different from other cat toys, presenting a new way to challenge your cat’s solving abilities.

It might prove too challenging and might turn your cat off

Its important to:

  • Attach the toy to a heavy rubber board to prevent it from slipping or getting tipped over by stronger and bigger cats
  • Be patient when teaching your cats how the toy works, especially when you’ve just introduced it to them
  • The puzzle is pretty challenging that’s why it’s advisable to remove anything near which might distract your cat’s focus

The game’s increased difficulty will definitely keep your cats focused and challenged for some time and will prevent them from being bored.

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