Trixie Snack Roll Cat Toy Review

TheTrixie Snack Roll is a tube with strategically placed holes for dispensing treats.

The holes vary in size to accommodate different sizes of treats.

These holes also prevent bigger treats from getting out of smaller holes, making it a little challenging for cats in finding the correct combination of holes and treats size.

The package comes with a booklet containing additional tips on how to get the best out of your Snack Roll which gives you a few ideas what you can do with it.

The canister has a large opening where treats can be poured, Three tubes can be found inside the canister which can be removed or adjusted to obstruct some of the holes to change the difficulty level.

This toy will test your cat’s hunting instincts since they may need to turn the Snack Roll over and over until a treat comes out.
The Snack Roll’s body is made of rubber to help it roll quietly and avoid slipping.

Features of the Trixie Snack Roll

  • Package contains the Snack Roll with a removable lid and 3 adjustable rods
  • Can be filled with any size of dry food
  • Comes with an insert complete with tips on how to keep your cats entertained with the Snack Roll
  • Adjust the holes size for variant difficulty
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer


  • All parts are completely washable
  • Made of strong materials to handle rugged playing
  • Easy for cats who are just beginning to learn using treat dispensers
  • Dishes out a nice number of kibbles when rolled over


  • Holes are too big and may release too many treats at a time
  • Some cats will fail to use it, as expected.
  • You might find that your cat is too good for it and may lose interest in using it.


The Trixie Snack Roll is meant for cats who haven’t been introduced to treat dispensers yet.

Some cats may find it boring, though, because it needs to be rolled around which takes human intervention.

However, its simple food rewarding method is the product for training cats before giving them more complicated toys. It’s a good training ground for them because it has easy mechanics they will immediately understand.

You may find it makes a mess so its recommended to covering some of the holes so it will prevent too many treats from spilling out of the Snack Roll

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