Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

You may have noticed that your cat can fall asleep anytime they want to. Unlike us who have trouble sleeping due to stress and other factors, cats can sleep without a care in the world.

Why is the world so unfair? Have you ever wondered why your cats sleep so much? Heres a bit of information that will help you understand your feline friend better.
Why do they sleep for the whole day?
Humans sleep around 8 hours a day. Cats, on the other hand, spend an average of 15 hours each day sleeping. Older cats sleep even longer around 20 hours each day. In comparison, cats sleep almost twice as much as we humans do every single day.
How is this possible? Here are some reasons for this behavior.

Nocturnal creatures

Cats are nocturnal animals. When the whole world is sound asleep, cats are wide awake. They usually sleep all day and become more active at night. That s their sleep cycle and we can t do anything about it.

Cats spend all the energy they have at night. They roam around and hunt for prey all night. This is why you can find them dozing off in a corner for the rest of the day.

Energy conservation

The ancestor of domesticated cats are like lions and tigers. They belong to the same predating species born to hunt. You can still see this behavior when they pounce on their yarn ball much like how lions pounce on their next food.

This is another reason why cats sleep all day. They conserve their energy to prepare for the nighttime hunt. Even though they’ve been domesticated, their natural wiring still manifests in their daily activities.

Bad weather

Humans love to sleep during rainy days. Most of the time, cold days overpower us, lure us back to our beds, lull us to sleep, and make us forget we have to move and go to work. Cold weather also has the same effect on cats.

Cats tend to move around more during sunny days and get lazy during cold days.
More about their sleeping behavior
Cats don t sleep for 15 hours straight. They doze in and out of sleep much like humans do. They usually have a light sleep which then transcends into a deeper slumber, allowing them to go to the land of dreams.

This deep sleep happens only around 25% of the time. Most of the time, they re in a light nap which allows them to spring into action when danger arises.
Cats also dream when asleep. This happens when they’re in deep sleep with eyes shut tight. Twitching paws and whiskers are signs they’re dreaming.
Cats also snore just like humans do. This happens more often as your cats grow older. This just means they’re relaxed and in deep sleep.
If you observe a rapid change in the sleeping habits of your cat, this may be a sign of an underlying illness. Cats usually sleep less than usual when they’re suffering from pain or some disease. If you observe other symptoms, bring your pet to the vet for immediate medical attention.

Final Thoughts

It’s normal for cats to spend most of the day sleeping. This is how they’re wired much like how they retain the predator instincts they got from their ancestors.
So, don’t give them a hard time when you see them sleeping all day. The energy they save during the day sleeping is spent at night when it’s time to hunt for prey.


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