The Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews

When all else fails, water is life….

If you want have your cats will nourish with cool clean water then you know that tradition water bowls are not exactly the best solution and here is why…

  • Water get dirty
  • Can form mould around the bowl
  • Insects like mosquito larvae can form in the water
  • The water i not fresh and clean and may prompt your furry friend to go drink some place else, this can a real hazard for poisoning

Some of these reasons might of prompted you to be on the lookout for a new cat water dispenser, but you are probably unsure where to start looking.
You will see on this page that there are many water dispensers available on the market and work for both dogs and cats. On this page you will find a list of reviews of some of the best water drinking fountains that will provide you the optimum solution for your cats health and your peace of mind.

The Top Pet Water Drinking Fountains

There are hundreds of these products on the market and its hard to differentiate between some of them as they all do similar things but come with their own list of Pros and Cons.
These water drinking fountains are meant to allow a steady flow of water that is fresh and aerated what will remove unwanted germs that will encourage your cat to drink more water for proper nourishment.

It should be noted that all drinking fountains are perfect for both dogs and cats, favourable for kittens, adults and seniors.

Click on the links below to find out more information on any particular drinking system below.


aqua-purr-review-1Aquapurr Water Drinking System

For all you faucet drinking cats out there…

This product should work for pets who are actively drinking from the faucet, and will not use a water fountain. For this product, you no longer have to worry about turning on or off the faucet just so your pets can drink. The system allows for cats to instantly drink from the faucet.

The system will automatically sense the presence of the cats, and when your pets step away from the faucet, the stream of water will also stop. The great thing about this system is that you no longer need to worry about cats leaving the faucet on when they want to drink.
Its an incredibly smart system for clever cats.

  • Perfect for faucet cats
  • Smart sensor pad that detects your cat for on/off functionality
  • Never waste water from cats that cannot turn off the faucet


drink-well-multi-teirDrinkwell Multi-Tier Plastic Pet Foundation

The unit is designed beautifully, with water flowing in at least two tiers, thus motivating the pet to drink fresh water. The Drinkwell pet fountain works with a replaceable high quality charcoal filter that helps ensure the freshness and cleanliness of the water.

More importantly, this unit allows cats to choose at what level they will drink their fresh water. This water fountain comes with three tiers, and can accommodate up to 100 oz of fresh water.

  • Filters the water with a charcoal filter
  • Multi tier dispenser
  • Up to 100 oz of fresh water



PetSafe-Drinkwell-Platinum-Pet-FountainDrinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

The Platinum Pet Fountain is a slick looking fountain that complements modern decor. it comes with a 5-inch free falling water stream. The unique design of the unit will motivate your cats to drink a healthy intake of more fresh water.

The unit is made from durable plastic, and can accommodate up to 4.9 liters of water. There is also a filter that works in the unit that will help screen the dirt, thus helping your pets drink fresh and clean water.

  • Filters out dirty water
  • Universal drinking platform for all kinds of pets (big and small)



Cat-Mate-Pet-Fountain-reviewCat Mate Pet Fountain

This unit will provide your cats fresh water every time of the day. This should work for pets that do not like to drink from their bowls which will prevent your cats water from moulding, becoming still and stale. The Cat Mate is designed to work silently and is designed with a multi-level platform pool that allows your pets to drink at 3 different heights. This should work for small pets to all the way up to adult and senior cats.

  • 3 Multi-tiered drink platform
  • Fit for multiple cats



Ceramic-Avalon-FountainPetsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain

This Petsafe water dispenser is another great looking product that adds a classic modern charm to your home while providing your cats with fresh and aerated filtered water so your cats can get hydrated at all times.

Just like other products made from ceramic, this unit is easy to clean, and can help reduce the risks associated with bacteria build-up. There are two areas where the cats can drink their water- top and bottom.

  • Ceramic aesthetics compliment decor
  • Filtered water
  • Elegent styled bowl


360-fountain-Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

If you have problems with your cats and how they respond to water fountains,then let them use this Drinkwell 360. The fascinating design of the unit will entice cats to drink water from the fountain. The product comes with a unique-looking free-falling fountain like water stream that stands 5 inches and a round container so cats can drink from the same container at the same time.

This should work for pet owners with multiple pets in the household. This can carry up to 128 oz of fresh water, and allows pet owners who want to customize the spout rings.

  • Works best for multiple pets
  • 128 oz of water
  • Filtered and drinkable solution


PetSafe-Drinkwell-Stainless-Steel-Zen-Water-FountainDrinkwell Zen Steel Pet Fountain

Designed like your traditional looking water dispenser, but with a twist…
The Drinkwell water fountain features a circulating system to ensure the freshness of the water to prevent them from potentially contaminated water.

The smart 3-layer charcoal system filter is another amazing feature that manages your cats water for you without needing to change it regularly.
The filter must be replaced after some time, but it helps keep your cats water fresh and drinkable.

  • Easy to manage
  • Charcoal filter for the freshest water


catit-reviewCatit Fresh & Clean Stainless Steel Top Fountain

This Catit system features a recirculating system similar to other systems you see on this page, it allows your cat to get fresh water every time they need it and encourages them to drink more regularly.
A dual working filter is at work here in keeping the water fresh as it can be and also prevents debris and cat hair from getting tangled in the system.
This steel top fountain can carry up to 64 oz o fresh water.

  • Prevents small debris like cat hair
  • Cats water fresh with filters




catitCatit Design Fresh & Clean Drinking Fountain

This Catit water dispenser can features up to 100 oz of water with a compact and subtle design. Itoffers a recirculating system for the freshest for your pet to keep them nourished through out the day. It’s a tall water dispenser which means that your pets will no longer need to bend down to drink the water, but its not optimal for kittens. The bubbling water supply comes from the center part of the unit, and bubbles all the way up to the surface. This unit works with a filter cartridge just below the centerpiece that ensures cleanest water.

Also note that cats can be fussy and this may not be the optimal unit for your cat.

  • Not fit for all cats (fussey cats and kittens)
  • small and compact design



PagodaPetsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain

The ceramic designs are my favorite if you are into the classic designs and don’t like the idea of using plastic.

With the Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic fountain, cats will be treated to a dual free-flowing streams, contained in a ceramic bowl. Since the system constantly facilitates the flow of water, the water is aerated and fresh keeping it fresh and cool for your furry friend.

The unit features a charcoal filter for clean water and can store up to 70 oz of water.

  • Great looking design
  • Stores 70 oz of fresh running water
  • Easy to maintain and clean



KurmaKurma Best Automatic Pet Water Fountain

With the Kurma water fountain is has a 3 tier bowl system where pets of any size can drink water. The most striking factor of this design is the one on top of the unit that re-creates a mini-waterfall which can be seen as a good thing and a bad thing depending on your personal taste. This water dispenser also comes with a 2-step filtering process that ensures the freshness and cleanliness of water to avoid a build up bacteria.

The product comes with its own pump system and is silent to the ear and allows you to regulate the flow of water from slow to fast. As a water fountain, this product can store up to a gallon of water, and a full tank can last for a few days.

  • Young and adult cats
  • Regulating water flow
  • Waterfall like feature
  • 3 tier water bowl system



Pioneer-Pet-Big-MaxPioneer Fountain Big Max Stainless Steel or Ceramic versions

This is one of the best units out there, at least in terms of water capacity and price. The Pioneer Fountain Big Max can store up to 128 oz while keeping a constant flow of filtered water to your pet. This water fountain from Pioneer is made from stainless steel and can also be purchased in a ceramic version to your preference which helps make this dispenser a great addition to your home.

The use of stainless steel as material will ensure that water is delivered cool every time. There are two major parts of the product and fresh water comes from the top and delivered to the bottom.

The recirculating system of the unit allows for the delivery of fresh and cool water that prevents the risk of bacterial forming.

The filter and housing is located at the bottom of the system enclosed in a plastic housing which helps promote a stress-free operation, free from irritating pump noises we all hate.

  • Silent pump system
  • Charcoal filter
  • Stainless steel and Ceramic



Drinkwell-pet-water-dispenser-Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

For pet owners looking for a steady stream of fresh water for pets, then the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain can work. This unit also allows pet owners to control the amount of flowing water.

Water is delivered through a 5-inch water fall, which allows your pets to drink anywhere, at any angle. It also comes with a replaceable charcoal filter which helps reduce the amount of contaminants in the water. And with a 50-oz capacity, a full tank can allow the unit to deliver fresh water of pets for a number of days. If you are looking to supply more water for cats, pet owners can buy an extra 50-oz water reservoir.

  • 50-oz water
  • Fliters
  • waterfall like feature



Pioneer Pet Raindrop fountainPioneer Stainless Steel Raindrop Design

For pet owners looking for a modern and elegant water fountain, then the Pioneer Stainless Steel Raindrop water fountain would be a great solution with a 60-oz capacity and unique design, the addition of the fountain in your home can make a dramatic effect. There are two areas where the pets can drink water- they can get water from the top, or at the bottom.

According to some customers who have purchased the unit, they noticed that some cats also love licking the slide. The unit is designed with a slide, to ensure that the water will not splash, and the system ensures that water is constantly recirculated. This product also works with a replaceable charcoal filter to keep hair and other debris out of the water. The filter and the pump are housed in a plastic housing.

  • Splish protective housing
  • 60 oz capacity


Petsafe Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain

Pet owners can count on fresh circulating water to keep pets entertained and hydrated at all times. This unit also has its own classic and modern design. The unit can store up to 100 oz of water, and can work for kittens and medium-sized adult cats.

This product is made from BPA-free plastic, with a ceramic tower where the water runs out. There are two filters working in this unit- a foam and carbon filter. Thanks to these two filters, the water that is supplied to your pets is fresh, clean and free from odor.

  • BPA free
  • Debris removal filter
  • Elegant design


Petmate-Fresh-Flow-Pet-FountainPetmate Fresh Flow Pet Fountain

With a 108 oz capacity, this product allows for the continuous movement of water. This ensures that water is always fresh to help avoid stagnant water that can be harmful to your pet. The water circulates on a slide, and a small waterfall is created that adds fun to the experience of drinking water.

You don’t need to worry about the water that will splash on the floor. There is a filter working on this product which can help promote a clean and safe water for your pets, without the usual dirt and debris. Also, this will serve as a great addition to your home since the unit will not create noises when it is operating. The pump of this unit is submerged in water, one reason why this product does not create noises that can upset your cats or the members of the household.

  • Silent design
  • Removes debris from the water



catit-design-reviewCatit Water Fountain with Food Bowl

This Catit Water Fountain is designed to recirculate the water, thus providing the pets with fresh water every time. Also, a special charcoal filter is included in the design to help take away the dirt and debris. This comes with a dome and bowl where cats can drink water.

Based on customer experiences, the product can store up to 100 oz of water. When you buy this unit, you can count on an extra bowl that can serve as a feeding bowl for cats. This extra bowl can also serve as another container where the other pets can drink their water. Although the pets can drink mainly from the bowl, some pets can also drink water from the dome.

  • Removes debris
  • 100 oz water capacity


Gravity Cat Water Dispensers

Gravity water dispensers don’t use your typical electrical pumps like the automatic pet water fountains do, they working based on a design that used gravity to dispense water at a optimal rate for your pet to be well nourished.
Gravity water fountains are cheaper and in some cases less convenient for cat owners as they require more maintenance and cleaning, however at the price point is very attractive for owners who are on a tight budget and dont want to spend over $50 for a pet water fountain.

Pro tip: Another main positive, they can be used to dispense water or food, not at the same time but if you purchase one each of the following units below then you can allocate one feeder/waterer hold food and water.


Petmate Pet Cafe Waterer

Fashion meets function- this is how customers describe the Petmate Pet Cafe Waterer that supplies water to cats for a few days. The hopper comes with a larger opening, thus allowing pet owners to easily clean the unit. You can easily refill the hopper, and secure the water. Also, the product is environment-friendly, thanks to the use of a thermoplastic polymer resin.



PetSafe-Healthy-Pet-Water-Station-ReviewPetsafe Healthy Pet Water Station

This product features a removable stainless steel bowl, which allows for easy cleaning. The choice of material for this product ensures that no bacteria will develop on the unit. This also features a unique water flow control, that even if you turn the container upside down, water will not leak.

The unit is constructed from stainless steel. The use of stainless steel will not just create a good looking water dispenser, but will also create product that can work for different kinds of cats. Pet owners who will buy this product can expect a wide mouth, which means that they can easily clean this using a brush.

This is highly recommended for cats that are allergic to water fountains that are made from plastic. The moment the water reservoir has been attached to the base of the system, the product will start to release water to the cats.



bergan waterer dispenser

Bergan Petite Gourmet Waterer

With its 1.5 gallon capacity, this Bergan unit can work for small cats. The water holder is made from a transparent material, thus giving you a chance to track the water level. The water holder comes with a detachable cap, which will not release fresh water, unless it is locked into the base.

Also, pet owners will notice its wide opening, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. The stable base ensures that the unit will not tip over. The use of a wide reservoir will also ensure that many pets can drink water at the same time, and also ensures that short or large-nosed pets can easily drink water.


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