Trixie Snack Box Cat Toy Review

Change the way you give treats to your cats withTrixie Snack Box . It’s a dry food dispenser with a little twist to give your cats an easy challenge during their snack time.

Trixie Snack Box consists of two parts: the dome-shaped upper part which has 3 arches and a ridged lower part. The ridges on the lower part make it look like an egg tray designed to hold the food in place. The corrugations make it a bit harder for your cats to just swipe the treats out of the Snack Box.

The domed upper portion, when connected to the lower part, creates 3 holes where cats can insert their paws to claw out food.
This food dispenser can handle approximately 1 cup of dry treats and can be used as an alternative to your pet bowl. Not only will it slow down your cat’s eating progress but also stimulate your cat’s mental and physical aptitude by having them do a little work to get a reward.

Trixie Snack Box’s package includes a booklet complete with tips and tricks to you can use to keep your cat engaged with the toy/food dispenser.

Dont forget to

  • Watch your cats if they’re using it for the first time. Some cats may just try to tip it sideways to get the treats out.
  • Place the treats on different areas to make it more challenging for your pets
  • Don’t fill the base with too much food. Filling it to the edge will encourage your cat to just nibble the food directly from the Snack Box instead of clawing it out.

TRIXIE Snack BoxFeatures

  • Removable top for easy food placement and cleaning
  • Consists of two parts both made of plastic
  • Dishwasher safe materials (easy to clean)
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Booklet containing instructions.
  • One year warranty

Pros and Cons

Good Points

  • The holes are big enough to accommodate any size of cat paws
  • Suitable for cats ages 3 and up
  • Rubber edges prevent the board from slipping
  • Everything’s made of durable plastic
  • Works even for declawed cats
  • Sturdily built to handle even big cats
    Can be an alternative to a food bowl or feeder
  • Slows down your cat’s eating habit
  • It’s dishwasher safe

Bad Points

  • Holds only a cup of feeds
  • Might get boring for your cat
  • Only for dry treats


The Trixie Snack Box adds an easy task to your cat’s eating routine, enabling them to use their physical and mental awareness to get food treats. It encourages them to be more active, keeping them far from boredom. It’s ideal for pets who aren’t familiar yet with treat dispensing toys.

And is recommend for cats who are bored and who eat too much and too fast which is cause excessive weight

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