Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder review

Wireless Whiskers Pet Feeder Our Complete Review – Dry Food Feeder

If you are looking for a more modern and features-packed cat feeder, then better check the Wireless Whiskers unit.

This unit is packed with many unique features that cannot be found in other commercial appliances.

The Wireless Whiskers offers a protective design that will prevent your cats and pets from stealing some precious kibbles when you are not around.

Also, this Wireless Whiskers electronic Feeder is designed intelligently to help you track and monitor the diet of your pets.

There’s a system in place that will inform you if the cats are not eating correctly, and this unit can be programmed to deliver meals once, 4 times or 24 meal intervals.

This customization of portions will make sure that your cats will eat their share at the right time.

And if your cats decide to go adventurous and eat all the food stored in the unit, the machine will automatically shut down.

This unit is larger compared to other food dispensers, at least in terms of capacity, thanks to a 5-lbs kibbles capacity.

This amount is more than enough to feed your average-sized cat for one month.

And since this is a wireless product, this pet food dispenser is compatible with a wireless RFID tag that can be attached to the collar.

The tag will automatically activate the unit at the programmed time.

As a highly flexible and productive unit, the Wireless Whiskers can attend to the needs of 8 cats, and can accommodate dry food that measures 1/2-inch in diameter.

Just keep in mind that this unit will only work with dry kibbles.

Wireless Whiskers food dispenser reviewWireless Whiskers Features:

  • This is an intelligent and helpful system, and will measure and record the amount of food that is consumed by your cats. This can also calculate the right amount of portions for your cats, depending on their needs
  • You can set the interval of the meals to ensure even feeding
  • The unit can work with an AC adapter, or can also worth with batteries that serve as the backup power
  • As a smart food dispenser, the Wireless Whiskers is programmed to identify and greet your cats
  • Comes with an intelligent system that allows access control so that the portion for one cat will not be eaten by the other
  • Allows pet owners to monitor the feeding frequency and attitude of cats
  • This will also inform you if one of your cats failed to eat its recommended portion
  • Helps promote healthy eating habits among your pet cats
  • Offers a special function that lets you shut down the unit during night time
  • You can set the unit to both manually and automatically
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers a 180-day manufacturer warranty, and will cover labor and parts
  • Unit means 16x9x16 inches

How the Unit Operates and Provide Intelligent Food Feeding Solutions?

Compared to another system in the market, the Wireless Whiskers works with the wireless tag that is attached to the collar of your pet.

The food or dry kibbles are contained in a bowl, and the bowl is protected by 2 transparent doors.

And these doors will only open when the unit connects with the tag.

The compartment will be closed once the assigned portion has been eaten or wiped out.

The great thing about this unit is that it allows you to feed your pet cats normally, or you can even put your cats on a diet.

Can Unit Work During a Power Outage?

Yes, this cat feeder comes with batteries which can serve as its backup power in case of electrical failure.

In case you don’t use the batteries and operate the unit using the AC adapter, the unit will not lose its programming in case of a power outage.

During a power outage, the transparent doors will be opened to allow your cats to access their food portions even when the power is out.

The Wireless Whiskers is a high-quality product, and based on tests, has met industry standards including IC, ETSI and FCC.

Wireless Whiskers full reviewModes You Can Try When Using Wireless Whiskers

Wireless Whiskers will offer you 4 modes:

Default Open – This ensure that the compartments are opened through default, and will only close if your cats have finished their portions, or if the unit has detected an excluded pet.

You can use this mode if you have one pet in the household.

Default Shut – This mode will keep the compartment closed at all times, and will only open if the system can detect the assigned cat This is a recommended mode if you have 2 or more cats in the household.

Permanently Shut – The unit is closed all the time.

Permanently Open – The unit is open all the time.

Count on the Wireless Whiskers to Deliver Food Portions Automatically, on a Daily Basis

This unit boasts an ‘Auto diet’ mode that will automatically set the food portions for your cat.

This is a great feeder option since you no longer have to worry about measuring food portions.

Now, if your pets love to eat and they eat fast, you can use the Portion Control feature, so you can divide their meals equally into 2 or 4 servings.

Auto Diet- How This Feature Helps Control Cat Diets:

This mode is activated when the unit can detect a new cat in the area.

This feature is in place to ensure that each pet will receive a normal food portion.

The system will track the eating habits of your cat, and after 1 to 3 days, the system will then calculate the ideal food portion for that specific cat.

This is then used as the basis of the system to deliver food portions for the cat in the next few days.

Setting their Food Portions Manually:

You can also manually set the food portions or the number of kibbles that your favourite cat can eat at a specified time.

Experts recommend that you should use the Auto Diet, but if your cats have specific dietary needs or diabetic, you may need to manually set the food portions.

And if you have kittens and puppies, it is best to leave the food allowance to unlimited mode.

How to Adjust the Auto Diet:

Whether the portions have been manually or electronically adjusted, this unit will help you adjust the portions to suit specific pet needs.

The Wireless Whiskers will allow pet owners to decrease or increase the food allowance by 10 per cent.

In both cases, the unit will monitor the eating habits of your cats, and will inform you about their odd eating habits, if any.

Control the Cats Eating Habits:

Thanks to this cat feeder, you no longer have to worry about cats that will consume their portions all at once.

You can now divide their food allowance so that they will eat their daily portions in the right intervals.

For example, you can divide their meals into 4 intervals.

Once the cat has completed the assigned portions, the Wireless Whiskers will automatically shut down.

Putting the cats on a diet 🙂

What to Do With Cats in Prescription Diet?

Even if your cats are under strict dietary control, you can still count on the Wireless Whiskers.

What you can do is to come up with two units- one, for cats under normal diet, and two, for cats who need a specific diet.

How to Use the Wireless Whiskers Correctly?

  • Make sure you don’t put the unit on a metal surface
  • When attaching the collars, make sure that it’s not too tight so that the collars can easily make a connection with the unit
  • The unit’s feeding tube is not dishwasher-safe
  • Before putting food into the feeder, we recommend that you test it first, and see if it works for you.

What to Expect with the Unit?

  • Feed tube
  • Top cover
  • Owner’s manual and warranty
  • AC adapter
  • 2 wireless tag



  • Unit is made from high-quality materials, and easy to set-up thanks to the owner’s manual
  • Helps you control the behavior of cats
  • Allows pet owners to control the food portions of cats, and can definitely work for individuals who want to keep their cats on a controlled diet
  • You can use two feeders to feed both cats and dogs, or if you want a separate unit for a cat on prescription, and one for normal cats
  • Provides notifications that will inform you if the cats have eaten their portions, or if they have eaten too little
  • Large kibble capacity
  • This unit can feed a large-sized cat for a month


  • Some creative cats may find a way to eat their portions ahead of time by accessing the kibbles from the side
  • Not air tight
  • Food bowl is not dishwasher-friendly


Wireless Whiskers control panelNotes About the Wireless Whiskers Feeder

There are some things you need to keep in mind when you want to use the Wireless Whiskers correctly:

  • You may need to train your cats so that they will understand how this unit operates. Give your cats time when familiarizing with the pet feeder.
  • The cat’s tag should be within 2 inches from the top for this feeder to open. Also, the unit will not open if their tags are hanging on the sides, or not facing the Wireless Whiskers unit.
  • Unit also features the ‘Detection Interval’, a function that allows you to adjust the time your cats were last detected until the doors close. Keep in mind that the minimum window time for the cats to get out is 3 seconds.
  • If the pets in the household are too playful and they fight for their share, the unit will automatically shut down. The unit will only open if the assigned cat will walk to the feeder.


Wireless Whiskers is a great investment for households with multiple cats to feed.

While we tested some problems with the unit when it was first released, we are glad to inform you that the glitches on the first version of the unit has been improved as of April 2015.

Here are some of the improvements that we have noticed with this new product:

  • -Detection Interval that allows you to adjust the unit’s reaction time
    1-3 days on Auto Diet Wizard
  • Paw Guard
  • Longer Warranty

We recommend the Wireless Whiskers for:

  • Pet owners who want to put their cats on a strict diet
  • Homeowners with many pets, and who wants to put at least two feeding stations
  • Home owners who want to strictly monitor the food portions of the cats, especial through the use of Portion Control
  • Individuals who have two cats

We don’t recommend this unit for:

  • Small puppies and kittens that will have a hard time wearing the tags on their necks
  • Pet owners who want to regularly wash the unit and its components (unit is not dishwasher-safe)
  • Individuals who insist on a 100-percent money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of using the unit
  • Cats who are just too creative and forceful, and will try on all means just to steal some kibbles ahead of feeding time

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