Why Do Cats Meow?

Most cat owners are troubled and concerned by the loud cries and meows of their pets in the middle of the night.

This has been a common and certainly one of the more annoying behaviors of owning cats, particularly older ones.

So why do cats meow and cry in the middle of the night?

Well, cats often cry because they seek attention from their owners and they want to be reassured that they are not being left alone.

Cats’ meow during daytime is natural, but when it cries at night, it seems more demanding and disturbing to cat owners.

There are reasons why cats behave this way.

It can be due to changes in the surroundings or due to a change in residence or place of rest.

If these are the problems, then your cats may need time to adjust.

Cat owners need to understand this behavior carefully and find ways to minimize problems on cats meowing habit.

Breaking the habit

Direct association of cats with a human especially feeding time directly affects its behavior and habit.

Some cats will normally approach their pet owners if they see food.

While this may seem like a natural thing to do, keep in mind that this is undesirable.

You can break this habit of your cats by establishing routines for play time and feeding, as well as for attention-seeking.

If they started meowing, don’t show them that you are rushing things just to give them what they want.

Instead, let them wait for some time by ignoring their cries for a few moments before attending to their needs.

Cats are definitely intelligent pets.

So next time you show them your food, they can be able to wait until the food is served.

Pay attention to your older cats

Some cat owners might experience louder meowing among older cats compared to younger cats. This is basically due to their loss of hearing so it’s better if you consult a veterinarian to conduct the hearing test.

In some cases, older cats seem bewildered.

Older cat’s eyes may not be as good and as sharp compared to younger cats.

So, turning the night lights on will save cats from being confused or lost especially in the dark.

Don’t let your cats get bored

Once your cats wake up, it is best if it has something to play with.

Play time helps prevent cats from being stressed and upset.

For instance, you can also hide its toys and let your cat find them.

If the cat is not bored, meowing will be lessened.

Playing hide and seek using toys and food will keep cats feel entertained.

Consider leaving out some pieces of biscuits to eat, too.

Give them something to chew until their regular feeding.

Younger cats find it easier to call or cry to seek owner’s attention.

It is not a good idea to leave cats all alone.

There is a need for owners to talk to their pets from time to time for them to feel that they are being cared about.

Cat owners need to know that cats depend on them not only for accommodation and food but for reassurance as well guaranteeing that they are not being left behind.

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