Wonder Bowl Selective Pet Feeder Review – Wet Food Feeder

If you are looking to feed and maintain a number of pets in your household, then the Wonder Bowl Selective automatic Feeder can work with your needs.

But this is not your ordinary food system for multiple pets; this Wonder Bowl can work for your pets with special dietary requirements.

This is also a very responsive feeder since this works with a unique tag, and the food will only be served when the tag has been detected.

In short, this unit can work if you need to feed your pets in a special way, or your cats require specific dietary requirements.

This can become the perfect solution for you if you want to prepare a specific meal for your specific pet.

The bowl will not slide, and this is dishwasher safe, thus cleaning and maintaining this system is made easier.

Understanding How the Wonder Bowl Feeder Works

This is backed by an infrared technology that is used to detect the tags that are worn by your pets.

Once the technology has detected the tags, the unit will open up, and the identified cat is given access to the food.

Wonder Bowl Features

  • Can work for pet owners with more than two cats in the household
  • Powered by 3 D-cell batteries, and these are not included in the pack
  • Prevent kids and other unwanted pets from snatching food from the unit
  • Design prevents the unit from sliding
  • The bowl that comes with the unit will accommodate up to 1.5 cups of dry food
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with 1 collar tag
  • Users can buy additional tags in case there are multiple cats in the household
  • Users need to buy the AC adapter

Pros thumbs-up-down-icons

  • This unit is an advanced pet feeder, thanks to the use of infrared technology that can open only if the right tag has been detected
  • Comes with a tough and sturdy design, and lasts long
  • Large cats are kept from accessing the food
  • Features a selective feeding mechanism, which will only feed the cats that wear the right tags


  • There is a chance that the lid will close the lid in case the cats will move its heads to the sides. The infrared technology is very sensitive to movement.
  • thumbs-down-iconsThe tags are too large and heavy, and sometimes these tags will pull their necks low
  • Weak batteries, will not last for a long time.
  • There is a chance that the tag cannot be detected if the cat reaches for the bottom of the bowl. The bowl is too deep.
  • You may need to buy more tags if you want to feed multiple cats in your house
    Tips on How to Use the Wonderbowl the Best Way
  • As mentioned, the batteries will not last for long so it is recommended that users should invest in an AC adapter.
  • Make sure you attach the tag directly on the cat’s collar so that the sensor can easily read the tags.
  • If the lid closes as soon as your pets move their heads, then it is recommended that you buy more sensor that can work with the unit.

OurPets WonderBowl reviewMy final conclusion

This Wonder Bowl is an interesting automatic wet food cat feeder that comes with reliable technology.

This is equipped with an infrared sensor, which will then detect the appropriate tags that are worn by the pets.

While the technology looks promising, this product comes with some limitations, as noted by some customers and users:

  • Some pet owners noticed that the unit will automatically close the lid as soon as it loses contact with the tag. This normally happens when the cats adopt an awkward position when eating, or when they move their heads to the sides. Also, some pet owners noted the large construction of the tags which are heavy to wear for small cats.
  • To make this cat food dispenser work better, users need to adjust the configurations of the pet feeder.
  • Also, the lid will open if the cats are 2 feet away from the unit. This means that the lid and the food will be opened for cats, even if the cats are just walking by.

Based on customer reviews and experiences and our own tests of the unit, we have found out that this cat feeder will not easily work with small cats or nervous cats.

If you want to get one, we recommend that you adjust first the unit in order for it to work properly.

But if you have cats that require a specific diet, or into the prescription diet, we recommend that you give this Wonder Bowl a try.

You just need to make sure that your pets are properly trained on how to use the unit, and you can also add some more tags and sensors in case you have multiple cats or other pets in your household.

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