Why Does My Cat Bite Me When I Pet Her?

If you are a passionate cat owner, then you will agree that cats tend to scratch or bite its owner for no apparent reasons.

In fact, even if you show love or caress the cat, there’s still a big chance that your pet will bite or scratch you.

Well, it happens, and it’s called ‘love biting’.

The label may seem harmless, but keep in mind that according to animal behaviorists, it is actually petting-induced aggression.

You are not alone in this dilemma because most pet cat owners are experiencing the same situation as you do.

To respond properly to this feline behavior, you need to understand the reasons why they act like that.

Oftentimes, a cat seeks serious attention from human beings, especially from her owner.

Once they feel no attention is given to them for a long time, that’s the only time they become aggressive and become attention-seekers.

They easily change the behavior from friendly to violent depending on the treatment given to them by owners.

So what motivates these cats?

Listed below are some of the best explanations related to this behavior.

Cats are not dogs – There’s a big difference between cats and dogs.

Cats are much sensitive compared to dogs.

Dogs can alter their behavior just to please their owner.

On the other hand, cats still need to be convinced to change their behavior.

If you want to change their behavior, understanding how they tick is essential.

Disciplining your cats like dogs is not an ideal thing to do.

Communication among cats – Cats indirectly let their owners know that they are unhappy, so their change in attitude seems more sudden.

Despite this behavior among your cats, you can still interact with them in a meaningful and passionate way.

You can seek advice from veterinarians to know the possible signs associated with your pet’s annoyance and unhappiness before it takes to the biting point.

Cats have individual differences too – Most cats exhibiting feline behavior like love biting are those friendly ones.

It’s because they are used to be petted, and when they do not get the enough attention they need, they scratch or bite their owners.

Sometimes, owners even get a shock when their affectionate pets suddenly bite them, leaving them scars and marks.

Watch out their body parts – Keep an eye on their tails and eyes.

Slow flicking of their tail’s tip is the most frequent habit of cats.

But once the whole part of her tail started to wag back and forth, it is a manifestation of possible biting behavior.

In addition, you have to watch over their eyes because if it gets dilated, it is a sign that the cat was stimulated.

You can tell whether a cat is relaxed or not by looking at her pupils.

She is in a calm state if her pupils are narrow.

Cat’s whiskers are known to be sensitive.

This is another part of cat’s body that you should monitor.

You can still correct petting aggression between cats by simply understanding why they are exhibiting those behaviors.

Once you have finally given enough attention and care to your pet cats, then you’ll surely have a long lasting relationship with them, and at the same time guiding them to the right and desirable behaviors.

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