What To Feed A Sick Cat That Won’t Eat

What To Feed A Sick Cat That Won’t Eat – 8 Alternative Foods

When cats don’t feel too good, they usually stop eating and will grow worse in the coming days.

But for your cat to feel better, you must stop this dangerous cycle right away.

Yes, people always joke about cats’ finicky eating habits; however, it’s always something serious when your feline friend suddenly stops eating.

For cat owners whose sick cats suddenly stop eating and are running out of ideas on what to feed their sick feline friends, we have got you covered as today’s post has all the information you’re looking for and more.

What to feed your sick cat and get it to eat

Caring for a sick cat that just wouldn’t eat is quite frustrating.

But guess what, we have found a few tricks that have proven quite helpful.

Yes, there are many reasons why your cat may suddenly stop eating, and if you want to boost your sick cat’s appetite, you have to go the extra mile to make the food attractive and delicious.

And while doing this, make sure you don’t leave out old food.

To make your cat’s food look extra delicious and inviting, you can try an excellent stinky wet food; this normally entices a sick cat.

You can also try parmesan cheese or add some tuna juice to your cat’s food.

Try the following great food if your cat is sick and refusing to eat

Yes, cats love dry foods.

But when they are sick, cats are known to reject dry foods.

So instead of trying to get your sick cat to eat dry foods, you can try adding the following food to their food bowls and see if they like it.

  1. Try serving your cat some meat baby food.
  2. Because sick cats don’t do too well with dry foods, you can serve them wet/canned food. It will be great if you stick to stinky foods like seafood.
  3. Sick cats also love chicken broth. So, feel free to add some to their food. And there is no problem whether it is kibble or canned. While doing this, please try to avoid chicken broths that contain garlic, chives, onion, or onion powered. Ingredients like these are known to be very toxic, especially to sick cats. You can also use powdered broth mix.
  4. Sick cats are known to love spicy food. So, to get your sick cat eating again, you can add some juice from tuna or anchovies to your cat’s regular food.
  5. Sprinkling a bit of grated parmesan cheese on your cat’s food will surely entice your feline friend to grab a bite or two. Thanks to the cheesy and salty flavor that comes with grated parmesan cheese, your cat’s appetite will get some much-needed boost.
  6. If you’ve always served your cat cold food, make sure you warm her food in a microwave or warm water before serving her when she is sick. And please make sure it isn’t too hot.
  7. Cats love probiotics, so feel free to sprinkle some on your sick cat’s food. You can mix a small amount in the main food and use the rest as food toppings. Probiotics are great appetite boosters, so when included in your cat’s diet, will definitely improve her appetite.
  8. Nutritional yeast powders are also great when you want to boost your cat’s appetite, so it’s okay to sprinkle a small amount on your cat’s food. Thanks to their cheesy and nutty flavor, your sick cat’s taste bud will go crazy. Besides its brilliant flavor and great taste, nutritional yeast powder is also very rich in Vitamin B.

If all these foods don’t entice your feline and it continues to turn down meals, then the next thing to do is visit your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and care.

At the vets, your cat may be forced to eat using a feeding tube.

This is typically done to help maintain your cat’s weight and overall health.

Should your cats continue with regular diets when they are sick?

For your cat to fully recover, there is a need to feed her with both water and food consistently.

And in terms of food, we would advise you to stay away from dry foods until your cat feels better.

Another thing you should do is separate sick cats from other pets.

This way, you’ll know who is eating the food.

While nursing your sick feline, make sure it always has access to fresh water.

For cats that love canned food, they are most likely to drink very little water, and that’s because canned foods already contain some water.

If your cat is struggling to drink water, you can feed her water directly using a clean syringe.

And if you don’t know how to do this effectively, you can reach out to your veterinarian for some help.

If things aren’t getting better, your cat may be hospitalized to get the support and necessary care it requires.

Frequently asked questions

What is the best appetite stimulant for cats?

If your cat is sick and suddenly stops eating, it can be quite daunting to get her to eat even her favorite meals.

Thankfully, you can try some appetite stimulants to boost her appetite.

A good one will be drugs like Mirtazapine.

Although it was developed to treat nausea, it has proven to help increase appetite.

How long can a sick cat go without eating?

Without water and food, the most a sick cat can survive is three to four days.

Plus, going two days without water and food will leave a cat malnourished.

So, if your cat is sick and suddenly stops eating, it will be wise to seek urgent veterinary care.

Should you force feed your cat?

For many cat owners whose sick cats refuse to eat, there is that desire to want to get them to start eating again.

Unfortunately, force-feeding isn’t always a good option as you may end up choking your cat.

To get your cat eating again, try to seek urgent veterinary care.


When your cat stops eating, it’s super important to figure out why it suddenly stops eating.

Either your cat is being extra picky with food or suffering from an underlying health condition, there are many reasons why your furry friend can suddenly stop eating.

And if you have tried all the tips listed in today’s post and your cat is still refusing to eat, then it’s time to visit the vets for prompt diagnosis and care.

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