What is a female cat name

What is a Female Cat Called – 3 Weird Names Your Probably Didn’t Know

There are some things we probably never want to talk about or simply don’t care to know.

Some of these things are very fundamental and usually carry some special power.

For example, being a cat lover, I would expect that you know exactly what a female cat is called.

But there are probable instances that you have never bothered to know.

If you have particular interests in cats, you should have all the information about their history, taxonomies, and tips on your fingers on how to care for them.

The question of what a female cat is called is very important, especially if you want to adopt a cat.

So do female and male cats have the same name?

Over time, I have come across a couple of terms referring to a female cat.

It surprisingly astonishes someone how all these names have been around, and no one talks about them.

In all the names, Molly, Queen, and Dam, some key differences and points justify specific names.


You’ve probably heard most cat owners’ referring to their female cats as queens.

This is a very fitting name for a female cat, but it’s not a general form of referring to the cat.

Generally, this name is used when the cat reaches breeding age, pregnant, or nursing.

If the cat is in those three categories, she will possibly be referred to as a Queen.

The word ”queen” is sourced from the word ”Queening” which is the process of giving birth to cats and nursing them.

Another supporting point is that most free-ranging domestic cats have a matriarchal structure.

The female cat is always in charge of everything that goes around in their kingdom.


Any cat is referred to as Molly generally.

It’s actually a female version of a Tomcat.

However, this name fits all the cats before it gets pregnant or gives birth.

Surprisingly, a male cat is referred to as Tomcat, but a female cat would never be referred to as Molly cat, It’s just Molly.

The origin of this name is not specifically familiar.

So, just call your female cat a Molly unless she’s nursing or pregnant.


You might have come across this name.

Some people can refer to cats as Dam, but most of them think that the name is a lesser-used term.

This means that you may never hear this name in a conversation.

Dam is generally used in a more technical sense.

People that are involved in cat breeding can use this term more often.

But for normal people, this might not be very necessary to use the name.

The main reason why Dam is used rarely is that it refers to a purebred female cat.

The term is mainly used for recording and maintaining the records of cat breeding.

You won’t have to use this name in a common conversation unless you are asking about a certain female cat breed or wants to adopt a female cat.

Are there any other names for Female Cats?

Yes, a couple of them.

As a matter of fact, different people use different names to refer to their cats.

Some of them call their female cats Tommy.

The name that can be used depends heavily on different situations.

Some people names their cats differently depending on the adoption case, the situation the cat was rescued, and how much they love them.

But the only recorded names are the ones I’ve listed above.

Why are female cats called Queens?

As explained above, the word Queen comes from the process of ‘’queening”.

There are several reason why people regard to female cats of maturity age as queens.

Firstly, this name ordinarily means the honored woman or a female ruler.

The use of the word Queen to refer to cats started in England.

However, people from other parts of the world adopted this name because of the ruling characteristic of the cats.

They are known for running and taking care of all occurrences in their kingdom.

This means that female cats are matriarchal in nature.

In the feral cat colony, the senior female cat, mostly a female cat, has dominant powers over the rest of the family.

In a multi-cat household, the male cat will always give females priority and allow them to take higher priorities such as access to food and hunting.

This is mainly because a queen in the cat colony is always either pregnant or nursing.

This is the reason why the term Queen is used to refer to nursing or pregnant female cats.

The male cat understands that the female cat at the maturity age is expectant or nursing, and they have more nutritional needs.

It’s always a good strategy to keep them in good health.

The female cat, either pregnant or nursing, receives priority in food access because the male cat wants to increase the likelihood of getting their genes healthy to the next generation.


What do they call a female cat?

A female cat is called a Queen in a cat breeding context.

But there are numerous formal and informal names for the female cat.

Why is a female cat called a Molly?

Some people call a female cat Molly, but the origin of this name is unclear.

The female cat can be regarded as a Queen when pregnant or about to give birth.

Are female cats more affectionate?

Female cats are more loving and affectionate.

Some of them tend to connect emotionally with their owners and run against anything while being vocal.

But non-neutered and non-spayed male and female cats have some funny behaviours.

This is what makes it unclear whether a certain cat gender behaves differently.


How do you want to call your female cat, Molly, Queen, or Dam?

Just chose the name that perfectly fits your cat, depending on the age and stage of life.

Generally, cats can be called Molly, but if your cat is nursing, you might have to regard the cat as a queen.

There’s unclear evidence to where these names came from, but they are official and specifically important to cat lovers.

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